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What Is Upsell App? Top 10 Picks To Choose From In 2023

There is stiff competition with selling more products online.

Nowadays online merchants are spending more money than ever on ads and creating a “successful” marketing campaign.

They often forget that they can create a tighter budget and reap benefits by selling more and attracting more customers.

Even some of the well-known marketing gurus say that spending a lot of money on advertising online is not a straightforward way and may have its downfalls if you do not know what you are doing.

We are talking about upsells and cross-sells. So, what is upsell app?

Let’s find out and show how you can automate the shopping process better and give a little “push” to customers to get familiar with other products and buy.

If you are a Shopify store owner you might have noticed that some of the best in the game are using upsell and cross-sell strategies to recommend Shopify related products.

Grand platforms for eCommerce such as Amazon do show how it is done.

They offer similar products, additional gear, or parts that can be used with the product you have bought.

We are going to expand the article with some of the finest Shopify upsell apps, which means that we will show you the so-called “value apps” that can help with implementing this strategy.

Let us get this straight — we do not think that there is an ultimate solution such as a “best upsell app for Shopify”, but there are apps that can surely be ahead of others depending on usability, features, and value.

There are many picks to choose from in the Shopify database and we made our picks. They will be featured later in the article.

But first, let’s start with giving a brief explanation of what is upsell app , cross-sell, and how you can choose your “best Shopify upsell app”.

What is Upsell App and what is Cross-sell?

Do not get too confused about it.

Let’s start with answering what is upsell app first, shall we?

A Shopify upsell happens in the post-purchase process. Merchants usually use smart-triggered notifications to present more products to buyers. 

Let’s say you were looking for simple razors and you end up buying the most proficient one offered in the shop. 

When the person is upgrading from buying the regular version of a product or service to a more advanced one, then you can call it “upsell”.

It also applies to services, meaning if you are using another platform or have a website with your services provided and the customer chooses one of the more advanced subscriptions than the “basic” one, then you get an upsell in the end.

The situation applies to products of all kinds, so as we are talking about Shopify related products, you can think of batteries, razors, charges, watches, memory cards, flash drives, storage, etc.

Now you get the idea about what is upsell.

Let’s proceed with cross-sells.

A Shopify cross-sell is available when the customer buys another product “in addition” to the first bought one.

For example, if you buy a new smartphone, you can choose among a series of cases, headphones, and tools.

They are called Shopify bundle products and there is a wide range you can choose from.

Related products Shopify is a technique to boost order since most additional products are cheaper, some are even “free” of charge.

That’s the starting information you need to know about what is upsell app and how it includes cross-selling in more situations.

Often, more upsell methods include cross-selling of Shopify recommended products.

Here are the upsell apps of our choice to install and try to generate more sales and combine Shopify recommended products that will be of use for customers.

1. Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell is considered by many to be the so-called “best upsell app for Shopify”.

In this article we will take our time to expand your knowledge about Shopify orders, upsells, cross sells, etc. 

The Bold Upsell app is trusted by more than 1000+ online merchants and offers a 14-day free trial to start and try.

After its free trial, you can choose among 4 packs according to your shop and demands.

  • Starter Pack — $9.99 per month (200 upsell views per month)
  • Plus — $19.99 per month (1000 upsell views per month)
  • Premium — $39.99 per month (2000 upsell views per month)
  • PRO — $59.99 per month (5000 views per month. More available on request.)

With Bold Upsell, you are getting many benefits to start your upsell strategies and offer product upgrades or complementary products.

Setting up is also easy, it would take just a few minutes and you are ready to go.

Bold Upsell provides a light and seamless shopping experience and you can adjust your upsell and cross-sell to make the perfect design.

Bold Upsell is one of the finest and most preferred “value apps” when it comes to upselling.

2. Rush

When it comes to being competitive and getting ahead, we are presenting a top choice that can increase AOV from 10-15%+ with post-purchase upsells.

Wow, this is a lot, you would say.

That’s right, Rush can help you to add upsells and cross-sells that are specifically adjusted to the behavior of your clients.

Here we are talking about “Lifetime Value” and Rush can give you not only a seamless experience with the app but many benefit points such as:

  • Growing revenue
  • Increase in returning customers
  • Increase profits and boost order retention
  • Turning your tracking page into a true “sales machine”


  • Free — Free to install, which includes 50 shipments per month, 7 days sync free, Branded tracking page, Email & SMS notifications, Upsells & cross-sells, Revenue dashboard
  • Lite ($15 per month)— 200 shipments per month, All Free features plus an Omnisend Integration
  • Starter ($29 per month) — Everything in Lite +, 400 Shipments,  3-5x average ROI, Smart email notifications, Upsell products in emails, CSV export, OmniSend integration, and more features coming soon.
  • Growth ($79 per month) — 1200 Shipments, Everything in Starter +, 5-7x average ROI, Custom merchant’s note, Multilingual tracking page, Smart delivery estimate.
  • Powerhouse ($199 monthly) — 5000 Shipments, Everything in Growth +, 10-15x average ROI, Lowest cost per shipment, Klaviyo integration, Slack integration, Custom reports,  DFY email flows.

Wow, those were lots of features around upsells and cross-sells. But if you are looking for some of the top features for Shopify, then you can’t go wrong with Rush.

3. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

Next on our list is ReConvert.

With ReConvert you can build a nice “thank you landing page”, have one click upsell & cross-sell to boost order revenue, and browse among Shopify related products.

Free Plan: Yes (30 day Shopify trial)

The app is free until you reach more than 50 orders per month. After that, the plan bills $19.99 monthly.

With ReConvert you don’t need any technical knowledge. It is well-known to be one of the easiest apps to work and some consider it to be the “best upsell app for Shopify”.

With that being said, its drag and drop menu is great and will hook a lot of merchants.

4. Zoorix

With more than 400 reviews on the Shopify App Store, Zoorix is a full suite platform built to uplift the revenue of e-commerce merchants by converting more visitors into buyers.

Zoorix features

As one of the best Shopify apps for cross sell and bundles, Zoorix offers multiple features including: 

  1. Power cross sell system
  2. Multiple bundle offers 
  3. Volume discounts
  4. Smart cart drawer designed for upsell
  5. Warranty upsell


30 trial days for all the plans and all the features are included for all of the plans. 

  1. Free - up to 50 monthly store orders 
  2. Up to 100 orders/mo: $7.99
  3. Up to  200 orders/mo: $14.99
  4. Up to  200 orders/mo: $29.99
  5. Full pricing table -

5. Honeycomb Upsell & Cross-Sell

With more than 300+ reviews on Shopify App Store, Honeycomb Upsell and Cross-Sell are growing stronger in popularity among merchants.

Being considered as one of the best Shopify upsell apps, Honeycomb can play the role of a Shopify funnel app, as you can build your successful funnel and sell more.

Free Plan: Available for 7 days

Some of the newest features of the app are:

  • Autopilot mode
  • Merge orders
  • Cross-Sell
  • Downsell
  • Split Tests
  • Target countries


There are four plans that you can go on with Honeycomb, as we mentioned the first one is the Free Trial, which is 7 days.

  • Free — Post-purchase upsell funnels, Cart page upsell funnels, Analytics, 100 monthly funnel views
  • Silver ($49.99 per month)— plus additional features like  Remove branding, 2,000 monthly funnel views, and everything else from the free version
  • Gold ($99.99 per month) — all features from Silver plan, plus 5,000 monthly funnel views
  • Platinum ($149.99 per month) — all features from Gold Plan, plus 10,000 monthly funnel views

Honeycomb Upsell and Cross-sell have a lot to offer.

You can arrange Shopify related products and just like Bold Upsell or Rush you can create great post-purchase upsells.

Take products that are frequently bought together on Amazon as an example. They often lead to the purchase of more products also.

6. SellUp

Another great and preferred app for upselling is SellUp.

It is developed by LAUNCHTIP and has a free plan available as a start.

The app offers powerful action upsell, upsell and cross-sell precision and upsell product kits.


  • Free Plan — you can create 1 upsell and have support for your questions.
  • Basic Plan ($14.99 per month) — For stores on the Shopify Basic Plan, Create Unlimited Upsells, Unlock Action Upsells, In Cart Upsells & Post Purchase, Support.
  • Growth Plan ($39.99 per month) — everything from the basic plan plus Premium Support.
  • Plus Plan ($59.99 per month) — every feature from the Growth plan available plus priority premium support.

How does it help you sell more?

With SellUp you can arrange your Shopify bundle products and customize the whole experience to make it a Shopify one click upsell.

Another astonishing offer from Goldendev is the app called Bundler.

With it, you can bundle products, mix upsell bundles and boost order sales.

Bundler allows you to increase average order value, choose bundle discount type and also sell your less popular products. Isn’t it great?

When it comes to pricing, the app offers two plans to go with. Oh, yes, there is a free plan available.

Free Plan of Bundler:

  • Unlimited bundles
  • Customizable widget
  • Set product quantity
  • Shopify POS
  • Custom product images
  • Discount conditions

Premium plan of Bundler:

  • Mix & Match
  • Variant Level Bundles
  • Landing Page
  • Bundle Shortcodes
  • Custom bundle image
  • Discount in cart
  • Free Shipping
  • Funnels Available

With rising popularity among merchants and more than 240+ reviews on Shopify App Store, you can try Bundle on your online store.  It seems like a killer deal.

7. UFE Cross-Sell & Upsell Bundle

The app has more than 440 reviews on the app store and is considered to be from the “value apps” that have a lot to offer.

This Shopify one click upsell funnel will be your trusted partner when it comes to creating astonishing bundle product upsell products and it is extremely fast according to developers.

No coding knowledge is needed to arrange your Shopify bundle products and fuel your sales instantly.

With Upsell Funnel Engine you can pay as you grow.

The app is free to install and additional charges start when you surpass 50 store orders per month.

For beginners, there are appropriate plans like the FREEDOM Plan ($7.99 per month) and STARTUP Plan ($14.99 per month).

It’s up to you which to choose as a beginning and unleash the full potential of Upsell Funnel Engine.

8. Candy Rack

We can’t forget how good Candy Rack is.

The app has more than 200+ reviews on the app store and its overall score is 5 out of 5. Now, that’s impressive.

Candy Rack has a 14-day free trial after which you can choose between four plans according to your needs and your type of Shopify Store.

  • Basic Shopify ($29.99 per month) — it is for basic Shopify store owners,  it has unlimited offer views, customization, and online chat and email support
  • Standard Shopify ($49.99 per month) — for Standard Shopify owners and everything from the basic plan.
  • Advanced Shopify ($99.99 per month) — for Advanced Shopify store owners plus all features of the Standard plan
  • Shopify Plus ($199.99 per month) — for Shopify Plus store owners and offers the utmost quality of features and support, plus a tailored upsell strategy

Candy Rack is another top choice to find your product upsell Shopify solutions and boost order sales in 2023.

Do not expect a 30 day Shopify trial from it but two weeks might do the job to test and see how it works out on your store.

9. Upsell Recommendations

Upsell Recommendations is a FREE app on the Shopify store that is preferred by many merchants.

It offers 100% free automated cross-sell and upsell and unlimited recommendations.

Imagine what you can do with an app like that and additional branded tracking software to provide to your customers.

With the proper strategy, you can use this app to start and if you need more features you can always try another one depending on your demands for Shopify recommended products.

10. Voyager

With Voyager we will wrap up our top 10 Shopify upsell apps.

The app has more than 500+ reviews on the Shopify app store.

Voyager takes no more than 30 seconds to set up your first upsell. It is that easy.


The app has a 7-day free trial.

After that, you can choose the paid plan and it costs $27 per month.

Final words on what is Upsell App

Now you know which apps you can use to help you boost order and offer related product Shopify variations to your customers.

You can create different promotional cross-sell and upsell versions, including the famous “Shopify buy one get one free” method, and increase overall sales.

Phew, that was quite a long article on how to choose your “best upsell app for Shopify” and attract more clients with your discounts and offers.

Mixing additional Shopify bundle products can produce incredible results and leave an impression on your customer.

This will multiply your fan base and people will buy more from your products, as they will see how easy it is to choose from Shopify recommended products.

Most of the apps we mentioned above do have miscellaneous features, some are offering only upsell, others like Rush do provide delivery notifications plus cross-sells and upsell options, which is amazing.

In 2023 you can find all types of versatility and it is a matter of time to choose what works best for you, whether it is a Shopify one click upsell, customize your Shopify funnel app or build a Shopify cross-sell.

Most apps do not have a 30 day Shopify trial but a week or two will be enough according to our views.

Try and test different Shopify recommended products, how do they blend in the whole funnel, and with managing your setting you will find the right one.

We gave an answer of what is upsell app and how to use it in 2023, now we are going to finish this article with the opportunity to choose from the apps we listed above.

They are all tested by colleagues and team members and other professionals so you can be sure of the quality of service provided, support and value.

Dominate your sales game by using upsell and cross-sell apps that multiply clients.

Blend in different methods, be in a constant process of learning and try out on your store.

As a beginner, you can start with a free upsell app or a free trial and then upgrade to a more advanced one depending on your exact needs.

It’s fun to make sales when you have an installed upsell app by your side.