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The 11 Easiest to Use Shopify PDF Invoice Apps in 2023

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This is a list for the 11 best Shopify invoice apps in 2023

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Cut your workload by up to 15h weekly.

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Have and all-in-one Shopify invoicing app

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Shopify has simplified the task of setting up an online store. But running an eCommerce business on the platform is not an easy feat. You can use automation as a hack to make operations a bit easier to manage though.

Dropshipping software can help you organize your inventory and ship orders quickly and efficiently.

Similarly, using Shopify pdf invoice app is a vital step toward maximizing productivity. Invoices, orders, and supporting documents like packing lists and shipping labels can all be generated automatically with the help of the right software.

These apps usually have many invoice templates for creating these documents. Also, they enable customers to download and print PDF billing documents on demand.

This article looks at the 11 best PDF invoice Shopify apps and their cost. Let’s get right into it!

Why Are Shopify PDF Invoice Apps Important?

A Shopify PDF invoice app is a tool that simplifies the invoicing part of the business. It does so by providing some level of automation. These apps are crucial for Shopify stores because of the following reasons.

Cuts Down the Entrepreneur’s Workload

A busy eCommerce business will most likely have many requests for customer invoices. Creating and sending these invoices will take a lot of time and effort if you do it by hand.

Manual work is also prone to errors.

A Shopify PDF invoice app comes with several ready-to-use templates. And you can edit them and show/hide wanted components.

These features simplify the invoice creation process and reduce errors.

Offers Convenience to Buyers

Shopify PDF invoice apps enable buyers to download, save, and print PDF billing documents on demand. This convenience saves time for both the buyer and seller.

Makes the Shopify Store Look More Professional

Invoices show the order information, subtotals, and total costs. But they do more than that. They showcase your online store's professionalism in after-sale services.

Customers always feel safer and more relaxed when dealing with a professional seller. The PDF apps help apply professionalism to the document’s design and details.

Additionally, they come with many templates that feature professional and attractive designs. Thus, customers will see your professionalism when they download and print PDF invoices.

The Best Shopify PDF Invoice Apps in 2022 I Rush

Here is a close-up review of the best Shopify PDF invoice apps to add to your store.

Easy Invoice+ by Softify OU

Easy Invoice is a customizable invoice solution that supports your brand’s identity. It gives you many options, including designing, printing, and manual/auto invoice sending.

Thus, you can use either one of the 100% responsive templates. Or you can design the invoice from scratch using the visual drag & drop design editor.

With templates, you can customize them by turning feature switches on or off. You can also create templates for return forms, packing slips, and shipping labels.

All these documents are legislation compliant. Additionally, they have updates to reflect all relevant legal changes.


All the basic features are available in a free package, but it has a limit of 50 orders per month.

The other three plans start from $12.95 monthly but include a 21-day free trial. You don’t need to provide your credit card details during this period. Also, there is a free setup service with each installation.

This app integrates with your Shopify admin portal, enabling you to preview and print all required order documents. These include packing lists, labels, receipts, and invoices.

Depending on your business requirements, you can print these one at a time or in bulk.

But you will need HTML and Liquid experience to customize the templates. If this is too technical, it is possible to use Shopify’s theme support to do minor customizations.


Order Printer is available for free but it has a limited set of features. Also, you will need a designer or developer to do major customizations. So we recommend the app for technical Shopify store owners.

Invoices don’t have to look unappealing with monochromatic colors. You can choose a design from 17 color palettes on Invoice Browse. After that, you can generate and send colorful invoices as email attachments.

Additionally, you can get custom templates on request. Or you can create advanced templates for welcome letters, packing slips, invoices, and mailing slips using HTML. But this requires technical skills. Customizing the logo and colors does not need coding though.

The app is compatible with AirPrint printers with an easy one-tap print. Also, you can print receipts with QR codes to open the invoices when scanned.


Invoice Browse has a free plan with bulk downloading and template modification.

But the free plan does not unlock automatic invoicing. You can only get this feature in the Starter or Professional plans, which cost $6.99/month and $12.99/month.

Invoice Hero combines three key features to enhance the professionalism aspect. First is the beauty feature. You can edit the font and color while previewing the changes live.

The goal is to leave a good impression on your customers, so tweak these features until you get them right.

The second is tax compliance. Invoice Hero shows the tax information on each product plus the total payable tax amount. Sending tax invoices helps boost customer trust.

The third is languages and currencies. The app supports over 60 languages, so customers feel like they are shopping at a local store. Currency conversion saves time, as well.

Invoice Hero also supports Shopify payments.


You can begin using Invoice Hero for free but with a limit of sending 50 invoices monthly. If you want to send unlimited invoices, your best package is the Diamond plan.

Gold and Platinum have 150 and 500 free invoice limits monthly. But you can pay a few extra cents for extra invoices.

With its automated invoicing feature, Invoicify generates and emails PDF invoices once orders come in. You can disable auto-generation and sending if you don’t want to do the invoicing by hand.

Setting up the app is a simple process that requires no programming, and you can use a form if you need to make changes.

Also, the app features several clean and professional templates. Each of them has an editable company logo section.

If these templates are not good enough, you can create a custom one using HTML, CSS, and Liquid.

The app also supports unlimited currencies and languages, and integration with your Shopify store’s backend.


If you don’t have to create more than five invoices monthly, Invoicify has a free plan suitable for small businesses.

The other three plans need monthly payments, but each has a limit of sending 50, 200, and 1000 invoices.

These paid plans come with a dedicated account manager available 24/7 by email, phone, or chat.

Mega PDF Invoice Generator takes compliance to the next level by being tax, GDPR, and ZATCA(KSA) Fatoora compliant.

The app shows many tax rates and taxes for each line in the generated PDF invoices. Additionally, it can handle many tax (VAT) numbers and lets customers enter the correct one depending on their country.

Mega PDF is compatible with Exemptify, which displays a customer’s VAT ID when linked.

On GDPR compliance, the app meets the requirements of this EU data protection law. Thus, you can be sure that your details, such as your VAT ID, are in safe hands.

ZATCA(KSA) publishes guides on creating Fatoora-compliant QR codes for E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia. The app is compliant, meaning you can do business in this country.

You can create and download the invoice in XLS or DOC format, then view and print them as PDFs with Shopify’s POS.


Although Mega PDF’s free plan offers unlimited automatic invoice delivery, these come with watermarks. But they might not appear as professional as you would like.

Premium and Enterprise plans remove this watermark and unlock premium templates.

As the name suggests, this app’s primary purpose is to invoice under GST (Goods and Services Tax) and VAT (Value Added Tax) rules in select countries. They include India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

GST varies for inter-state and intra-state sales. The invoice captures these details, plus the supplier’s name, shipping & billing address, etc.

Order Invoice allows you to upload the GST percentage and HSN codes for the products in bulk. It then shows state codes and percentage tags for CGST, IGST, or SGST.

You can download bulk invoices for a specific order, even if you created the documents earlier.


Order Invoice has a single premium package going for $9.9 per month.

But you can try the features first during the 5-day free trial period to determine if the app adds value to your business.

The Order Printer Templates app lives up to its name. It features several professional templates for:

  • Packing slips
  • Invoices
  • Return forms
  • Gift receipts

You can customize each of these to suit your brand by changing the logo, colors, and fonts. Additionally, you can include barcodes, product images, custom Google fonts, and theme color styling.

Each template comes in several designs, so you’re sure to get a matching one for your website.


This app is free to install, but the templates are not free. Purchasing the first one costs $29, and you get a 50% discount for any extra template. But you can customize and test each template before purchasing it.

Order Printer supports five ready-to-use templates for creating these documents.

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Refunds
  • Draft orders
  • Shipping labels

Each document matches different industries. So you can customize the content to suit your Shopify store.

For instance, you can edit the:

  • Default company information
  • Logo
  • Order note
  • Shipping and payment details
  • Order information

It is also possible to customize the templates. But this process requires programming using Liquid.

Order Printer supports about 70 languages with language auto-detection from the billing address.

Besides email, the app can deliver the billing documents to SFTP, FTP, or Google Drive.


This app is free if your capacity does not exceed printing and exporting 50 orders monthly. The free version also unlocks the basic theme templates only. 

Free versions usually have limited features. So if you want the best functions, such as language auto-detection, go for the Ultimate plan.

Most Shopify PDF invoice apps need coding skills to edit the templates. But Printout Designer features an intuitive drag-n-drop template builder. This tool enables you to build all kinds of printouts, from packing slips to invoices and barcode labels.

As such, you can customize these documents to match your store’s integrated labels or pre-printed papers. This is essential to maintaining your brand’s identity on all platforms.

The app integrates with your order processing flow to enable batch printing, downloading, and emailing. You can also print packing slips to any printer once the orders come through.


Printout Designer does not have a free plan, but the app’s cheapest plan is affordable.

But the $4.99 subscription affords you limited features. The Starter plan is way better because it unlocks automatic emails and batch order fulfillment.

You can try all four plans for free first to determine if they are valuable for your business because the app has a 14-day free trial period. And you don’t need to provide credit card details to enjoy this offer.

One outstanding feature about Sufio is its professional, brand-focused template designs. Built by professional print designers, these templates will enable you to create a powerful brand.

But it’s not all about looks. The app creates invoices compliant with B2B and B2C sales in over 50 countries. And it has a tax section so accountants will love it.

Additionally, you can bill your clients in different currencies in their respective countries. And you can translate them into over 30 languages, as well.

Sufio can create other documents like credit notes, Pro forma invoices, and quotes. These PDFs support more processes in your Shopify store.


Although there is no free plan, Sufio has a 14-day free trial period that requires no credit card details. You can sign up to enjoy these two weeks for free in any of the three paid plans.

It is vital to note that only the Standard and Premium plans can translate invoices.


Now that we are through with the Shopify PDF invoice app reviews, here are answers to the most asked questions about these apps.

How Do I Get a PDF Invoice From Shopify?

It depends on the Shopify PDF app you use for your store. For instance, with Shopify’s Order Printer app, customers can get the invoice from the order notification email.

You can create and insert a PDF invoice download link into the order notification template in your Shopify store’s settings.

Can I Download an Invoice on Shopify?

Yes. Using the Order Printer app, you can download invoices from your Shopify store’s admin order page.

Can Shopify Generate Invoices?

Shopify has a free invoice generator that resembles a form. You only have to fill in the required details, then create, print, save, or email the document to your clients.

But the generator has limited features. For instance, it does not have templates and provides no automation.

Wrap Up

As you can see, PDF invoice apps are crucial for Shopify store owners. They automate the invoicing process and make online stores appear more professional.

Automating the creation of invoices after each successful sale with a PDF invoicing app means less room for error and more time to focus on growing your business. Most automated invoicing solutions allow you to tailor the timing and content of invoice deliveries to your unique company requirements.

But some apps have more features than others. The features usually determine the pricing in monthly costs.

So you should take your time to learn more about each app. Go through the review above while comparing the features and costs to determine the best one.

You can also use them if they have free trial periods to see firsthand the described features in action. This trial is vital because it will ensure you settle on the best app for your business.

We have come to the end of this article. If you have any comments or sentiments you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us."