(Case Study) Pet Brand Generates over $400,000 with OCU Split Tests

“All in all it was a good decision to go with Zipify OneClickUpsell because we made so much extra revenue with that app.”

-Andreas Koenig, Co-founder

When this dynamic duo began looking for new ways to earn additional revenue and increase average order value, their research led them to post-purchase upsells. 

“Before we found Zipify we used other apps. It was not always so easy because we needed a developer. And then we found [OneClickUpsell]. There were a lot of good 5-star reviews and then we gave it a try.” – Alexander 

Fast-forward 2 years, OneClickUpsell has helped Andreas and Alexander earn over $400,000 by split testing post-purchase offers on just 3 funnels. 

“It saved us a lot of time and development costs because it’s so easy to integrate. There are also cool functions like split testing and much more.” -Alexander

Keep scrolling to see the huge difference split testing offers made! 


When Alexander and Andreas first started using OCU they immediately saw good results. 

In total, their first upsell (Product A) earned over $62,000 with approximately 43,000 views.

“In the beginning we had a conversion rate of 12.67% and $1.46 per visitor. So we did a split test. That is one thing I really love about Zipify: it’s so easy to do split tests.” -Andreas

Although Andreas and Alexander were happy with the initial results, they really wanted to use the full power of OCU and all its features. (Spoiler alert: better results weren’t far away!) 

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