Integrations | Updated November 9, 2023  

Drive More Repeat Sales on BFCM with Rush & Yotpo SMS Order Tracking

91% of customers want to track their orders. (Source)

1 in 3 customers were not able to track their recent deliveries. (Source)

This means that most Ecommerce brands are widely disappointing their shoppers.

To stand out from the crowd and have the happiest customers out of all your competitors, you need to make sure they never ask these questions after they make a purchase from you:

  • Where is my order?
  • When will it arrive?
  • Will I be home to receive it?

This post-purchase experience lacks clarity and creates a negative emotion which customers have no other choice but to associate with your brand.

In turn, your business will suffer from:

  • One-time customers who don’t come back
  • Reduced customer lifetime value that makes growth impossible
  • Unhappy customers who leave no reviews or bad reviews

Oh, and one more thing - high support costs and strain from hundreds of tickets and questions from customers who have no idea when their order will arrive.

That’s where real-time SMS order tracking & delivery notifications come in.

Why use SMS for order tracking notifications?

Rush and Yotpo SMS & Email (ex. SMSBump) join forces for a seamless SMS order tracking - Here is why you should use SMS for order tracking notifications?

Happy customers are informed customers. Instant clarity and full transparency is what all online shoppers expect today. Most order tracking notifications are sent by email, but with SMS it’s a whole different world.

SMS has a 98% open rate which makes it the most reliable channel for sending order tracking updates.

Build brand trust and customer loyalty by making sure that shoppers know exactly where their order is and when it’s going to be delivered at all times.

This will help you skyrocket repeat sales and returning traffic by using text messages to bring customers back to your branded order tracking page. There, customers will see relevant upsells, invitations to submit product reviews, and the status of their order.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Clarity at a glance - The moment your customer receives an SMS notification about their order, they immediately see the most important information and can get on with their day with more clarity and less distraction.

Increase Repeat Sales

High click-through rate - Text messages are short and snappy. Links are easily visible and take customers back to a branded tracking page where they can see the order status and relevant upsells that spark repeat sales.

Make Customers Happy

Never miss an update - Keep customers in the loop at all times so they never worry about when their order will arrive. Let shoppers plan their day without confusion and build the trust & loyalty that will elevate your brand and business to the next level.

Today, you will learn about the best way to leverage SMS automation for order tracking on Shopify.

Why Is SMS & Order Tracking So Important for BFCM 2023?

The competition in E-commerce is getting so saturated that standing out is harder than ever. You might shine with a new creative nobody ever did before, or a product page design that’s optimized for 99% conversion rates, but let’s face it - that’s not enough today.

The only way to not only get customers to buy but to stay with your brand even after BFCM is over is delivering a top-notch post-purchase experience.

The real money is made after the first order is placed. With branded order tracking, SMS & email notifications that bring traffic back to your store, and relevant upsells at the right times, you can sit back and watch as your customer loyalty explodes, your lifetime value increasing, and your revenue beating all of your past BFCM high scores so far.

Announcing Rush & Yotpo SMSBump

Rush is now part of the mission to build the future of Ecommerce where brands thrive and build strong connections with their customers.

One of the main value drivers of the deeper tech partnership between Shopify & Yotpo is to deliver what brands actually expect and want to see:

  • Understanding customers better. Build actionable strategies to deliver better customer experiences from a deeper view into insights between Shopify & Yotpo.
  • Next-level personalization. Making each customer journey tailored precisely to the individual shopper is the main expression of better customer understanding.
  • Deeper app integrations. Expanding the tech partnerships with other Shopify apps across the ecosystem to make the platform better both for brands and partners.

We’re excited to share that the new integration has been live for a while and is fully stable to handle all your order tracking needs for BFCM 2023.

What is the Yotpo SMSBump Integration with Rush?

Now you can send text message updates to customers with all the order tracking notifications they need to receive after they make a purchase on your Shopify store.

Automate SMS order tracking notifications

Create personalized on-brand text messages that inform your customers about their order status. The powerful SMS builder of Yotpo SMSBump allows endless customization, personal messaging, and links that take customers to your branded order tracking page by Rush.

This helps you generate more return traffic, impressions on your upsells & cross-sells, and increased revenue from more repeat sales and exclusive offers for existing customers.

Send shipping status updates via SMS

Be there for customers whenever their order status changes and they need to know it. Rush has support for over 1,300 shipping carriers worldwide who send a wide range of events you can use to send updates.

This gives your customers peace of mind and the confidence that your brand is a reliable source of information when it comes to their anticipated delivery.

Connect Rush tracking events to Yotpo SMSBump flows

Create SMS automations that send out text message notifications on important events such as:

These are the most important updates your customers need to not feel in the dark and constantly guessing where their order is.

Keep your customers in the loop with timely notifications so they don’t associate your brand with negative emotions and a bad customer experience.

Why SMS Takes Your Customer Loyalty to the Next Level?

With the massive open rate of SMS, your return traffic will increase dramatically, which in turn will increase your repeat sales. Email is great, but text messages are way better when it comes to getting noticed and being easy to interact with.

Skyrocket order tracking notification open rates

Get more exposure to your brand and relieve any concerns about the status of orders to keep the positive customer experience that’s consistent and doesn’t disappoint shoppers for a second.

Drive massive return traffic to order tracking pages

With more customers opening your tracking notifications, more of them will land back on your order tracking page. There, they will be welcomed by your upsells, cross-sells and exclusive deals that will encourage more repeat sales, higher customer lifetime value, and increased ROI from all your marketing spending.

Happy Customers Stay Longer and Spend More

Always keep customers informed with text messages that are always noticed, unlike emails that can be missed or forgotten.

With Rush & Yotpo SMSBump it’s easier to keep track of your order. SMS notifications show you an instant glance at your order status, unlike emails that need to be opened and are more demanding of your attention.

Meet customer expectations to receive key shipment updates via SMS so they can plan their day, know exactly where their order is, and when it's going to arrive.

All of this makes customers happier, promotes brand trust, and drives more sales from increased customer loyalty.

How To Get Started Fast?

You can find the Yotpo SMSBump integration in the Notifications tab in your Rush dashboard.

Here are the setup guides to help you get up and running faster: