How Rush Helped This Family-Owned Cleaning Service Business Generate an Additional $41,819.48 in Revenue

About Truck Mount Forums

A family-owned and operated cleaning service that has been in business for 31 years now. They specialize in providing carpet cleaning equipment information and resources for carpet cleaning businesses. Truck Mount Forums takes pride in providing quality products that are not only safe but are top of the line.

Industry: Cleaning Service

Location: United States

Platform: Shopify Plus


Use Case: Increase Revenue, Decrease WISMO Tickets 


revenue generated from tracking page


revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


return on investment

The Goal:

Truck Mount Forums was struggling with high volumes of WISMO tickets. They needed reliable shipment tracking that could handle the sending of status updates and provide accurate delivery dates so their customers would stop guessing when their orders would arrive.

What Rush Did To Help:

Rush's complete post-purchase solutions proved the perfect fit for Truck Mount Forums. They integrated Rush's order tracking and shipping notifications into their online store, which provided more accurate delivery dates and updates for customers. Additionally, Rush provided the following:

Personalized Tracking Page for Their Family Business

Truck Mount Forums provided their customers with a seamless checkout experience while tracking their orders in real-time through the branded tracking page. They can also monitor their customer's entire purchase history to run various marketing campaigns.

Custom Notifications and Product Recommendations Using Klaviyo

Truck Mount Forums uses email marketing to recommend products based on past purchases and engage with its customers throughout the entire sales cycle. Furthermore, they could segment email lists, trigger messages based on custom events, track purchase data, and measure ROI.

Customized Shipping Reports

Rush can customize shipping reports to suit virtually any niche. By utilizing this feature, Truck Mount Forums can better understand their customer acquisition process and optimize it.

The Results:

Since implementing Rush's post-purchase solutions, Truck Mount Forums has seen a significant decrease in WISMO tickets. In addition, their online store is running more smoothly and they are able to provide their customers with accurate shipping updates. Finally, they've been able to increase their email marketing conversions and better understand their customer's purchase behavior.

Have cycled with a few of these tracking apps, and then I was recommended RUSH and they are truly awesome. Really best app out there and their customer service is BEYOND. Definite download. Also, great price. Thank you to Slav and team!!!