Exploring Narvar Tracking. Is it enough when choosing tracking software?

Exploring Narvar Tracking. Is it enough when choosing tracking software?

March 9, 2021

In recent years customers are getting more into the convenience of tracking their orders and knowing all parts of the process in real-time. 

As you can guess from our headline, we are going to discuss Narvar tracking in the article and will dig deeper into questions about its pros and cons, is FedEx tracking accurate, Narvar pricing, USPS tracking accuracy, is USPS tracking accurate and how accurate is FedEx tracking.

Also, we are going to give some incredible solutions for branded tracking software that is not only precise but will be a trusted partner of accuracy and information along all of your purchases and deliveries.

Let’s get straight to the point and dissolve Narvar tracking. 

What is Narvar Shipping? ( Narvar Tracking)

Narvar for sure is one of the common choices to help both retailers and customers set a tracking software that will tell at what point of the journey their purchase is.

Not only that, Narvar is made to be implemented with platforms like Shopify and “simplify” the delivery process of consumers.

After all, what is Narvar shipping and tracking feel like?

It is a simple post-purchase process that will give your Narvar tracking number and you can check the details about your delivery at any time.

Of course, any tracking software might fall short at some point, and here are some pros and cons that will save you time researching the service.


  • Customizable widgets like SMS messaging, milestone icons, calendar view, etc.)
  • Easy when using this particular tool
  • Narvar’s solution is scalable (Narvar tracking is preferred by many people)


  • Could do better with customer support and contacting the team
  • Can be pricy when it comes to adding more functionality to medium or small businesses

You get the idea about Narvar shipping and you should know that there are great alternative tracking software variations that you can use with a more advanced system, easier to implement, and for lower costs, too.

How accurate is FedEx tracking?

 A lot of people want to know the answer to the following question: “Is FedEx tracking accurate?”

When it comes to international delivery and shipments, FedEx might give the wrong information. Many customers are expressing their negative opinion on the situations of “estimated times of delivery”.

Of course, many companies, especially bigger ones such as FedEx can go wrong with the accuracy of their information because they are shipping in broad distances, and pushbacks are possible.

In this situation, what you need is a customized post-purchase app that is following all of your purchases and does that only in full precision.

The verdict is that if you need a more precise tracking process, you need to stick with an app that is 100% optimized for this purpose.

So to answer the questions asked by many: “How accurate is FedEx tracking?”  or “Is FedEx tracking accurate enough?”  is not an easy task. Some people are satisfied with the FedEx service and others are complaining of delayed deliveries and getting no information at all, which is a huge disadvantage.

Is USPS tracking accurate?

The same concern is with USPS tracking accuracy. Likewise Narvar tracking, people do want to know how accurate it is.

People complain that the tracking is not updated the way it should be and there are multiple problems with it.

Of course, in most situations the USPS tracking accuracy is okay and people have precise information about the deliveries.

As we mentioned above, the problem with bigger companies is that they have tens of thousands and even more packages going from one point to another and sometimes there might be problems in the system.

UPS tracking isn’t updating

Even some years ago, people have seen some problems with UPS tracking not updating in 2017. For some reason, there might be a problem with the tracking software or sometimes the courier hasn’t picked the items yet.

Check the tracking number thoroughly and wait for another 24 hours.

 If you still have no information about the delivery after that period, there might be a problem with the tracking software of the company and you can call the courier company to see what is going on.

All consumers deserve to use a smart notification system that will allow tracking of all purchases at all times.

How to ship FedEx using someone else’s account number?

When you are using the services of FedEx you can ship your products using a third-party account.

You just need to add their FedEx account number and all duties and fees will go straight to them.

Just get the number and enter it, that’s the philosophy on how to ship FedEx using someone else’s account number. It is simple as that.

We already talked about Narvar shipping, how accurate is FedEx tracking, and problems such as UPS tracking isn’t updating, so what is the solution for having a reliable tracking mechanism that will show you accurate information at all times in the process of delivery?

Use the most versatile shipment software out there

Phew, choosing the right tracking software might be a lot of testing and a long road before getting the one for your needs. Narvar tracking is not the only solution for you. 

We are here to present the one that is trusted by more than 1000 Shopify stores and helps hundreds of clients to track their delivery and get optimal notifications on purchases.

With Rush you can reach outstanding results and your clients will have accurate information about their order, delivery dates, and post-purchase notifications.

Rush Narvar Tracking

You can transform your tracking page into a sales machine because satisfied customers are likely to spend 33% more after getting quality service and customer support.

Rush helps in increasing revenue, repeat purchases, overall profits, and boost retention.

Here are some remarkable benefits you are getting from using the platform:

  • Up to 72% reduction in tracking enquires
  • Up to 58% Email notification open rate
  • Up to 22% Email notification CTR
  • 7x ROI From all delivery notifications

Final Thoughts

Of course, that’s not all.

If you are using, or have used, another variant like Narvar tracking, you might want to try out a brand new software that gives versatile features for your Shopify store.

With Rush, you get custom CSV reports, blacklist locations, Email/SMS notifications, localization so much more.

With the support of over 400 shipping carriers, we do think Rush might be the ideal choice for you and your business.

Boost your business and take it to a whole new level — Rush gives opportunities like no other tracking software before.

Start free or request your demo — get ready to witness “greatness” as a tracking software solution.

Georgi Kondev is a copywriter and SEO specialist @ Rush — the most versatile Shopify Shipment Software. He is passionate about delivering outstanding copy and bringing real results to the table.

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