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10 Amazing Tips To Brand Your Dropshipping Store In 2023

Out of multiple business models, dropshipping is one of the models with hardly any entry barriers.

In fact, dropshipping business is comparatively more accessible to start than many other eCommerce businesses. 

All required to run a dropshipping store are a good eCommerce website, a trustworthy supplier, and voila!

The store is set to sell to customers.

Ease of establishment and low investment rate are perhaps the biggest reasons why many people prefer to enter the dropshipping arena and earn profit.

However, before joining this bandwagon, one must not overlook the fierce competition prevailing in this business model.

Since it has minimal barriers to entry, many people jump into it to reap profits.

There are thousands of dropshippers in the market who are selling similar items supplied by the manufacturer or the vendor.

Do you think selling the same things will bring considerable profits to business? We don’t think so!

Why would people buy an item from you when they can get it for a lesser price from some other eCommerce store?

Are you wondering how to set your business and products apart from others?

Well, branding is the answer to combat the problem.

Branding your dropshipping store enables you to build a business that will grow and expand in the market and not get forgotten within a short span.

Branding increases brand familiarity and establishes trust in customers. In addition, it increases customer retention.

Around 59% of consumers prefer to shop from brands that are familiar to them.

Thus, it’s time to brand your dropshipping business in 2023, as many dropshippers are unaware of the importance of branding their business.

Hence, it gives you a perfect opportunity to stand out from your competitors and attract the prospective audience to convert and retain them at your store.

Today’s article presents you with ten excellent tips to brand your dropshipping store in 2023

Keep reading to discover how you can outshine your way through the crowd and win your customers’ trust.

10 Amazing Tips To Brand Your Dropshipping Store In 2023

1. Conduct Deep-Dive Market Research 

Once you have finalized what products you will source from your supplier and sell at your dropshipping store, it’s time to dive deeper and understand your potential audience.

Not every person in the market is your potential customer.

Thus, you have to target a segment in a market that fulfills the criteria of your ideal buyers.

Let’s take an example here, suppose you are selling handbags at your dropshipping store.

Now thinking that all the ladies are your potential customers is a very generic approach.

You must be very focused on deciding your targeted audience.

Not all ladies will be interested in purchasing your handbags; hence, narrow down your audience further to come up with a better branding strategy.

For this purpose, head over to social media to check what market segment best suits your products.

You can enter a few keywords and check what pops up on your Instagram or Facebook.

Continuing the example from above, let’s suppose you type the keywords holographic purse and check the people’s images and posts that appear on search results.

Understand the characteristics of your audience and what type of brands do they prefer for shopping, as it will help you to come up with effective branding strategies.

2. Define Your Brand Value And Promise

Setting values and upholding them is one of the most crucial things people look up to while shopping for a brand.

Having distinctive values sets the business apart from others in the competitive market.

Thus, if you want to create a meaningful impact on your customers, you must define the core value of your business and products, which increases the trust of your customers in your company.

For instance, an eCommerce store that deals in helmets can align itself with road and traffic safety.

Similarly, a brand selling exercise equipment can advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Your brand values help in building a market image and attracting an audience who have the same values.

Once you have nailed down your brand values, move on to your brand promise.

Tell your customers what they can expect from your business or what value you will add to their lives.

For example, a brand selling a pedometer can promise its customers that the product will give them the correct step count, develop the habit of walking daily, etc.

Make sure that you do not make fake promises that your business or products cannot deliver.

It will make you lose customers.

3. Create Product Differentiation

Dropshipping suppliers sell their products to numerous retailers.

It means that many other entrepreneurs are selling the exact item as yours.

Hence, you have to provide people with a solid reason to prefer purchasing from your store to any other store.

Dropshipping stores need to promote products uniquely and distinguish them from similar products in the market.

Now, you don’t have to contact your dropshipper and ask him to modify the product since modification and customization will cost you extra money.

Check the following ways to differentiate your products from the rest without investing extra money:

  • Order a few sample pieces of your products and have them professionally photographed to upload visually appealing pictures on the website and social media posts.
  • Write compelling and attention-grabbing product descriptions. Do not use the manufacturer’s description on your website.
  • Photograph people using your product and market it on different channels.

4. Get A Memorable Name And Logo

Let’s get down to serious aspects of branding a business.

You must come up with a unique, interesting, yet easy to remember business name.

Many entrepreneurs are tempted to keep an exotic business name in a different language such as Spanish, Italian, or French.

Though it might look unique, the name would be difficult to pronounce and remember.

Thus, it will be forgotten by the audience in no time.

Therefore, come up with a name that people can easily remember and look upon the internet to explore your products.

In addition, your business name should align with your website domain.

If there is a discrepancy in business and domain name, the audience will be confused and will face a tough time searching for you on social profiles.

After coming up with a name, divert your focus to designing a striking logo for your company.

We would suggest you hire a professional logo designer for this purpose.

If you don’t have extra cash to spare on hiring a designer, you can use free logo designing tools available online to create your brand’s logo.

5. Design A Notable Store

Would you prefer to shop from an extraordinarily designed store or a store that looks generic and like every other store?

People love to indulge in retail therapy from a brand that looks unique and different from others.

Hence, give your customers that elite feel of shopping from your brand by designing an attractive eCommerce store.

Select an attractive theme to run your dropshipping store.

Make sure that it aligns with your products, brand’s voice, and value.

Be very specific about the colors and fonts you use.

Many people overlook the importance of using the correct colors while designing their store.

It plays a crucial role in promoting your brand’s voice.

For instance, if you want your brand to exhibit the aura of elegance and class, shades of black and white are the ideal choice.

Similarly, brands that want to be represented as bold and enthusiastic go for orange shades.

Understand the different emotions evoked by colors before selecting them for your eCommerce dropshipping store.

6. Set Your Brand Voice

After creating your store, you’ll have to think of strategies to market your products on different channels to reach your potential audience.

But, before that, you have to decide upon what brand voice you will use for your business.

To put it simply, brand voice is how you will connect with your customers and what tone you will use to promote your brand.

Business needs to use the appropriate brand voice according to its targeted audience and the product it’s selling.

Let us take an example here, suppose a brand sells baby items; what kind of voice would you expect from it?

Fun and quirky tone, or a responsible tone that reflects the safety of the babies?

Similarly, would you purchase medicines or other health equipment from a brand that uses a stern tone?

Or from the one that uses an optimistic tone that promotes wellness and growth?

Hence, be very mindful of the tone and voice you set for the business.

It will help you steer your marketing strategies toward your goals to engage with your customers and generate desired responses from them.

In addition, use a similar brand voice on every channel.

Your product description, social media copies, paid ad campaigns, etc., everything should have the same brand voice.

7. Leverage Content Marketing

Another essential tip for branding your dropshipping store in 2023 is integrating content marketing in your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Businesses that provide audiences with more than just products survive longer in the market and receive organic traffic.

Content marketing is a sure-fire way to receive hefty traffic through search engine result pages.

If you have not started content marketing yet, you turn your back to receive a potential audience on your website.

Thus, create valuable and informational content on your website that adds value to your audience’s life and entertains them.

Content creation is an excellent way to share your expert knowledge with your audience and win their trust.

Moreover, you can use your blog posts to educate your audience about the products you sell, such as setting it up, using it, cleaning it, etc.

Did you know that 70% of prospects prefer to learn about a product through content instead of paid ads?

In addition, 84% of the audience expects the company to provide entertaining, helpful, and interesting content on their website.

Publishing content on your website also enables marketers to include core keywords in the blog posts; hence, improving the SEO of the website.

8. Come Up With A Snappy Slogan

Let’s take a little break here and play a game.

You have to identify the brands by reading the following sentences. Let’s see how much you score.

Let’s begin:

  1. Just Do It
  2. I’m lovin’ it
  3. Open Happiness 
  4. Because You Are Worth It
  5. It’s finger-lickin’ good

How many did you get right? We are sure that you must have recognized most of the brands instantly by glancing at their slogans.

We didn’t provide you with brands’ names or logos, yet you could identify them.

If you want your business to be remembered by people, come up with a snappy and exciting slogan.

Ensure that your slogan is short, engaging, and easy to remember. Refrain from using complex words that are difficult to pronounce and remember.

Moreover, do not use generic slogans like the best store with the lowest prices, one-stop-shop for shoes, etc.

People have seen such slogans numerous times; thus, it won’t make your store attractive, and unique to them.

9. Improve Delivery Time

Delivery timings are crucial for branding your store.

Do you think a customer would return to your store if he gets his ordered goods weeks after placing the order?

Customers want quick delivery of their ordered items.

Thus, be cautious about the delivery timings.

According to a report of 2017, the average delivery days that buyers accept for receiving free shipping are 4 ½ days.

That’s not even a whole week!

Now you might be sweating and worrying about how you will deliver the goods ordered on AliExpress to your customer in less than a week.

Don’t worry! Many dropshippers believe that AliExpress is the only place to find suppliers.

However, there are many other alternatives of AliExpress from where you can outsource products for your dropshipping store and deliver it quickly to your customers.

10. Branded Packaging 

The last tip on this list is to provide branded packaging to your customers.

Suppliers from AliExpress and other platforms do not make much effort for packaging the goods.

They package all the goods in an old-fashioned and generic way and ship them to the customers.

If you want your customers to think of your store as different from the rest, pay extra attention to the packaging of goods.

Contact your suppliers and ask them about the different packaging options available or if they can add your business’s logo, name, and slogan to it. 

Getting your products labeled is a sure-fire way to establish your brand’s identity in the market and lure people into revisiting your store.

Branding Your Dropshipping Store In A Nutshell

There you have it!

All the practical tips to help you brand your dropshipping store like a pro. We sincerely hope that this article enlightened you with easy tips and tricks to brand your dropshipping store, enabling you to claim supremacy in the market and outshine your rivals.

Learn additional strategies and valuable insights on upsells & cross-sells, key components to better manage and scale your business.

If you have any questions related to this article or any suggestions about branding a dropshipping, let us know by commenting below.

We look forward to hearing from you.