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What Is a Shipping Confirmation Template? Accurate Examples for 2023

It is no secret to anyone that e-commerce is growing stronger in recent years.

The responsibility to provide proper shipping confirmation emails is pivotal for client satisfaction and multiplying returning ones.

Let’s break down the process of sending shipping confirmation properly and give examples that are proven to work, shall we?

What are shipping confirmation emails?

After a transaction is done, order confirmation emails are sent by the merchant. They are most likely used in e-commerce stores and are part of the process when it comes to closing a deal. 

The main function of shipping confirmation email templates have is to present on-time details to the customer about his current purchase. The email shipment notifications can cover basic information such as:

  1. Name of the person who made the purchase
  2. Email, telephone number, website
  3. Address
  4. Date of purchase
  5. Delivery and further company contacts
  6. Order tracking and tips

Also, knowing that the order has been completed and is on its way to being processed is satisfying to customers. It builds anticipation and early signs of a long-term customer relationship.

Let’s face it — customers want structured information and fast delivery. That’s what a shipping confirmation template should provide.

When you offer both and build detailed shipping confirmation templates, you are on the right path to succeed in bonding connections with existing and potential clients.

The process of sending the delivery confirmation letter can be a child’s play, there are just a few trick to master. 

*Pro-tip: Shipping confirmation emails differ from receipt emails, as the second ones are sent before the shipping details of the purchase.

Order Confirmation Emails — What Should They Include?

As we already mentioned above, customers are looking for well-structured information about their purchases right before shipping.

Knowing how to send a confirmation email is what differentiates successful email marketers from beginners.

Making sure you put all the needed information in the order confirmation email is key to make it easier for both clients and customer support.

Here is a list of pivotal elements that should be found in the shipping confirmation template. Make sure they are present in the order email. The goal is to give the utmost more efficiently structured information.

  • Providing the order number — It might sound like a cliché but putting the order number on the right spot can help many in the process of contacting customer support and finding out more details about their current order.
  • Customer contact details — repetition is the father of learning, so in this case, it is good to have a record of the information from all of your customers. Safety reasons for both sides.
  • Order details — give an exact summary of what has been purchased in the shipping confirmation letter. For example, if the order is about T-shirts, then you should mention all about sizes, quantity, models, colors, name of the product, and gift per unit.
  • Cost details — this area includes overall prices, prices per unit, shipping taxes, additional taxes, and discounts if any are present.
  • Payment method — when it comes to finalizing the order, the payment method should be there, whether it is credit, debit cards, cash, or using PayPal as well.
  • Shipping method and delivery —details on how long it takes for the purchase to be delivered, plus additional information about the carrier company.
  • Company contact details — letting the customer know how to reach you is key, there may be phone numbers, emails, and website addresses in the shipping confirmation template.

Including these basic tips on how to send a confirmation email can save the clients both headaches and time.

The Importance of Shipping Confirmation Emails

The main reason why shipping confirmation templates are pivotal for marketing purposes is that they are heading straight to the purchasing customer.

It means the person expects the email to come, so he can double-check the given details, information, contacts, and even for some, to purchase again.

As far as brand loyalty goes, shipping confirmation templates can be the perfect weapon for brand awareness and further relationships with customers.

They differ from regular promotional emails. Shipping confirmation emails are only sent to the person who has made a purchase.

By now, people are already in the loop and when the order emails are created wisely, they can impact the purchase behavior of clients for the future.

Shipping confirmation letters are providing three main benefits:

  • Quality Assurance — when clients are sure that the business and its products are legitimate, they are more likely to purchase again. Order confirmation emails are crucial for sustaining long-term relationships with clients and enhancing your brand reputation among different audiences.
  • Excitement — yes, you’ve read that right. The feeling, of course, is excitement. People who are anticipating the delivery of their purchase can check the tracking software from their desktop or smartphone. 
  • Long-term customer relationships — keeping your existing customers happy is proven to cost less than losing them and constantly trying to attract new ones. This is not only a fact in 2021 but a known principle in marketing since forever. Using well-designed shipping confirmation templates allows any business to take a step further into building a strong connection with clients.

Top-notch Practices That Boost Efficiency of Confirmation Emails

Quicker responses after purchase are the ones every successful merchant should focus on. As we know already, people do not like to wait on confirming their purchase. 

Automated workflows and software help big time with email and SMS notifications coming at the right time.

Quick and responsive shipping notifications

Fast responding delivery confirmation letters are “a must” when it comes to finishing deals with clients.

People will not only read the shipping confirmation file straight away but will check if any misunderstandings may have happened during the purchase.

Creating a responsive and easy-to-read design and typography in the shipping confirmation template is crucial for both the business and the customer. Including colors, logos, brand slogans, and even astonishing infographics will boost the overall engagement.

A pivotal part of your brands’ identity is hidden in the little things. Some refer to them as “marketing elements” and shipping confirmation templates are part of the puzzle, too.

Knowing how and when to send confirmation emails can only skyrocket the efficiency of your business model and multiple purchases. Worldwide successful brands like Adore Me are continuously mastering the craft of sending shipment confirmation acceptance notices and they are reaping the finest fruits of their labor. So why wouldn’t you?

Yes, that’s right, you. It takes attention to detail, politeness, and putting all of your information on confirmation emails in the proper order.

It might seem like an easy job from a customer point of view but it is a continuous process that businesses are trying to upgrade to reach “a seamless customer experience.

Use a simply written shipping confirmation template

Using subject lines to inform the customer of what is the status of the subject is another strong side successful sellers are using in the shipment confirmation acceptance notice.

Classic lines such as are proven to give maximum results. They are simple and friendly as well:

  • Your order has been received
  • Thank you for your order
  • We have received your order
  • Order confirmation
  • Thanks for your order
  • Depending on the purchase and shipping confirmation of the letter, businesses sometimes can get a bit more personal. This is a good method, it builds friendliness and confidence in the buyers as well.

Have discounts on your shipping confirmation template

As we are talking about personal engagement, a successful strategy is offering a discount on the next purchase within a limited period. Some businesses use this as their loyalty program and succeed to engage more customers who are purchasing from them for the first time. It is, indeed, a smart move, but not applicable in all situations.

There are many striking campaigns such as subscriptions, sending gift cards, vouchers, and prizes with the next purchase, so running out of ideas is impossible on this occasion. Creating the delivery confirmation letter the proper way is just a matter of variations. Give it your best.

Make sure shipping confirmations are mobile-friendly

As we are speeding ahead in the digital era, more and more people are purchasing straight from their smartphones.

More than 60% of people are checking their confirmation emails while they are on the go. Most of them are purchasing while they are on their lunch break, drinking coffee, or browsing in bed at night.

Shipping confirmation emails should be optimized for both desktop and mobile versions and should give the needed information seamlessly, without any misunderstandings to frustrate the clients.

Examples of Astonishing shipping confirmation templates

Give expected delivery dates

How Adore Me is tracking is simply phenomenal. They are one of those companies that will provide the expected delivery date. How long does Adore Me take to ship is another question.

In bold letters, you will see all the pivotal information you need and you will not waste your time waiting for your purchase. By the big red button, you can track your purchase at any moment and for further questions, you have a call-to-action button below all the information. Sounds easy!

Linking to more products on confirmation emails

Another success story is how Nike is presenting their delivery confirmation letters. They are counting on giving additional information about relevant products in which the buyer might be interested. By doing this, Nike sustains a returning percentage of people back to their official website. Smart, isn’t it?

Go for a friendly shipping confirmation template

Other brands like Threadless are sticking to the basics and will provide some of the most simplistic and cheering shipping confirmation templates for their emails. They will say something like: “Hey, thanks for the order, you are awesome!” and can brighten your whole day.

Give discounts and rewards for the next purchase

Companies like Brooklinen are making sure their current customers want more and more with every next purchase. Offering discounts in their shipping confirmation emails and the possibility to join a program of earning credits, the company is successfully managing more returning clients.

Other companies like Ritual are not including any dates for delivery and further information. They are using the opportunity to explain how you can win discounts by referring the company to a friend.

Create campaigns in the shipping confirmation template

Some companies like ThirdLove are using the delivery confirmation letter to allow the buyer to benefit from future purchases by participating in different games, newsletters, or getting two products for the price of one. Now that’s a clever move, isn’t it?

Include Infographics, downloadable content, and tips

In recent years, more companies are offering subscriptions for different types of downloadable content. Nowadays there are confirmation email templates that are designed by the same idea.

When we think about it, some people want something fast in return. What’s better than a beautifully designed infographic, magazine, or catalog? Exactly!

Shipping confirmation template and social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also stepping stones for many businesses.

In some cases sending confirmation emails with the official pages, hashtags, and social media marketing campaigns is a creative way to engage with more customers in the purchasing process.

It is ideal for the younger generation because many of them are spending hours every day on these platforms.

Of course, it applies to all customers as social media is growing to new colossal heights and the percentage of users is growing rapidly.

Share your mobile application

Mobile-friendliness in recent years is an undeniable factor for success on any occasion.

Having a mobile app and sharing it in the shipment confirmation acceptance notice is great to promote it and engage more people. It can happen with a QR code.

By scanning with their smartphone directly from the desktop screen, customers will open the app immediately.

Also, most apps are pretty well-optimized, which means the user experience will surely be off the chain.

It makes shopping fast, efficient and can happen anytime, anywhere.

With a few clicks people can browse through the catalogs, pick the desired products, purchase and in just a matter of seconds, they will receive the confirmation email.

You do not have to worry about getting to more clients anymore.

Mobile apps are here to help with shopping from any point of the world — just as easy as playing a game.

Provide full information on return and exchange policy

It may be a quick note or a full document of information on how to return clothes, shoes, and accessories, for example.

Many brands are doing this because they know selling these kinds of products is risky, especially from online shops.

Wrapping shipping confirmation templates

To be honest, there are hundreds of other methods that have shown their impact on shipping tracking and confirmation emails.

Today, multiple tracking apps will help with the orders and shipping in a tremendous way.

It has never been easier to track as many purchases as we want at once within minutes.

By doing this we all have the opportunity to thrive and keep all of our pivotal data in control.

Having a customizable tracking page for your brand is of big importance.

Customers are not only checking multiple times per order but they do not want to be anxious and dependent on the time their delivery comes.

Have this in mind — creating informative confirmation templates and sending emails is a continuous process and with the changing times and demands in the digital world, you might as well change your strategy, too.

Implementing your brand into the shipping confirmation template should be a priority.

Clients need to build trust in it before purchasing. After that make sure all the confirmation methods, software, and emails are well-optimized for a smooth user experience.

People will not buy from businesses that do not improve their order acknowledgment templates and have issues with the shopping process.

Knowing how to send confirmation emails and optimize every detail in the process will pay off. It is an area for experimenting and unleashes your creative side.

By optimizing every facet of this process, from the subject line to the content and even the timing, you can turn a simple transactional communication into a meaningful touchpoint with your customers.

By changing your shipping confirmation template strategy often and implementing your bold ideas, the results would not take much to come.