Combat Iron Apparel Sees 50X Returns on Branded Revenue Tracking and Shipping Notifications with

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In the current unpredictable economy, e-commerce brands need to drive revenue wherever possible and maximize the value of their existing customers, especially when operating within the clothing industry - a highly saturated market in which only customer-centred businesses can turn into industry leading brands.

That was the goal of the apparel brand Combat Iron Apparel when they leveraged to build a branded order-tracking page and add upsells and promotions to their shipping notifications.

With Combat Iron Apparel succeded in engaging their customers while waiting for the delivery of their unique clothing piece.

Failing to Engage Customers After the Sale

The post-purchase stage is the most critical part of the customer journey - especially for e-commerce businesses. Unfortunately, many brands fail to prioritize this stage and miss out on an opportunity to improve their customer experience, increase retention, and grow customer lifetime value. 

With the growth in the e-commerce industry as a whole, it is more difficult for brands to find and grow a customer base. This makes it vital to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Combat Iron Apparel Branded Tracking Page With Cross Sells

Combat Iron Apparel understood the importance of post-purchase engagement, but lacked the resources to manually update and upsell customers through the delivery process. They needed a way to better manage shipping notifications through Klaviyo, and wanted to build a branded tracking page to improve their revenue potential.

Growing Tracking Page and Shipping Update Revenue Potential with

Combat Iron used to create visually engaging tracking pages to provide customers with real-time shipping updates, show upsell and cross-sell items, and offer additional deals and discounts. integrates with Klaviyo to send over 50 data points to the marketing automation tool and create highly personalized order and delivery notification emails that became major revenue generators.

Unlike traditional marketing emails, order notification emails see a 66% open rate and 22% click-through rate. Pairing strong open rates with targeted product recommendations drives even higher conversion rates and increased revenue.’s order tracking system is ideal for dropshippers and startups looking for insights into the customer delivery experience, potential shipping delays, and complaints.

Automated Shipping Notification Emails Drive $140,000 in Annual Revenue

The branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications turned into powerful revenue drivers for the apparel brand. In the first year, the brand spent $2,700 on the

Since then, they have generated $140,000 through post-purchase email campaigns powered by’s order tracking data. Their branded order-tracking pages have driven an additional $4,000+ in revenue.

For companies looking to bolster revenue by enhancing customer experiences, the ROI presented by offers an incredible opportunity.


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