How Nova Color Crushed a $4,500 Profit Resulting in 40x ROI

About Nova Color

Nova Color is a professional-grade line of acrylic paint manufactured in the USA with high-quality pigments and superior resin binder. Their paints are made from the finest raw materials available, to give the paints good resistance to light, humidity, and atmospheric pollution.

They're passionate about art and the joy it brings to people around the world. That is why they maintain high standards by incorporating a creative approach that is always guided by their years of painting experience. They use high pigment content to create the intense color saturation preferred by artists.

Industry: Artists Paint

Location: United States

Platform: Shopify Plus



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revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


return on investment

The Goal:

Nova Color wanted a better way to connect with their clients after their order was delivered. There is also a need for special in-store notifications when a package is delayed or damaged.

What Rush Did To Help:

In response, Rush implemented several solutions, including:

Klaviyo Customized Email Delivery Flow

It allows for more specialized messages, such as order confirmation, shipping notification, and many more. They saw a 40x increase in ROI after making the change in their process that resulted in $4,500 in profit in less than a month using Rush.

Important Package Delay Notifications

As soon as a package is delayed, customers will be notified in real-time. Nova Color can also be notified of any delays or damage to a client's package so that they can take proactive measures. It has resulted in a decrease in customer support inquiries and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The Results:

Since partnering with Rush, Nova Color has experienced a dramatic increase in ROI, earning $4,500 in less than a month. It's a 40x return on their investment due to the work Rush did to optimize their email delivery flow and implement important package delay notifications. As a result, they are now able to keep their customers better informed and provide a better overall experience, which has led to more sales and a stronger relationship with their customers.

Have cycled with a few of these tracking apps, and then I was recommended RUSH and they are truly awesome. Really best app out there and their customer service is BEYOND. Definite download. Also, great price. Thank you to Slav and team!!!