The 27 Best Shopify Apps for Scaling Your eCommerce Store

The 27 Best Shopify Apps for Scaling Your eCommerce Store

December 12, 2020

The first thing you need to do if your eCommerce store is backed by Shopify is – finding the best Shopify apps.

These apps will not only help you with the functionality of your store but also help with other aspects like marketing, product sourcing, SEO, automation, and more.

The reason behind Shopify’s success is the everything-at-one-place interface, and, in many cases, the apps are much cheaper than the plugins offered by other CMSes.

However, you don’t need to do the digging. We’ve already got you covered on exploring the best Shopify apps on the market. 

We’ve not only hand-curated the best apps but also categorized them to help you choose the best ones based on your needs.


1. Rush – Ship, Track, Notify

Rush is an all-around shipment tracking app to help you effectively manage shipping fulfillment. A Shopify app for managing post-purchase experiences is especially important for new or growing businesses. You can use Rush Shopify if you want to provide a premium class experience to your customers.

Key Features

  • Shopify custom branded tracking page
  • Unlimited order lookups and auto-carrier mapping
  • Upsells and cross-sells
  • Integrates with 400+ carriers

– Free (up to 50 shipments)


2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing automation platform that you just can’t afford to miss. This Shopify app helps you create personalized, long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can create a valuable omnichannel marketing experience and boost ROI.

Features we liked

  • 100+ awesome integrations
  • Dynamic forms with personalization options
  • Centralized customer profiles

– Free up to 250 emails

3. OmniSend

Another awesome omnichannel marketing automation app on the Shopify marketplace is OmniSend. With 3,000+ positive reviews on the Shopify market and an incredible user interface, it proves to be perfect for automating 360-degree marketing.

Features we liked

  • Recover abandoned carts on autopilot
  • Set up personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Behavioral segmentation and 360-degree customer profiles
  • Create fully-customized, mobile-ready email forms

– Free to install. $16 per month

4. CM Commerce

The third one of the best Shopify apps for email marketing is a great Omnisend or Klaviyo alternative. You can use it to create customized experiences for the customers and provide targeted upsell recommendations, abandoned cart emails, automated follow-ups, and integrating product reviews in emails.

Features we liked

  • Tailor complete customer experience
  • Boost conversions with social proof

– $9 per month

5. Privy

Privy is an extraordinary Shopify app for building beautiful popups and flyers. You can use it to bring in new customers and retain existing customers. You can further leverage your marketing by sending loyalty discounts directly to your customer’s mobile phone via an automated SMS campaign.

Features we liked

  • Pre-built popup templates
  • Multiple targeting rules
  • Test UX with A/B testing
  • Abandoned cart emails and automated follow-ups.

– Free (up to 5,000 page views per month)

6. Jilt

The Jilt email marketing app focuses on growing your Shopify store by automating most of the steps. You can easily automate emails for abandoned cart recovery, welcoming new customers, product feedback requests, and more.

Features we liked

  • Awesome visual email designer
  • Detailed marketing results and engagement metrics

– Free (up to 600 sends per month)


7. Metorik

Nothing beats in-depth reports when it comes to customer purchase analysis, and that’s where Metorik comes into action. This Shopify app helps with reporting and marketing. Think of it as a customer relationship management app that is more like a co-pilot for your Shopify marketing campaigns.

Features we liked

  • Powerful real-time reports
  • Infinite segmentation and product insights
  • Customer tools and email automation

– 30 Day Free Trial. Paid plans start at $20 per month


8. Vitals

Vitals is a multipurpose Shopify app that claims to replace 40+ apps. Nearly all of the features are focused on marketing and conversion. Just this one app can help you with product reviews, currency converter, wheel of fortune, volume-based discount, and much more. 

In our review it stands in the list of some of the best Shopify apps to try. 

Features we liked

  • Add trust seals and badges
  • Set up Instagram Shopping
  • Sales notification for social proof
  • Geolocation redirect and SEO boosting
  • Countdown timers and cart reserved for urgency marketing

– $29.99 per month


9. SMSBump

One of the best ways to connect with your customers on a personal level and retain them is by using SMS/MMS-based marketing. SMSBump helps set up automated marketing campaigns. The MMS (text + image) is limited to the USA only. Overall, it’s a great app for collecting subscribers, recovering abandoned carts, customer reactivation, discount-based marketing, etc

Features we liked

  • Run A/B testing for custom SMS messages
  • Keep a record of unsubscribed clients
  • Create SMS/MMS flows for eCommerce automation

– $0.0149 per SMS (US)

10. Postscript

An alternative Shopify app for SMS marketing campaigns is Postscript. You can create a TCPA-compliant subscriber list for text marketing. You can segment your SMS campaigns using store data for improving the engagement rate.

Features we liked

  • Automate SMS marketing campaigns
  • Boost customer engagement using photos and GIFs

– $25 per month (free trial available)


11. PushOwl

PushOwl is a web push notification app built for Shopify merchants. Trusted by more than 24K merchants, the app lets you turn store visitors into subscribers, send highly visible web push promotions to them, and retain customers effectively.

Features we liked

  • Create and send web push notification campaigns about your sales and products
  • Recover abandoned carts with a sequence of 3 automated web push notifications
  • Flash sale feature allows you to add an expiry date to ensure your notification stops sending once your sale ends
  • Integrates with your favorite Shopify apps

– Free (with unlimited subscribers), Business Plan (starting at $19)


12. Recart

Cart abandonment is one of the largest problems for almost all of the eCommerce stores, and messenger marketing is a great way to help with that. Recart uses Facebook Messenger Marketing to remind your customers they have a pending purchase. Plus, you can create an automated welcome flow, product review requests, and more through the Facebook Messenger app.

Features we liked

  • Sell more with Messenger marketing
  • Broadcasts & Promotions
  • Abandoned cart & order receipts

– $29 per month

13. ShopMessage

Similar to other messenger bot apps on Shopify, ShopMessage automatically sends custom messages to targeted customers. You can share clickable links, order updates, customizable smart pop-ups, and so on.

Features we liked

  • Boost ROI using custom flows
  • Embed one-click opt-ins on your store
  • Integrates well with Klaviyo

– $9 per month

14. ManyChat

ManyChat is a multipurpose Shopify app that takes care of FB Messenger, as well as SMS marketing. You can easily build a bot using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, this app will automatically import customer data so you can use it for customer analysis.

Features we liked

  • Integrates well with popular CRMs
  • Set up mobile-optimized answers to customers
  • Automated customer data collection
  • Segmentation and quick order updates

– $10 per month

15. Octane AI

Octane AI is a powerful Shopify app for personalized marketing. You can collect valuable data by engaging your customers with quizzes. Next, you can use that data to retain your customers and to recover lost sales via automated messenger flows.

Features we liked

  • Fuel revenue with Facebook Messenger and SMS campaigns
  • Opt-in tools for converting better

– $29 per month


16. Oberlo

Should you want to successfully compete with your competitors, you need to add diversification to your niche. One great way to do that without investing is dropshipping, and this is where Oberlo comes into action. It hand-picks the niche-specific, hot products from AliExpress. You can then easily migrate products along with the description (and specs).

Features we liked

  • Finds the best selling products for your niche
  • Real-time order tracking system
  • Integrates with Chrome for higher productivity

– Free

17. Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand dropshipping and order-fulfillment platform for Shopify. You can use their app to integrate Printful with Shopify. The Shopify app lets you design custom products using a simple mockup generator. Printful then prints and ships the product for you.

Features we liked

  • Dropship products with custom branding
  • Bulk discount for growing stores
  • One-click product sync

– Free

18. CustomCat

This Shopify POD app prides itself on being a high-volume print-on-demand fulfillment service. With over 40,000 products shipped every day, you can expect timely shipment even during volume fluctuations.

Features we liked

  • Easy to use mockup generator
  • High volume discount available

– Free

19. Gooten

Gooten is an automated print-on-demand Shopify app that connects you with a pool of manufacturers. You will definitely like the quality of their products. Their order management system eases up the entire process from product design to shipment.

Features we liked

  • Get multiple product variants
  • Automated fulfillment

– Free


20. CartHook

CartHook is a post-purchase app that could seriously boost your revenue. You can upsell professionally by adding one-click post-purchase offers between the checkout and thank you page.

Features we liked

  • Create conversion-friendly funnels
  • Boost average order value

– $50 per month (+ 1% of post purchase revenue via CartHook)

21. One Click Upsell ‑ Zipify OCU

OCU takes upsell and cross-sell marketing to another level. You can offer upsells throughout the buying process and boost the order value. This app offers upsell recommendations both before and after the checkout.

Features we liked

  • Optimize your upsells by testing variants
  • Create mobile-ready upsells
  • Built-in split testing

– Starts at $24 (for up to $200 upsell revenue)


22. Trackify

Facebook is the primary source of traffic for many eCommerce stores, and Trackify optimizes your campaigns for a higher conversion rate. You can use it to connect multiple Facebook pixels.

Features we liked

  • Run better ad campaigns and boost ROI
  • Add more pixel events and data
  • Facebook catalog synchronization (for retargeting)

– $29.95 per month


23. Gorgias

Gorgias helps you provide awesome customer support to your audience. You can set up a live chat and help desk with just a few clicks. Also, you can manage multiple customer support requests (Facebook, SMS, etc) from a centralized dashboard.

Features we liked

  • Send automated and personalized messages
  • Pre-made templates for faster responses

– $60 per month


24. Yotpo

Yotpo is a popular Shopify app for collecting customer reviews and leveraging your social proof. Product reviews, photos, and ratings will help you spread brand awareness and get more sales. You can then use social tools for sharing reviews on Facebook or Twitter.

Features we liked

  • Import reviews with a single click
  • Automated request emails
  • On-site widgets for increasing conversions

– Free up to 50 orders per month

25. Stamped IO

Yet another one of the best Shopify apps has great ways to feature user-generated content. The features they offer could even replace some of your Shopify apps. In addition to reviewing collections, they will help you with product recommendations, loyalty campaigns, retargeting ads, and so on.

Features we liked

  • Multiple sidebar display widgets
  • Multilingual support and SMS review requests
  • Seven awesome ways to showcase UGC

– Free up to 50 orders per month

26. LOOX

Loox is a product review app used by small to mid-sized Shopify stores. You can use it for automatically collecting reviews via email, web push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. You can then display these reviews and photos to boost the credibility of your store.

Features we liked

  • Multi-channel review generation
  • Send review reminders on autopilot
  • Offer reviewers discounts for customer loyalty

– $9.99 per month (up to 500 orders)

27. showcases product reviews, photos, and videos via email. What makes it the favorite pick for the best Shopify apps is that you can use this app for free. So, if you are just starting up your Shopify store, and you have a limited marketing budget, is a great fit. Of course, the features are limited in the free version, but you can create unlimited review requests with this app.

Features we liked

  • Auto send reminders and coupons
  • In-email review form

– Free

Wrapping the best Shopify apps up 

While there are countless of the best Shopify apps, we simply cannot mention all of them. 

Finding the right app depends on your marketing needs, budget, and the specific features you want to have. 

However,  only a limited number of people invest in the post-purchase experience! 

You can use this effective marketing strategy with untapped potential to retain your customers. 

Something as simple as a post-shipment update can make your customer remember your eCommerce store longer.

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