Share your RUSH story
and get paid

Get 20% commission for 12 months
from every store that you refer to us

Share your RUSH story
and get paid

Get 20% commission for 12 months
from every store that you refer to us

Why work with us?

Exclusive promos

for all stores referred by you

Monthly payout

WeTransfer and PayPal

20 % commission

for 12 months

If you have your own shop we will give you 30 days free trial to directly test out.

It's easy to promote Rush - our product sells itself

  • Rush has a five-star rating in the Shopify app store

  • Your clients get an extended free trial and affordable prices. See how in 7 days to earn more than your first month Rush fee

  • High ROI - our good shop earned over 700 USD on top of what they sell during their Rush trial. Experience how powerful the tool is and move to a plan asap

  • One-click integration

  • Solves 97% of the problem with deliveries, customer support, and upsell to clients in 160 markets (or whatever)

This app has proven to be very helpful in monitoring fulfilment. Been using this app for a while now and seeing good results. It allows us access to useful data, and has many options for customization. The team is also very supportive in accommodating to requests.

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They still have some things to improve, but you know what's good? They improve fast. 🙂 I like their team, very friendly and always ready to help. Lots of custom things you can do yourself, so that's one of their advantages. keep going!

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We've switched from Aftership over to Rush and we've had nothing but success - our tracking pages are better looking than ever, customers are happy with the detailed updates and the product roadmap is exciting!

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Rush app delivery tracking has been great! We’re a new business and having that visibility that all our parcels are being tracked customer give us the assurance that all our customers received their parcels successfully. Good app, highly recommend!

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The app is amazing. It solves such a huge problem. It helps customers to be informed of what is happening with their orders during the whole shipment. Which helps to reduce disputes and chargebacks. We all know this is a huge problem for all merchants.

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This is how you do it

  • Share your affiliate link and provide extra benefits to your subscribers in comments or video description, or over email

  • Show the Rush logos, banners, and stories in your videos and place them on your site

  • Prepare an exclusive review of our product

  • Write a guest post for the Rush blog

Get powerful content for your audience

Influencers & content creators

  • Promote Rush on YouTube and TikTok or other social media

  • Create educational video tutorials or powerful text stories that help people earn optimize their after-sales support

  • Recommend powerful recipes for success tailored by Rush to multiply your client’s ROI


  • Benefit from white-gloves treatments for your clients

  • Recommend Rush to your clients

  • Work with us on a case study

  • Partner with us on a webinar

  • Put out a guest newsletter to your email list

  • Don't false advertise in any manner - the Rush product is great anyway

  • Don't change our logos and banners without asking us

  • Don't use your affiliate link to register and earn from your shops

  • Don't abuse the Rush system and paid plans

Automate your payouts

What our top affiliates like is that they get paid monthly. Like them you can quickly account how much you will spend to advertise and how much you will earn in return.

How it works:

  • Rush calculates payouts on the 2nd of the month, for the previous month

  • By the 5th of the month you get the payout at your account.

Aim Big

If you have more than 10,000  subscribers in Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, or email contacts – contact us, and we will empower you further. Together we will tailor a special offering and materials for your followers. They will thank you later 🙂

Ready to start?

Refer customers to Rush and receive a 20% commission on all payments within the first 12 months!

Do you have any questions?

When a shop registers with your affiliation code or via your affiliation link, it will appear in your affiliate dashboard. Once they pay, you will see your due commission visible in your dashboard. What is best, if some of the shops you referred forgot to apply your promo code – do not worry. Just ask them to do so by going to _____. You get paid for shops that applied your promo in up to seven days after their first date of installation.

For each shop that you refer, you will get 20% from the sum they spend on Rush.
Example: a shop that you referred to Rush signs up for a monthly Advanced plan which costs 199 USD per month. When the owner of this spays to Rush, at the end of the month we make sure that 20% are accounted to you, meaning 20%*199=39.8 USD. And if he has paid for any extra services including extra tracking, you will get 20% from these, too. Sweet!

To provide greatest flexibility, we outpay with the industry standard – PayPal. The process is automated, so by the 5th of the month you will receive your commission fee diectly at your account.

To request a payout, you have to generate a minimum of 100 USD in currently unpaid affiliate commission. You can always check how much you have generated by looking at your Rush Affiliate Dashboard. Rush then automatically generates your commission summary and orders a payout by the 5th of each month.


  • You refer 20 new shops to Rush in early January
  • They end up their free trial and 17 of them pay to switch to a paid plan (different tiers).
  • You see their plans and total affiliation fee for you so knowing that you have much more than the minimum of 100 USD you request a payout at the end of January.
  • On 2nd of February Rush’s billing system automatically sums up what is due to you and notifies you over email.
  • By 5th the sum is paid via PayPal to your account. Caching!

Our affiliate partners invest in marketing Rush to their clients so we make sure you get proper attribution of the commission fees you have earned. Each shop can be attributed to only one referral. So if you are the first person to attract this shop – you get the commission. If someone else provides his code to the same shop – the commission will not be re-applied, as it is already assigned to you (and yes, the code cannot be used anymore, once the promotion is used up).

There are common rules of thumb that we list to avoid confusion:

  • To request a payout, you need to generate a minimum of 100 USD in currently unpaid commission fees. Then the system will automate your out payment.
  • Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been successfully completed. Transactions that result in chargebacks or refunds will not be paid out.
  • Please notice that Rush out pays once a month to its affiliate partners. Multiple payments per month are not possible.

Yes, we have prepared a resources section that you can find in your Rush affiliate dashboard.

Yes you can. By promoting an option to monetize their existing clients by unlocking the after-sale capabilities of their pages, you prove your expertise in the area and make the decision for them easy -> They pay for a service that in a few days would repay the investment and start increasing their return. Sounds like the easiest and most logical upsell ever 🙂

Further, if you own an agency that services Shopify sites, please contact us and we will provide you with a blueprint on how to sell this idea to most of your clients and earn from both your clients (who will improve the stores) and Rush (20% affiliate fee for 12 months!).

We are eager to see all the creative ways in which you can advertise Rush and earn. To make sure that our affiliate partners are professional and adhere to ethical advertising we outline here a few behaviors that we do not tolerate:

  • You should not falsely advertise in any manner – the Rush product is great anyway.
  • Feel free to present our logos in their entire form, but please don’t change them and/or the marketing materials which we provide to you in our Resources section without asking us
  • You cannot use your affiliate link to register and earn from your own shops
  • In general, do not abuse the Rush system and paid plans.

You do. We would be with you every step along the way and support you in creating educational and entertaining content. Yet you keep the ownership of the content you created and Rush gets right to use it in any way that it finds suitable to promote the product further. This means more viewers for your content and increased profit, including from the commission fee you get.

We try to answer any possible question in our FAQ section here: Please check it out and let us know if we missed something.

If you did not find an answer to your question or want to discuss a specific arrangement, please contact us at [email protected] and we will come back to you.