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Turbo Theme Shopify: More Conversions & Less Churn

As an online seller, your store’s aesthetics and usability are an integral part of your total sales. A responsive, fast-loading, and easy-to-navigate is a must.

It can help you reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment.

Turbo Theme Shopify is for premium Shopify merchants.

It makes it easy for large stores to deliver high-demand functionality and reliable performance.

In this blog post, you’re going to learn

  • What the Shopify Turbo Theme is
  • How it helps Shopify merchants
  • Main features
  • Pricing

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Turbo Theme?

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Turbo Theme is a premium theme in the Shopify ecosystem.

It's known for its high performance, functionality, and design flexibility. It costs $400 and is perfect for all Shopify Plus stores because of its high conversion rate.

Establishing an easy-to-use Shopify store seems easy because of the many options available. But maintaining the store’s navigational quality without disturbing the loading speed is hard.

For this, your Shopify theme should have feature you need.

Some themes offer fast loading speed and some give you an aesthetic look.

However, for the long-term growth of your store, you should look for a perfect combination of

  • Quality design flexibility
  • Fast loading speed
  • Tag filter to help customers filter store products
  • No-code advance themes
  • Affordable pricing

The Turbo Shopify theme is particularly designed for Shopify Plus stores. It gives a quality look to the store. This is essential for a good first-look experience.

As per a survey by Statista, in 2022, almost 50% of the people in the U.S. abandoned their cart for various reasons. The reason for 13% of abandoned carts is crashing or having errors on the website.

This can be largely avoided using the Shopify Turbo Theme. A fast-loading and mobile-friendly website will save your business.

Your customer journey will be more straightforward thus reducing cart abandonment.

There is a collection of six different Turbo Themes. Each of them comes with a set of unique features making them perfect for many eCommerce stores.

Turbo Theme Portland

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Turbo Theme Portland is simple and user-friendly.

It's most suited for beauty/health and fitness stores.

It also comes with powerful features including.

  • infinite scrolls
  • product sliders
  • testimonials
  • FAQs
  • and more.

There are two separate speed modes. They're supported on all devices including smartphones.

Its pages are also customizable, so you can add or remove anything you prefer.

The quick navigation feature is also a time saver. With it you can turn pages instantly.

It makes it easy to offer a better customer experience.

Turbo Theme Portland is a great option to start with.

Try Turbo Theme Portland.

Turbo Theme Florence

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Turbo Theme Florence is a perfect choice for stores with a delicate look. It's perfect for displaying attractive beauty products.

This theme comes with a unique palette designed to make your product shine.

This theme is the best option for stores in the ornaments and beauty products category.

The layout and theme design are spacious to help keep the focus on products. This is a great feature for stores that emphasize their products more than any other feature on the website.

Another quality feature of Turbo Theme Florence is the predict-search feature. With this, your customers can find products on your website instantly without friction.

Try Shopify Turbo Theme Florence.

Turbo Theme Dubai

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Turbo Theme Dubai is designed for apparel and luxury eCommerce product categories.

These can be handbags, clutches, bands, etc.

Like any other theme of Turbo, this also comes with a unique palette of specific colors suiting the store type.

The clean design and user-friendly look give a luxurious look to your website.

Try Turbo Theme Dubai.

Turbo Theme Seoul

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Turbo Theme Seoul has smooth colors and attractive design. They give a classy vibe to your store.

This theme is used by stores in the fashion gadget niche.

It suits the gadget niche and enhances product colors and features.

The layout is simple and clean which showcases your products better. Plus the catchy color combination is perfect to hook your customers.

Other features like

  • fast loading speed
  • easy navigation menu
  • endless scrolling

Are of the standard quality of Turbo Theme Shopify.

Try Turbo Theme Seoul.

Turbo Theme Chicago

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Turbo Theme Chicago is best for stores in the clothes, technology, and music category.

This soft Chicago style enhances your product images and reviews.

It helps you instantly catch customers’ attention and improve conversions.

The theme lets you display information in a compact and delicate way.

Thus you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Try Turbo Theme Chicago.

Turbo Theme Tennessee

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Sellers in the handcrafted product niche need the right set of colors, backgrounds, and styles.

It helps them display their products better.

Turbo Theme Tennessee is for stores selling unique products with all the needed features to display them elegantly.

The theme layout is product-focused which means, your customers will be hooked within their first glance.

Moreover, the balance between product images, information, and the white space, is just perfect.

The balance makes your store look clean, and neat, and gives a sophisticated look.

Try Turbo Theme Tennessee.

What Are The Main Features Of A Shopify Turbo Theme?

The Shopify Turbo Theme has unmatched speed, performance, and bold yet catchy designs. Let’s have a detailed look at each of its main features.


Turbo Theme possesses fast-loading speed which supports the instant transition between different pages.

In several eCommerce websites, transitioning between product pages takes a while. Which in turn, reduces the likelihood of a successful sale.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, only 16% of respondents are willing to wait for more than 3 seconds before leaving the website.

This is why eCommerce sellers use the Turbo Shopify Theme. Its fast loading speed makes it easy for Shopify merchants to improve customer satisfaction.

Multi Tag Filter

Usually, customers don’t know about the best product option to consider.

In such scenarios its good to provide them with filter options.

They can sort products based on multiple options.

This way, they'll be able to get the best product options based on their specific needs. Thus resulting in a successful sale.

It saves customers time and improves customer.

It also betters customer experience by telling them about the product’s availability.

Turbo Theme has this Multi Tag Filter. This is a great feature for eCommerce stores helping customers find the product they want.

Predict Search

Predictive search is a great feature for online merchants. It makes product search easier and quicker.

With Shopify Turbo Theme, you can help your customers instantly find the product they're looking for.

The feature works exactly the same as the Google Suggestion feature. Your customers will get options based on similarity and popularity. However, you can customize the search predictions based on several other factors.

As an eCommerce business owner, predictive search is more than just a feature to save your customers’ time. It helps customers find products whose spelling/name/description they have forgotten.

The feature works best in the technical products category where customers are less likely to remember the product names.

Advanced Templates

For people unfamiliar with coding, developing a responsive website seems quite difficult. However, with Turbo Theme, you can create a website based on your own custom needs even without coding.

It comes with advanced templates where everything is already set for optimal performance.

If you want to make some modifications, you can easily do it within a few clicks.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite or endless scrolling is an advanced feature in the eCommerce world that removes the pagination process from your store.

Your customers can keep scrolling without reaching an end and more products will load faster.

For eCommerce stores, infinite scrolling is not just about time-saving. It offers an easy and fast browsing experience, increases session duration per user, and improves user engagement.

With Turbo Theme Shopify, you can easily add this feature to your eCommerce store.


The cost of Turbo Theme Shopify is $400 for any of the six themes under the category. It comes with all features explained above plus many other exciting features, such as

  • Mini cart
  • Recently viewed products
  • Advanced mega menu to help you combine elements such as images, text, and many others
  • Quick shop to directly add products to the shopping cart
  • Banners for sale, new, pre-ordered, and upcoming products
  • Back to stock form

And many more.

The price is one-time and comes with a special 14-day guarantee. If you think that the theme isn’t good or something that you want, you can easily get a refund.

Try Turbo Theme Risk-Free.

Key Takeaways

Turbo Theme Shopify is one of the most popular themes in the Shopify ecosystem. It is known for its speed, adaptability, and several features that boost sales and consumer involvement. Its success isn't accidental; it's the consequence of careful planning and the incorporation of features that specifically address the demands of online retailers. 

This theme comes with

  • a delicate palette
  • fast loading speed
  • and many more features

If you're getting started with online selling or have an established eCommerce store, Turbo Theme is a great option.

It will help get a giant head start.

Find the right Turbo Theme on Shopify to use the most out of your website and attract and retain customers to increase profits.

Try Turbo Theme Risk-Free.