Ecommerce | Updated June 3, 2023  

Top 5 Trust Seal Shopify Apps To Try Now

When it comes to purchasing online and turning more customers into life-long ones, trust is the key element people need to build with you and your products.

If there are any misunderstandings, lack of trust, not knowing the authority of the merchant, clients are keener to abandon their carts at the last steps of their shopping according to studies.

Building trust and bonding with your audience clients on a deeper level where they can be sure of both quality and quantity when they purchase from you are crucial for brand development and more sales.

What could the solution be?

The answer here and the topic of the current article is “trust seal Shopify apps”.

We are going to dive in and explore Shopify trust badges, how to place a Shopify trust badge, what kind of trust seals for Shopify are there, how to add trust badges to Shopify in the easiest way possible, and have a Shopify secure checkout for your clients.

Also, we will not stop here but share our top 5 trust seal Shopify apps that are thriving in 2023 and can help you manage your Shopify store.

Types of Trust Seal Shopify Badges

First of all, many clients would not enter their card information before purchasing if they are not sure about the authenticity of your website.

Elements like SSL certificates, seamless shopping experience, design, shipment status, certifications, and reviews from other clients are pivotal when someone builds trust.

Of course, after that comes the trust seal Shopify badges which can raise confidence levels in people and make them purchase without hesitation.

Trust Badges Shopify and free trust badges are “pivotal”, as we said above.

There are different kinds of a “trust badge”. Some name them just “trust seal”, others use the more advanced term “Shopify security badge” but the main point of them is one — building trust which leads to more sales.

There are five main stages for a client before he decides to purchase from you:

  1. Landing on your homepage
  2. Browsing through products
  3. Selecting products and adding them to the shopping cart
  4. Decision for purchase
  5. Actual payment for the products

It seems like an easy 5-step process but it might take longer than expected.

It takes even longer and sometimes can lead to confusion if you haven’t optimized your store.

Having a safe checkout badge and adding more Shopify badges can increase the trust by a lot.

Trust badges for Shopify are an essential element in 2023 and customers are looking for proof that you are offering quality products through the shop.

Here are some different but “important” Shopify trust badges that you have to consider getting on your online store if you haven’t yet.

  • Accepted payment badges — this includes the well-known VISA, PayPal, and Mastercard and it is great when they are positioned in the product selection and checkout pages.
  • Third-party endorsement badges — for example, Shopify Google trusted store. This will add not only value but the credibility that can be added even to your landing page.
  • Free Shipping and Returns badges
  • Security trust seal badges — like Norton or McAfee for example.
  • SSL badges — certificates and badges of such kind are great to show that your website is encrypted.
  • Money-back guarantees badges — people would feel safe when you show the option for your product if everything goes wrong during the process.

What’s the main goal of such Shopify trust badges and free trust badges?

Having a Shopify trust seal guarantees for a Shopify secure checkout that will lead to fewer abandoned carts and more purchases in the long run.

Adding additional benefits to your shop and improving the shopping experience with precise delivery notifications, money-back guarantee options, and more Shopify badges you are paving your way of success and building efficient trust in people.

What about the most efficient trust seal Shopify apps?

We are going to present to you our choice of the top 5 ones that can lead to ultimate results with Shopify.

1. Ultimate Trust Badges

With more than 880 reviews from customers, Ultimate Trust Badges seems to be one of the most promising apps to do the job with Shopify trust badges.

It offers more than 100+ free trust badges that can be customized the way you want and look amazing in your store.

Price of Ultimate Trust Badges: FREE

Free Trial? Not Applicable


  • A wide range of free trust badges to choose from
  • Easy finding the Shopify secure badge you need
  • Trust Badges Shopify Customized Seamlessly

Additional features:

  • Colored or monochrome free trust badges
  • Add Shopify trust badges to products, checkout cart pages
  • Mobile-friendly

2. Trust Me – Free Trust Badges

Another great trust seal Shopify app is Trust Me.

The application is slowly but surely getting recognized more by customers as a great tool to build free trust badges and in 2023 it has more than 800 reviews.

The app helps you build customer trust, drive more sales and reduce bounce rate.

The three steps every merchant is looking to fix, right?

It is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and responsive for your Shopify store.

It also works with Oberlo, as the team of Trust Me claims.

With great options for free trust badges to choose from to manage the Shopify secure checkout for customers, you can add additional benefits such as branded tracking page and reduce abandoned carts completely.

3. Free Trust Badge

If you want to choose from a wide variety of free trust badges, then go with this one.

It is well-known to many merchants and has an astounding number of 1432 reviews on Shopify.

If that is not telling you how great it is, then we are not sure what will.

Increase the social proof with this “drag and drop” app and choose among three plans.


  • Free — up to 145 badges, badge size edits, customizing badge color, help center support.
  • Premium — all basic features plus easy drag and drop editor, more than 700+ badges available, custom CSS, 2 million page views per month.
  • Plus — Premium feature plus Concierge setup, priority support, and unlimited pageviews.

4. Trust Hero

With more than 1,500+ reviews on the Shopify store, Trust Hero is a “trusted” app by many for free trust badges.

If you need a trust badge, whether it is colored or monochrome, the app has it.

Trust Hero is everything a trust seal Shopify app should be.

Price: FREE

Free Trial? Not Applicable

Top Benefits:

  • Fully-customizable badges
  • Easy to work with
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Displaying badges on product pages

Preferred by many Shopify store owners, Trust Hero remains one of the most trusted apps for free trust badges.

It can be combined with other apps for Shopify such as shipment software to win the heart and trust of clients.

5. Free Trust Badge Master

Creating payment and free trust badges have never been easier.

Free Trust Badge Master is the choice of many merchants and its reputation is growing stronger.

It has more than 320+ reviews and it is developed by Hulk Apps.

When it comes to pricing, the app is completely FREE.

You can place your Shopify trust badges in multiple locations.

The icons are fully customizable and it saves time. The whole process takes minutes.

Conclusion on trust seal Shopify apps

These were our top 5 picks of trust seal Shopify apps that will help you build confidence in your clients.

Shopify badges are proven to speak a hundred words and having a Shopify security badge on the shop is essential.

Trust badges for Shopify provide a Shopify secure checkout that will last and customers will appreciate the effort.

A trusted shop has to provide quality products, enough information, a seamless shopping experience, and a “trust seal” for authenticity.

Additional benefits may include a smart email notification system, tracking, and SMS.

Without a Shopify trust badge, many merchants have to deal with a huge bounce rate, abandoned shopping carts, and clients that want social proof before buying.

With these trust seal Shopify apps, you can add the proper “trust seal” and dominate when it comes to providing a top-notch shopping experience.

Make sure clients leave nothing in the cart and boost conversions — trust seal Shopify apps are a huge stepping stone in achieving that.