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How to Survive the Most Important BFCM of All Times with Rush

Unexpected is truly the new normal, as Shopify states in their 2023 commerce trends report. Apparently despite the good fight that the global retail market is putting up by generating over $27 trillion, over 64% of businesses worldwide are still recovering from the pandemic.

2023 is one of the most intense years in economic history. Inflation made consumers tighten up their spending and we’re all asking ourselves a lot of important questions:

  • Will inflation impact customer spending during BFCM 2023?
  • Will brands have difficulties with shipping orders and timely delivery?
  • Is there a recession in Ecommerce and will brands still make good profit?

True, there were some hiccups at the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, but reports show a steady YoY growth of 18% since 2020.

Ecommerce Industry Traffic Trend, Global 2019 - 2023

Why add Rush to your Shopify tech stack before BFCM?

Here’s what we see at Rush. Even when times are hard, Ecommerce still finds a way to grow, adapt, and overcome. This is how you can best use the last couple of months before BFCM:

Worried about less spending during BFCM? Find every possible way to place irresistible offers at key steps of your customer journey. For example, the upsells placed on order tracking pages and emails for shipping updates generate massive new revenue for brands using Rush.

Worried about your customers getting their orders on time? Add precise order tracking with support for over 1,300 carriers worldwide so your customers know exactly where their order is at any time and when the doorbell is going to ring.

Worried about making good profit despite recession? The only sure way to win is to roll up your sleeves and do the necessary work - build your flows with Rush & Klaviyo to get the most results possible from every customer that lands on your Shopify store and makes an order.

Why post purchase automation is the key to customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is a tricky beast. It’s not just giving a discount here and there or sending a cute Thank You email. It’s about resonating with them on a deeper level and creating more touchpoints where you can build a relationship with customers.

The post-purchase journey of your customers has a lot of aspects - from one-click upsells, order tracking, shipping notifications via email & SMS, loyalty programs, and all the effort that Ecommerce marketing teams are putting into giving customers a reason to come back.

The truth is that around 30% of all ecommerce revenue comes from post-purchase upsells. But a large part of Ecommerce brands are facing difficulties adapting all the layers of post-purchase automation. One of the biggest challenges is all the effort, setup, and time it takes to get all of it up and running and adapted to your brand.

This leads to lots of missed opportunities and tons of revenue just sitting on the table. Revenue that can be turned into more marketing spend, more customers, and more growth.

To overcome that, the Rush team has been resilient in helping brands get all the post-purchase order tracking, upselling, and shipping updates setup for them, so they can focus on running their business.

Who benefits the most from order tracking?

It’s important to look at post-purchase automation as a way to amplify the business outcome of stores that already have a steady flow of traffic, orders, and revenue. That being said - the bigger your store - the bigger the impact you will generate with post-purchase automation.

Here’s a scenario example we see from a lot of our merchants:

If a store that’s making close to $1M from around 10,000 orders per month - imagine what happens when you provide a branded tracking page and shipping update email with relevant upsells across that post-purchase experience.

Even with a 20% upsell conversion rate, that gives you 2,000 of those orders turning into a 2nd order.

If your AOV is around $100 - this is $200,000 extra revenue you can get from a standard post-purchase automation with Rush. That’s hidden revenue you can’t get otherwise.

Still, we never exclude starting businesses. Post-purchase automation is a great way to help a smaller business reach new heights by giving them a healthy boost in customer loyalty, retention, and revenue from a branded order tracking experience.

What major challenges is Rush solving for brands?

One of the most frequent challenges we hear from customers who are moving to Rush from other order tracking solutions is unrecognized carriers. Shopify brands that are selling worldwide often have to deal with local carriers that rarely offer good support when it comes to shipping updates and estimated delivery times.

Lucky for Rush users, we support over 1,300 carriers worldwide and every time a merchant hears that number in one of our calls - they go “Woah!” with a sigh of great relief.

With this kind of support, you can be sure that no matter how busy and chaotic BFCM turns out to be - your orders will be tracked and your customers will finally have more peace of mind than anxiety over their order status.

What new features help Shopify brands get started faster?

Rush is the only order tracking app awarded with the “Built for Shopify” badge. This is the biggest possible endorsement a Shopify app can get for the technical level and reliability it delivers to the ecosystem and all merchants.

The “Built for Shopify” badge is only given to trusted partners and we’re all extremely proud of this achievement.

We’re finalizing our new integrations with Yotpo SMSBump and Postscript to expand our order tracking & shipping updates to their platforms. So if you’re sending texts with either one, you will be able to add Rush to the mix and make your customers happier than ever.

The Expert Install enables large businesses to get up and running on Rush with no effort. This is something our new merchants love because they can focus on their business and leave the setup to us. The best part is they can always be sure that the system is set up for 100% success as it’s all made by our internal team.

Why are these features important?

Built for Shopify is the highest level of recognition an app can get. Why is that important for merchants? This guarantees that the level of trust, security, and stability of the product has passed the strict conditions of Shopify and ensures that all merchants using Rush are in capable hands when it comes to their customer loyalty, order tracking, and shipping updates.

SMS integrations open up new business opportunities for merchants. Emails can be missed, but nobody can ignore a text message when it’s about when their new pair of sneakers will arrive. This allows Shopify brands to unlock a whole new level of customer trust, loyalty, and retention.

Setting up your order tracking & shipping updates is not always easy. Larger brands with custom requirements can always benefit from an expert to give them a hand when connecting all the dots. This gives merchants confidence and assurance that their customers won’t miss a notification after all the tech has been set up to run buttery smooth.

Here’s what customers say about Rush

The courier mapping and real-time tracking updates are the main driver of happiness and great results for our customers. Here’s what we keep hearing from customers about that:

So far all other apps failed here massively. Looks like Rush is outperforming them all.

Barista och Espresso


The fact you can easily create tracking pages with no code and integrate with Shopify’s favorite apps makes it possible to hear things like:

Since I installed, I have not had any customers ask where their order was <3



But the one thing customers love the most about Rush is the supportive team that always goes the extra mile:

Gabriel offered great support and helped me understand where a notification was not working correctly. You don’t get service like that from many other apps.

Wolf of WoHo


Increase customer loyalty & lifetime value with better order tracking for BFCM

Get started with Rush for free and pick the plan that’s right for you based on your orders. Migrating from another app or starting fresh? Reach out if you need an Expert install - we got you.