Why Last-Mile Carrier Tracking is Important in 2021?

Why Last-Mile Carrier Tracking is Important in 2021?

March 24, 2021

Nowadays one of the key elements of a well-executed online service is speed and accuracy in delivering products from the last mile carrier.  

Speed is one of the pivotal factors when it comes to shipping and more than 50% of active online customers are relying on companies to deliver their goods as soon as possible.

In these cases, speed differentiates top-notch carrier shipping companies and they are preferred by many customers.

Speed is essential but there are other elements like last mile tracking that give details during the delivery.

Almost all clients expect to get last mile delivery tracking information, additional carrier shipping details or to get notified if their order is in transit to carrier.

To answer the demands of clients, companies are starting to implement shipment software that gives updates on time.

The final mile tracking process is showing improvements with technology and customers are raising their expectations. That is pretty understandable.

In the current article, we are about to explain what last mile tracking is, how exactly last mile carrier tracking works,  how to follow the status of orders with your last mile delivery tracking number, and what is the difference between courier and carrier.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

When we talk about final mile tracking, we should put it into two categories:

  1.  Last mile tracking for clients — gives on-time information to customers about their delivery and orders.
  2.  Last mile tracking for carriers — provides important delivery logistics to carriers and helps them focus better on clients.

What about the Last Mile Carrier?

Threads on Reddit do show that people want to learn more about last mile carriers:

last mile carrier - thread reddit

The whole idea of the last mile carrier is to transport orders from the hub to its final destination.

This includes better strategies to cut costs from the delivery and still provide first-class delivery for the customer.

As you know the most famous companies worldwide like FedEx, DHL, UPS among others, can serve the role as the last mile carrier in some countries but in smaller ones, the deliveries are often executed by local carriers.

In Europe, there are smaller companies that are taking the role of last mile carriers.

A lot of people use for example the Bulgaria postal tracking service in the country or the Denmark postal tracking among others because they are trusted sources and get the job fine.

Last Mile Carrier tracking benefits for merchants

Here are some pivotal points that have a positive impact on merchants:

  • Decreased numbers of calls going to customer support as they can directly call the carrier.
  • Feelings of security when customers see and recognize a local carrier. This also builds trust in the merchant himself.
  • More information available for customers to call and reschedule delivery.
  • Overall increasing happiness score and attitude towards the merchant, which will lead to more purchases and positive reviews.

Last Mile Carrier benefits for customers

The cycle would not be full without the overall satisfaction of the clients, so here are essential points that are beneficial to people:

  • Familiarity with local carriers, knowing how to connect to them
  • Higher chances of receiving the shipment on the proper delivery dates
  • If there are any delays or issues with the package, they know who to call to resolve any problem or misunderstanding

What does carrier mean?

We can sum the answers in a simple sentence.

A carrier is a person or a specific company that has the rights to hold items and goods and send them for delivery to the final destination.

When an order is in transit to carrier, this means it has already been sent from the merchant and is in transit to the company that will make sure you get your goods delivered.

Said understandably, carrier shipping is the process of transporting items to a destination from which customers can get them.  That’s about it.

Courier vs carrier: pointing out the differences

Again, we are here to point out some essential differences that you should see when picking up the right service for your needs.

If you have a smaller shipment, then go with a courier service.

When a larger shipment is taking place, you should consider choosing a carrier company that will do the job.

People are always putting labels like courier vs carrier and how one is better than the other but in this case, it is all about setting goals and preference.

If you are a merchant and need to send something locally, you can choose a courier service.

If your business is on another continent and you claim to ship your products worldwide, then you should get your business straight with a trusted carrier representative.

As far as carrier shipping is concerned, we did mention earlier in the article some of the best companies you can choose from.

What does “Arrived” at hub mean?

The phrase what does arrived at hub mean is commonly asked by many people.

The process is the following one: that’s the time when a package will arrive at a facility and be prepared for transit to carrier.

Last Mile tracking for customers

When we talk about last mile delivery tracking, we have to mention that clients are the ones who do their research on companies, rank through reviews, and look to find the most appropriate option before purchasing.

Online merchants are the ones who need to focus on building long-lasting relationships only with trusted companies that are going to deliver orders fast and for low-cost prices.

The following elements are some of the pivotal ones customers are looking forward to when purchasing and expecting their order to come from a particular carrier:

  1.  Opportunities to talk to the driver
  2.  Using a branded tracking page to track the driver
  3.  Driver ETA
  4.  Rating the overall experience after getting their delivery

The last mile delivery tracking software can be a trusted partner to customers and get them a ton of answers about delays and other difficulties.

Receive SMS notifications for all of your deliveries

With Rush, you get the opportunity to receive SMS notifications in real-time on updates about your delivery.

Get a fully customizable tracking page for your brand

Customers are anxious when a delivery is on its way so they are checking everything from carrier shipping to last mile delivery tracking number a couple of times a day.

Why not provide them with custom-made software that gives all pivotal information fast and easy?

You can get details, for example, that your driver is arriving soon UPS and additional notifications about the one stop mailing tracking while the items are on their way. Isn’t this perfect?

Of course, customers need to know what is happening with the order at all times.

Get notified about carrier delays

When there is a problem with carrier shipping and your items, you, as a customer, have the right to get notified of what is going on with your purchase.

If your UPS driver is arriving soon then it’s all good news.

But when there is a problem and your items should be delayed a couple of hours, even days, then you should know immediately what the situation is with your goods. 

Well, enough about problems, let’s point out what are the benefits for both merchants and customers.

Last Mile Tracking for Carriers

Last mile delivery tracking for carriers is the other side of the same coin. Of course, here we are going to talk about the pros that carriers should have during the process.

Making sure that you provide your customers real-time carrier shipping information and let them freely type in the last mile delivery tracking number to find crucial information is what you should focus on.

Increasing revenue and boosting retention

Depending on purchasing behavior of your customers you can add more upsells and cross-sells to increase your revenue.

The tracking page can turn into a strong sales machine if you do your segmentation the proper way.

Give proof of delivery and collection reviews

Drivers can use the last mile carrier tracking software to update the status of the purchase, send images to assure the clients their delivery is on its way.

When it comes to satisfaction of carrier service, the product itself, and additional benefits, the customer has the right to review the purchasing experience.

Allowing this to happen with e-mail and SMS notifications sent at the right time is an amazing way to boost your revenue, conversions, and brand awareness.

Using such a smart email/SMS notification system will allow you to grow as a brand in every way possible.

Know when to set the review notifications, not too early and not too late, and you can gather the fruits of your labor efficiently.

Final thoughts on Last Mile Carrier tracking

Having the tools to explore the benefits of the last mile carrier tracking software is a necessity in today’s world.

It is a time in which online shopping has taken a big part of the market and people are expecting deliveries from all over the world each second.

Carrier companies are trying to improve their service by giving accurate information about expected dates on deliveries but it happens to lose track of many items during the road.

That’s why last mile carrier software is pivotal for both carriers and customers.

When you have a technological partner to assure you your package is coming soon the whole situation can change.

After we talked about the essence of last mile tracking, answered questions like what does “arrived” at hub mean, and showed the difference on courier vs carrier, you can be certain that having tracking software can only do good.

Last mile tracking is here to give not only visibility to everyone but guide the whole delivery experience the way it should be.

When it comes to never-ending benefits from tracking software, make sure you try Rush. 

Request your demo and get all of your orders on track.

Georgi Kondev is a copywriter and SEO specialist @ Rush — the most versatile Shopify Shipment Software. He is passionate about delivering outstanding copy and bringing real results to the table.

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