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Shopify Plus Pricing — The Path To Scale “Big”

When it comes to monthly costs, merchants do want to get along with all regulations and make a list of benefits why upgrading to a paid Shopify plan is necessary.

Yes, we are talking about Shopify Plus pricing and the benefits of using it. 

Numerous merchants are posting on Reddit and want to find answers about “upgrading” to Shopify Plus:

In the current article, we are going to explain how Shopify Plus pricing works.

We will explore the valuable points of subscribing, Shopify payment processing, upgrading your Shopify merchant account, Stripe vs Shopify Payments, Shopify credit card processing, and other  Shopify Payments Stripe details that are crucial.

Of course, we are going to stick down to the basics as a start and present all you need to know about the Shopify Plus platform fee, cost Plus credit card fees, maintenance, and app fees.

Shopify Plus Pricing (platform fee)

As you can see on Shopify Plus the entry point of using the platform is $2000 per month.

As some of you might guess, the Shopify Plus pricing model is built on the simple principle that when you make more sales, you are going to need more support and server resources, respectively.

Yes, the minimum fee is $2000 but you can expect more from the platform. As the majority of Shopify merchants fall in the category, that price is constant until you make $800,000 per month.

After that and making higher revenue you are going to pay 0.25% of your monthly revenue.

These are the terms of Shopify, and if you want to get a clear vision of how much you will pay monthly if you make $1 million in sales, then the equation will be this:

                             $1 million in sales = $2500 Shopify Plus platform fee

More information about Shopify Plus Pricing and Shopify payment processing you can find here.

Cost Plus Credit Card Fees

We have to mention that the cost can vary by the country you are in and there is a 0.15% cost extra for the ones who are not using Shopify_Payments.

In this case, the whole Stripe vs Shopify is not necessary when it comes to preference because Shopify Payments is backed by Stripe.

If you are a Shopify Payments user then you do not need to have a merchant account or payment gateway, Shopify will take care of it for you in this situation.

When it comes to your Shopify Plus Pricing plan, here is what you need to pay with every next Shopify credit card processing.

With Shopify Payments, when used in the USA, what you will pay is 2.15%+$0.30 for every transaction on Visa or Mastercard. 

The AMEX plan it fee is 1% and for international cards.

If you have a good merchant history on Shopify you might be able to negotiate these fees to go down but that depends. Factors like your history and sales volume are pivotal in the situation.

If you do not use Shopify_Payments, then you have to pay an additional 0.15% more on whatever Shopify credit card processing fees are.

Many Shopify merchants are using a third-party payment gateway. Make sure you learn more about Stripe Enterprise pricing, as it may offer some top-notch deals for you.

Shopify is integrated with more than seventy gateways and counting so you may see the different credit card rates on the following page.

Let’s not forget that Shopify Payments is still unavailable in some countries around the world.

Last but not least, of course, we should mention that there are niches that merchants are trying to exceed in Shopify such as selling products that include marijuana chemicals, CBD oils, and more.

For these types of products, there are additional regulations and merchants should see how they can use external payment providers.

It might be easier to receive accurate tracking info than being able to get cut costs and use Shopify Payments straight out the gate for some products that you offer in Shopify.

App Fees

The prices may vary when it comes to getting everything in control with using Shopify Payments and arranging your Shopify merchant account.

This may include adding subscriptions, many third-party apps including branded tracking software, promotional codes, etc.

We can’t say the exact prices for apps because it varies to your needs every month and how well you combine multiple apps in your shop.

Some merchants pay less than a hundred bucks a month and others are spending even more. This is simply affected by their usage of various tools and apps.

For those who are using Shopify Plus, there might be fewer fees on installing additional apps because they simply get some more by subscribing to the Plus plan.

Fees for Maintenance

Fees may vary when it comes to maintenance, too.

Of course, merchants should not be worried about server maintenance, upgrades, and get the latest updates on the shop.

There might be store credit Shopify fees that are necessary for some occasions but you can be sure that all of your information is in good hands.

Questions like “How does Shopify pay you?” picking up between Shopify Payments vs Stripe are unnecessary because as we mentioned earlier, Shopify Payments is well-optimized and works with Stripe.

Until 2017 it was possible to negotiate a bit on the prices of some fees but since then all merchants do start at the same prices.

If you are already working with Shopify Payments and have full control over your business, fees, and Shopify payment processing, you can think of adding more features that are going to be helpful not only to you but your clients.

For example, adding delivery notifications to your shop exceeds the authority and usability of your shop, and customers will be able to spend more.

As they notice how well the online shop is optimized and you care about the “whole shopping experience” they can be easily converted into loyal customers.

To summarize

We hope the information we gave you about Shopify Plus pricing and why it is an incredible opportunity for online merchants will answer a lot of questions you have about it.

If you think that paying $2000 per month is a lot, then you are not seeing the bigger picture. Let’s say you scale up your business so high that the price is no problem for your budget at all.

Then, why not try the full potential of Shopify?

That’s what we are thinking. Every opportunity should be grasped when it is the proper time for that or you might miss something along the road.

Shopify Plus is a great opportunity for those who want to go further and take their business to a whole new level.

Questions like: “How much can you make on Shopify?” has been answered a long time ago.

The answer is: “You can reach millions in sales, that’s why you will need the help of Shopify Plus when you do so.”

Adding up some additional apps and delivery tracking solutions will skyrocket your business and multiply your revenue by a lot.

Real-time tracking increases customer happiness by giving them instant access to the location of their order. Customization options in apps improve the user's experience with your business by encouraging additional purchases and making the user feel valued.

Plus, a simple and fulfilling user experience guarantees repeat business and possibly even word-of-mouth recommendations through fostering client loyalty.

It’s up to you to develop your potential and show what skills you have in the Shopify business race.

See the bigger picture, explore Shopify Plus pricing, and thrive while multiplying your sales.