How Sugar Seoul Is Delighting KPOP Fans When They Order Online

About Sugar Seoul

Sugar Seoul is the number one source for BTS and Black Pink merchandise. Providing the best merchandise for the BTS and Black Pink legion of fans is their top priority. The team is committed to quality, dependability, and customer service.

Industry: Merchandise Supplier

Location: United States

Platform: Shopify Plus



revenue generated from tracking page


revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


return on investment

The Goal:

Too many WISMO tickets.

What Rush Did To Help:

Rush delivered ______

Fully Customizable Branded Tracking Page

Black Pink and BTS fans can track their merchandise in real-time in their native language without installing any additional apps. Each time the merchandise moves forward in the fulfillment process, the customer is notified by push notifications.

Native Deep Integration with Klaviyo emails

Sugar Seoul was able to automate highly targeted and contextually relevant email campaigns with Rush's native integration with Klaviyo. KPOP fans received product recommendations, emails announcing pre-sales, and promotional offers. As a result, Sugar Seoul generates an additional $1,297.83 in revenue.

The Results:

With Rush, Sugar Seoul improved its customer retention by providing a better unboxing experience. They also saw an increase of $1,783.51 in online revenue by making it easy for customers to find the merchandise they're looking for and stay informed about new products.

Have cycled with a few of these tracking apps, and then I was recommended RUSH and they are truly awesome. Really best app out there and their customer service is BEYOND. Definite download. Also, great price. Thank you to Slav and team!!!

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