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Exploring Narvar Tracking. Is It Enough When Choosing Tracking Software?

In recent years, customers are getting more into the convenience of tracking their orders and knowing all parts of the delivery process in real-time. 

Today, we will discuss Narvar tracking and dig deeper into questions regarding the pros and cons of this tracking software. We will also dive a bit deeper into the accuracy of FedEx tracking, Narvar pricing, and the accuracy of USPS tracking.

Additionally, we will provide incredible solutions for branded tracking software that is not only precise but will also prove to be a trusted partner in accuracy and information for retailers and consumers interested in following their purchase journey.

Let’s get straight to the point and look into Narvar tracking and other tracking alternatives.

What Is Narvar Tracking?

Narvar is a post-purchase customer experience platform that allows retailers and consumers to engage in order tracking, proactive messaging, and convenient return experiences as they follow along the purchase journey from start to finish.

Narvar was designed for implementation with platforms like Shopify. Narvar tracking aims to simplify the delivery process for consumers by providing a tracking number that can be used to check Narvar tracking details at any time.

Here are some pros and cons you may find when using Narvar Tracking:


  • Customizable widgets like SMS messaging, milestone icons, calendar view, etc.)
  • Easy when using this particular tool
  • Narvar’s solution is scalable (Many people prefer Narvar tracking)


  • Could do better with customer support and contacting the team
  • Can be pricey when it comes to adding more functionality for medium or small businesses

In addition to Narvar, there are other great alternative tracking software variations you can use with a more advanced system. They may prove easier to implement and have lower costs. Let’s take a look at some of these alternatives below

What Is FedEx Tracking?

Like Narvar tracking, FedEx tracking also provides consumers and retailers with shipment updates they can access with just one click. FedEx tracking is a tool designed to achieve speed, simplicity, and convenience.

Each parcel is assigned a unique tracking number and barcode that are used to follow the delivery. The parcel is scanned every time it arrives or leaves a FedEx facility. This allows larger shipping companies to track their shipments via purchase order numbers and reference numbers.

The pros and cons of using FedEx tracking services:


  • One of their greatest strengths is a highly reliable tracking system
  • Enhanced parcel availability for different destinations around the world
  • FedEx tracking is typically available for all services


  •  May be delays in updating tracking information in real-time
  • Tracking system has faced sporadic issues and crashes in the past

How Accurate is FedEx Tracking?

 So, is FedEx tracking accurate?

When it comes to international delivery and shipments, FedEx might provide the wrong information. Many customers have expressed their negative opinion regarding the estimated times of delivery communicated by FedEx.

Of course, many companies, especially bigger ones such as FedEx, can go wrong regarding the accuracy of their information because they are shipping over broad distances. Pushbacks are always possible.

In this situation, you need a customized post-purchase app that follows all of your purchases and does so with precision.

If you need a more precise tracking process, you need to stick with an app that is 100% optimized for this purpose. One offers a fully customizable and branded tracking page that provides real-time tracking updates of all shipments and order information.

So to answer the questions asked by many: “How accurate is FedEx tracking?”  or “Is FedEx tracking accurate enough?”  Finding the answers to these questions is not an easy task. Some are satisfied with the service provided by FedEx, while others complain of delayed deliveries and the lack of shared information, which proves to be a huge disadvantage.

What Is USPS Tracking?

USPS tracking offers a way to track packages to make sure they reach their intended destinations. The US Postal Service can provide consumers and retailers with the date, time, and zip code of when an item was delivered, providing you with more peace of mind.

USPS Plus tracking extends your access to the tracking history and order status of all parcels on It provides tracking history for an additional six months or up to ten years for a small fee. So, you can always have access to shipping and delivery information when you need it.

Here are the pros and cons of using USPS tracking services:


  • Extended length of time, you can access the tracking history of domestic packages
  • When shipped with Priority Mail Express, you will find point-by-point tracking details


  •  Tracking information updates may be delayed if the courier doesn’t scan the parcel
  • Sometimes parcels are sent to the wrong facility, causing another delay in updating tracking information

Is USPS Tracking Accurate?

The same concern many have with FedEx and Narvar tracking accuracy are shared with those using USPS tracking. They want to know just how accurate this tracking service really is.

People complain that USPS tracking is not updated the way it should be, and there are multiple problems with it. According to surveys and the public’s general opinion, the USPS tracking system is accurate. The projection given about the package arrival date is accurate.

However, the system can’t account for mishaps during the delivery process, like adverse weather conditions or a blocked mailbox that can ultimately delay a delivery.

What Is UPS Tracking?

UPS tracking utilizes an online system that allows retailers and consumers alike the opportunity to track the delivery status of a shipment. All the tracking information can be easily accessed with a tracking number, import tracking number, reference number, or email address.

Here are the pros and cons of UPS tracking:


  • Provides insight on tracking from the start to finish of its journey
  • With enhanced tracking options, you have access to updated information
  • Offers comprehensive tracking services


  •  Many outages have been reported over the years

UPS Tracking Isn’t Updating

Back in 2017, people experienced problems with the UPS tracking system failing to update. Since then, however, many people have claimed that UPS tracking is very accurate. They scan the shipment barcode at each new location. However, in some cases, the tracking information may not be updated in real-time due to a driver delay in scanning the barcode.

Check the tracking number thoroughly and wait for another 24 hours. If you still have no information about the delivery after that time, there might be a problem with the tracking software the company is using. At this point, you will want to contact the courier company for more information.

All consumers deserve to use a smart notification system that will allow tracking of their purchases at all times. A system that is easy to set up and engages consumers post-purchase with the integration of leading communication channels.

Use the Most Versatile Shipment Software Available

Choosing the right tracking software requires a lot of testing and trial and error before you come across the right one for your needs. As you can see, Narvar tracking isn’t the only tracking method available to you.  In addition to the alternative methods we have already discussed, we have to detail one more.

We are here to present the one trusted by more than 1000 Shopify stores and has helped hundreds of clients track their deliveries and receive optimal notifications on all purchases.

Try Rush

With Rush, you can be assured of outstanding results. Consumers will have access to accurate and updated information regarding orders, delivery dates, and post-purchase notifications.

You can transform your tracking page into a sales machine. Did you know that satisfied customers are likely to spend 33% more after receiving quality service and excellent customer support?

Rush helps increase revenue, boost repeat purchases, improve overall profits, and significantly improve retention.

Here are some remarkable benefits you will find when using the Rush platform:

  • Up to 72% reduction in tracking enquires
  • Up to 58% Email notification open rate
  • Up to 22% Email notification CTR
  • 7x ROI From all delivery notifications

With Rush, you will have multi-tracking options available to you. Consumers can enter their order number, email address, or phone number to track their orders and receive updates.

Final Thoughts

If you are using, or have used, another variant like Narvar tracking, you might want to try out a brand new software that provides you with more versatile features for your Shopify store.

Narvar tracking provides a good amount of functionality. But as your business grows, you need even more functions. In this situation, Rush is a great substitute because it provides a lot of features that can revolutionize your online business.

With Rush, you get custom CSV reports, blacklist locations, Email/SMS notifications, localization, and so much more.

Furthermore, with the support of over 400 shipping carriers, we think Rush is the ideal choice for you and your business.

Boost your business and take it to a whole new level — Rush provides opportunities and features that don’t compare to other tracking service offerings. You can boost customer loyalty and have access to real time analytics you can use to improve the overall customer experience.

Start free or request your demo — get ready to witness the greatness of Rush as a tracking software solution for your growing business."