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Shopify CBD — What You Can Sell. Brand Recommendation For 2023

The Shopify CBD niche is getting stiffer and stiffer and that’s because, in the last couple of years, science and medicine are both revealing to the world the health benefits of using CBD as a cure.

In 2023 we are witnessing the true growth and potential of many CBD Shopify brands and you see in real-time that it is possible to run a business in the niche of selling CBD on Shopify successfully.

In this article about Shopify and CBD we are going to dive deep into the regulations you must follow to sell, we are going to point out what you need to do and can you sell CBD on Shopify.

As a merchant, you need a simple list of terms and steps to keep and follow such as:

  • Shopify CBD policy
  • Have a working CBD merchant account Shopify
  • Create and use a CBD payment processor Shopify

Get ready. This article will clear out all questions, starting from “Can I sell CBD on Shopify?” to more complex ones that are exposing how the process works and ways to set you a successful CBD online store.

Knowledge is power so you have time to prevent some mistakes when starting your CBD shop.

Let’s start with the basic but most important one — the Shopify CBD policy.

How does the Shopify CBD policy work?

When we talk about CBD Shopify we need to get some things straight. Reading the terms of Shopify and striving to create the best CBD merchant account is pivotal to success in that niche.

To put it in a simple sentence, you need to make sure your products are only CBD-related and no psychotropic elements are present in them. We will break down what that means below.

Shopify and CBD can go a long way together in selling first-class Shopify CBD oil according to the Shopify CBD policy.

Any more products that include THC and can get the consumer the “high” effect is not allowed. As you can guess this goes into another direction about products that are illegal in many states and countries.

For example, in Shopify marijuana is not allowed for selling. Under no circumstances you can open your online store and provide Shopify cannabis. It’s that simple.

To sum it up:

“Can you sell CBD on Shopify?”

Yes, you can, and depending on the percentage available in your CBD oil Shopify will not have any problems with your shop and you can freely create and update your Shopify CBD merchant account.

Dive deep into your niche and win your audience

First of all, getting the most common CBD questions answered for you and your clients is the right path to start with.

You can’t sell a product and work with your providers without understanding it to its deep center.

Answering simple questions and pointing out information about what CBD stands for (cannabidiol), what’s the percentage in your products, and that your Shopify CBD oil is not Shopify marijuana can give a big boost to the authority of your store.

Here are some pivotal steps to make before setting up your CBD Shopify store.

  • Include only trusted sources of information about CBD in your shop
  • Expose facts why CBD helps people deal with both physical and emotional pain, how it reduces cramps blood pressure and other symptoms
  • Make sure that people get you are selling CBD oil Shopify, not Shopify cannabis
  • CBD is not the same thing as Shopify marijuana or “medical marijuana”
  • There are medical regulations across the world, know your products and simplify it for customers to know where they can be shipped

Of course, there are plenty more pivotal terms and regulations for CBD oil Shopify selling but starting with the basics is what is going to build a strong foundation before launching your store.

To sum all things up, selling cannabis Shopify strategies won’t work. Selling drugs is illegal, people. Period.

Create an outstanding customer support

People are often concerned about their health and the overall benefits of CBD oil. Make sure you give the information to them.

Consumers in many niches are insecure when buying products that will affect their health. Make sure you not only provide first-class CBD oil but give the proper information with every category and product description.

When it comes to CBD, it is not a one-time buy for most people. Some of them do have chronic pain and chronic diseases, so using CBD regularly might help them in the long run.

Think of building trust in your clients and it is also a way of attracting new ones.

Build the best CBD merchant account, set up your store, and follow the Shopify CBD policy.

Alongside that make sure you go the extra mile and provide promotions, discount vouchers, tracking software solutions, a full list with information about purchases, and more.

This will lead to more sales, trust from customers and higher reviews, and multiplying clients.

Knowing all the health benefits of CBD products allows you to take high responsibility for selling these kinds of products.

Wear it like a badge of honor and provide the best Shopify CBD oil.

Build your CBD Shopify brand

As we mentioned in our first paragraph earlier, there are incredible brands for CBD products that provide 100% quality products and impeccable customer service.

As a starting merchant in the niche, you need to get your priorities straight and follow them.

 That has to include quality of products, information about the Shopify CBD oil, and have a Shopify CBD merchant account that is responsive and offers a lot of value. 

This may include custom tracking reports, factual data, and eco-friendly products.

What makes your product so unique and valuable? Are you offering something more to the customers so they will choose your brand over others?

Let’s find out. Here is a list of key points that are “a must” when you establish your brand and want to take it further in the online shopping race.

  • Do not portray a product, portray a “cause” — people would be keener on buying products that are having a positive impact on society. Think about the health benefits, how your CBD oil helps people and relieves their pain. Implement it in your marketing strategy and you can “climb mountains” in online shopping with Shopify.
  • Put “health” above everything else — make sure your products are the reason someone feels “great” today. With the many benefits and effects of CBD on humans, you need to provide 100% quality oil.
  • Include discount vouchers and promotions — it might be a good old marketing method but it speaks volumes. When people are engaged with your brand and your marketing campaign they would love to receive something more with the purchase.
  • Provide a branded tracking page —options like customizable software for tracking and additional apps can build more trust and reduce the anxiety of waiting for the delivery in customers. Make sure you play your cards right.

Your CBD Shopify store needs to have authority, medical certificates, and even awards for providing fine quality products.

Remember how important it is for customers and with CBD products you have an impact on a human’s life.

The question isn’t any more “Can you sell CBD on Shopify?” but instead “How do you sell CBD on the platform?” and how are you making their life more vital, easier, and fulfilled.

When you have the CBD merchant account Shopify ready and your products listed, you can start and make profits from your business venture. 

Follow the Shopify CBD policy and reap the benefits of your labor.

One thing about Shopify Payments and CBD

Here comes one unpleasant part to read or hear when launching your Shopify CBD merchant account.

Shopify Payments is not available for hemp or CBD products.  You will have to find a third-party payment gateway so all processing gets done correctly.

So what’s a CBD payment processor Shopify that you can use? Even PayPal and Stripe can block payments for such products, so you need to do your research on which are the ideal and the payment will go without any problems.

See all Shopify Payments listed here so you can seek further information and choose the most proper that will allow the payment processing of CBD products.

There are additional elements that can boost the payment process and post-purchase experience. 

Combining it with on-time email/SMS notifications on delivery, easier payment methods can increase revenue and conversions. 

After we learned more facts and regulations about Shopify cannabis, how to make sure CBD payment processor Shopify works seamlessly, terms to follow in the Shopify CBD policy, and methods to build a brand and create the best CBD merchant account, now it is time to give you examples of remarkable CBD online stores.

5 Notable CBD Shopify Stores

Here are some of the top brands on Shopify that use CBD in their products and as you will see below, they are thriving at what they do.

Sagely is one of the top brands that is providing 100% quality body care and natural lotions, roll-ons, and creams.

They are sticking to the roots and are not using any parabens, artificial colors, and ingredients. The company is plant-based and is trusted by many people when it comes to CBD products.

Combining manuka honey and CBD turned out to be an outstanding combination. The team of Cannuka produces natural soup, body creams, eye balms, and more products from CBD.

They are sticking to natural ingredients and are trying to improve the overall quality of every next product made with proven combinations that are doing only good to the body, mind, and soul of people.

From their famous body bar to their new lip balms, you can choose among an incredible range of products made out of honey and CBD oil. It is unreal.

Goodleaf is offering various products like CBD drops, CBD sachets, CBD skincare, and vapes. With these products, the brand stands out from the competition and makes it look easy but is constantly trying to improve the products.

With Goodleaf you can see how the professionals are doing it and start your own CBD journey as a merchant.

Heavens Please is a brand selling CBD that is combined with tea and more products to bring peace and tranquility that every person deserves.

 Of course, they are a popular worldwide brand and their products are available worldwide. Take a look at their website, they are another example of a successful CBD brand that does it right.

Be You is a brand that offers CBD drops, sprays, muscle balms, bath bombs with CBD, bath salts, and much more products that include CBD.

They are all about being vegan-friendly, having no THC in any product and the goods are paraben-free.

Be You is another great example of a CBD Shopify store that is on the right path and makes sure everything is regulated so the customers receive quality products.

As you can see these five brands are just a small part of the whole puzzle but they can be a great example of how to launch an online store.

Also, you can see how they are presenting their products and are constantly finding new opportunities in the niche to stay relevant and offer more value.

If you put your will and mind to it, you can create the best CBD merchant account and start from there.

To wrap the topic about having a CBD Shopify Store

We think you got the idea about CBD and Shopify and how you can grow your impact by selling quality products to people.

Not only CBD is a big trend in the last few years but in 2023 and in the future its impact is only going to get bigger and bigger.

People are using platforms such as Shopify to sell because it is accessible and you can start the business from scratch. Imagine if you have an additional tracking app to boost post-purchase experience? That would be incredible. 

Of course, CBD is a niche in which you need more knowledge on what you are selling and how your products are compatible with all medical regulations needed in certain areas.

Making sure you provide healthy and safe CBD products to your clients is step number one in the journey of having a CBD Shopify store.

After that, you need to make sure that you are having a proper marketing strategy, brand development, and resources to advertise your CBD products.

Let’s not forget to mention that this niche is competitive, we are repeating it here a couple of times in this article but it is necessary.

Many great brands are making outstanding revenues every year from selling first-class CBD products.

If you are now starting in the niche, you will have to be patient but persistent as well. Think of products you can blend, strategies you can follow, and put a piece of yourself in the process — that’s that way to invent something unique.

Yes, we are not going to lie. There are obstacles, especially selling CBD products. Some people are scared to purchase those types of products online.

You have to work on building a brand that is recognizable and people would trust before hitting the “Add to Cart” button.

Make sure you provide products that can’t do any harm to people. Make sure you follow strict regulations and receive CBD ingredients only from trusted sources.

Also, in some countries, Shopify Payments will not be on your side as there would be problems with the payment processing.

Be the one to clear everything about the payments and use third-party partners that are going to make all of this seamless to the clients and possible as well.

When you take control of your Shopify store and put your energy behind your overall marketing strategy, there isn’t a single way things not to work out for you.

CBD and hemp products are the gold mine for many. Of course, in these changing times, nothing is certain and the market can get to a peak, so take a ride the wave now and reap the benefits of offering first-class hemp products on Shopify.