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When it comes to ecommerce, there's one key component every store owner should be paying attention to is…DELIVERY

74% of consumers believe that delivery is the “most important factor in the overall shopping experience.”

Yup — the purchase is only the beginning. How you handle the shipping and delivery will determine if your newest customer is a one-time buyer or a die-hard fan

Specifically, most ecommerce brands have two challenges with growth:

  • Long processing and transit times from the fulfillment enters
  • Getting customers to come back and buy more often

We know how competitive the ecommerce market is.

That’s why we built Rush to give small and growing brands like yours a tool to make your business thrive instead of crumbling day by day.

Many store owners pay no attention to the post-purchase process and wonder why they can’t retain their customers. They either use an outdated shipment tracking software or juggle multiple apps that don’t work together properly....FACTS

By having our software answer 90% or more of the most common questions, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer care headaches.

Instead of hearing “Where’s my order?” multiple times a day, you’ll receive emails enthusiastically saying “Thanks for delivering so quickly!”

So whether you’re already putting in time and dollars to bring traffic to your store or you’re just getting started, make sure you’re prepared to make the most of it.

Your store is unique, and so are your needs.

Let Rush increase your sales and boost your customer retention rates on autopilot!

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Kiril Kirilov & Stanislav Stankov
Founders of Rush

Shopify brands

30X average
client ROI on Rush

$10M+ post-purchase
extra revenue generated

Top Rated
shipment app on Shopify

Have cycled with a few of these tracking apps, and then I was recommended RUSH and they are truly awesome. Really best app out there and their customer service is BEYOND. Definite download. Also, great price. Thank you to Slav and team!!!