CBD Living - Boosting Revenue with Post-Purchase Automation

How CBD Living Made $177K+ with Order Tracking & Upsells by Rush

Here is why order tracking was key to tapping into hidden revenue.



of customers track orders


additional revenue generated


look up their orders daily

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The Challenging World of CDB Products

  • The global CBD consumer health market size was reached at USD 15.88 billion in 2022 and it is expected to hit around USD 62.41 billion by 2032.
  • Presumably, this means it would grow at 14.67% from 2023 to 2032. 
Rush.app - Shopify order tracking app x CBD Living Website (Mobile View)

CBD Living is not just another player, they are a pioneer that brings sophistication and scientific rigor to the CBD extraction process. Utilizing nanotechnology, the company ensures that consumers receive the maximum benefits from their unique products.

This technology allows for higher bioavailability, meaning the body can absorb and utilize the CBD more efficiently. All of their products are fair trade and organically grown in Colorado, at a state-licensed hemp farm and extraction facility.

The company also advances employment and labor practices in the hemp industry, contributing to the economic development of the communities they operate in. Their products are not tested on animals, aligning with a much-needed ethical stance that resonates with the growing segment of conscious consumers.

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, customer handling is more than a task—it's a critical business function.

  • A staggering 90% of customers track their orders.
  • Аbout 37% check their package status daily. 

This high level of engagement showcases the urgent need for a reliable and efficient tracking solution. CBD Living was grappling with this very issue. Their previous solution, Malomo, was falling short, leading to inefficiencies and a compromised customer experience.

Compatibility between different apps is not just a nice-to-have but essential for an effective e-commerce ecosystem. Even minor optimizations can have a major impact on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

However, the cornerstone of a successful operation lies in effective post-purchase automation. It's not merely about tracking; it's about optimizing customer support, retaining operational velocity, and ultimately, protecting the brand reputation. 

Recognizing these complexities, CBD Living knew they needed a robust, seamlessly integrable solution to streamline their operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

CBD Living chose Rush for its multifaceted approach to customer engagement and tracking. Our platform enhances the customer journey with personalized, high-converting tracking pages filled with upsells and cross-sells.

Rush X CBD Living : Branded Tracking Page

Automated post-purchase notifications reduce customer support costs and empower customers to offload WISMO (where is my order) tickets from your team, allowing them to provide quicker support on other customer queries. This aligns perfectly with CBD Living's goals of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Rush.app integrates with Klaviyo to transmit more than 50 data metrics to their powerful marketing automation platform, enabling the creation of deeply customized order status and shipping notification emails that have become significant sources of revenue.

Rush X CBD Living : Smart Shipping Notifications
Rush X CBD Living - Klaviyo Automated Email Flows

CBD Living’s utilization Rebuy's AI-powered personalised product recommendations created engaging and individualized shopping experiences, complementing Rush’s post-purchase automation, generating additional revenue of $87,708.16.

All time tracking page revenue from Rush for CBD Living : Case Study

This triple implementation has set a new standard for customer-centric brands, boosting:

  • Average Order Value (AOV);
  • Conversion rates;
  • Long-term value (LTV).

Together, Rush App, Klaviyo and Rebuy offer a comprehensive solution that optimizes costs, enhances brand authority, and most importantly, elevates the post-purchase customer experience.

Since installing Rush App, CBD Living has seen remarkable improvements:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Rush improved customer experience by providing efficient tracking and timely updates offloading the excessive need of handling WISMO type of customer inquiring, allowing the team to focus on other critical aspects of the business.
  • Astonishing ROI: Exploiting the holy trinity of timely shipping updates and personalised product recommendations CBDLiving’s integration of Rush resulted in the whopping 66X ROI, totalling $177,000.

Selecting the yearly subscription, CBD Living enjoyed a 10% discount on their Rush plan, adding up to their remarkable 66X return on investment.

We have been using Rush for some time for our post purchase upsell and order tracking and they haven been exceptional. Tosh and Gabriel have been great helping us grow. Definitely recommend.

CBD Living

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In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, the post-purchase experience is often the key to sustained success.

CBD Living's partnership with Rush.app demonstrates the power of investing in innovative solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth. By prioritizing order tracking and customer transparency, CBD Living transformed their business and achieved remarkable results.

Are you ready to do the same? Try Rush.App today with our 10-day risk-free trial and our expert team will set the foundations of a profitable post-purchase experience for your customers.

Key Takeaway: Use smart triggered delivery notification emails on your ecommerce store to nurture your relationship with your customers. They’re very effective for communicating potential order delays, and allow you to build a relationship with your customers to increase your chances of making a sale. Thus putting you one step closer to building a lasting brand

Have cycled with a few of these tracking apps, and then I was recommended RUSH and they are truly awesome. Really best app out there and their customer service is BEYOND. Definite download. Also, great price. Thank you to Slav and team!!!