Your Migration Is in Good Hands

Let's face it, in today's ultra-competitive e-commerce landscape, a superior product or enticing price point alone isn't enough.

The post-purchase experience is the new battleground where brands can truly differentiate themselves. That's where Rush steps in!

Improve Product Appearance and Quality with Rush order tracking - the only order-tracking app that's built for Shopify

Don't rush. We'll take it from here.

When you're ready to switch to, let our team of experts set you up for success from day one!

No matter the size of your store and the Rush plan you choose, we'll migrate all the important stuff from your old tracking solution and will elevate your customer's post-purchase journey. All at no additional cost.

  • 1,300+ supported shipping carriers
  • 30x Return on Investment
  • The only order-tracking app Built for Shopify

1300+ Carriers • 30x ROI • Built for Shopify

We fine-tune, scrub, and unlock revenue potential. You grow with Rush.

Rush provides the industry-best tracking solution that helps merchants and store owners automate their customer communication and enables them to self-serve when they have questions about the order status.

With our 360 expert setup, we reveal untapped revenue streams underutilized by most store owners. We help you capitalize on every interaction and turn it into a revenue-generating opportunity - on autopilot.

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Here’s what people are saying about Rush

The app has MANY great features,

The Rush team is on their A game over there. The on-boarding process was seamless. To optimize the app even further than it already is, they offered to set up and integrate special flows within our Klaviyo platform (game changer). The app has so MANY great features that are needed, with such an awesome team behind it (Gabriel & Ken you guys rock!). HIGHLY recommend you get this app.

United States

This app is worth every penny.

I’ve used other tracking apps in the past, but none of them come close to the level of support I’ve received here. The exceptional customer service alone makes this app worth every penny. Gabriel and their support were always there to help!


1300+ Carriers • 30x ROI • Built for Shopify

Frequently asked questions

Why is this service free?

As we execute the request during low client load hours, we are able to keep this service free for now. However, we do not promise this figure will be available in the future.

How long does the setup take?

After getting access to your store, it takes between 24-72 hours to set this up. However, it all depends on the current request in the queue.

I have some special needs. Can you do it?

Yes, reach out to us and explain more in detail. If we can help, we’ll come up with a plan together. If not, we will at least guide you in the right direction.

Let us be your customer experience copilot.

We're here to assist you in expanding your horizons and achieving unparalleled growth. Embrace the migration to Rush today and soar to new heights.

1300+ Carriers • 30x ROI • Built for Shopify