Ecommerce | Updated June 3, 2023  

Explaining WISMO — Causes, Costs, And Tips For 2023

Nowadays in the age of information technology, the Internet, and countless sources of information coursing around whether it is going to be in the form of e-mails, SMS notifications, or other types of messaging, it is still possible to experience miscommunication and not meet expectations.

Everyone wants to get feedback and additional information on the process, especially when they purchase a package online.

Yes, we’ve all been there:

The WISMO (Where is my order?) is as real as it gets. 

With that being said, even if the customers receive an automated text notification that gives more details on purchase, delivery dates, and costs, additional problems, or delays, it is preferable to put them into a form and notify the clients. They deserve it.

Diving specifically into the world of eCommerce, expectations are a huge part of the whole process.

Here, some experts would say that “it is a must” to offer quality tracking software that gives on-time updates and will satisfy the “where is my order” questions and urges of clients.

If you do not know, “WISMO”, as some call it, is a big problem in eCommerce and online merchants need to create more solutions to provide precise information for their customers on the order, tracking number, delivery dates, and possible delays.

Let’s start with the possible “causes” of WISMO, shall we?

What Causes “Where Is My Order” Type of Questions?

It is pretty simple to answer that question. In most cases, people do not receive any updates in their order and they are starting to wonder what is happening.

 Is everything going by the plan? What time would the delivery arrive? Is there something wrong with the delivery?

These types of questions can drive clients mad and fuel their anxiety.

Of course, it does not have to be like that.

Providing excellent feedback and straight information to the customers is pivotal when it comes to minimizing the detrimental effects of WISMO and answer the proper way to your audience.

Possible unpleasant situations may occur, of course, some of the most common are:

  • Delivery date issues or information gaps
  • Broken tracking links, missing information
  • Wrong information about the order, fulfillment, and delivery

Costs of WISMO

Receiving more WISMO tickets may be a good sign at first, as customers do have an anticipation about their delivery but when it comes too frequently, it may have its negative effects in the long run.

Hiring a customer support team

According to studies in the eCommerce sphere, there are up to 50% more calls related to demanding WISMO information.

When it comes to living chat, the percentage can get up to 30% of all questions being about WISMO.

Now think how much resources, time, and costs you can cut by using a delivery notifications app that can get the job done in an efficient manner.

Remember, the cost of customer churn is way too high to pay, so think twice about what methods you are going to choose to work with when providing delivery information.

More than 35% of people would never buy from a merchant if they get a bad delivery experience.

When you lose customers for delivery issues, then the chance of them getting back is minimal or they should be loyal clients to the brand to do so.

These days, it is hard to sustain a level of LVT that is going to keep your clients engaged for the next years.

Replacement or refunds costs

The problem with shopping online and not having enough information about the delivery dates may result in decreasing sales because if the people need a product for an event that is coming soon, they have to know what time it is arriving.

In this case, they are going to prefer shopping from:

  • Brick and mortar shops
  • Or what is worse, shopping from a competitor of yours that is giving all types of information

One of the most unpleasant situations is when a customer calls your team to want a refund and cancel an order.

Some experts even refer to refunds in eCommerce as a “plague” because it happens to more and more merchants in 2021.

As you can read here, learning how to maintain profitability and minimize return rates is crucial for the success of any online business.

Choosing shipment software that will help your client track down what’s going on with the purchase is a common step that successful merchants take.

Use it as a way to generate more revenue and increase retention. 

With just a couple of settings and adjusting when to send SMS or email notifications, you can do wonders and your client will appreciate it.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Keeping your customers happy at all costs is one of the most pivotal changes you need to make while selling online.

People tend to use the marketing method from “mouth to mouth” and it is incredibly strong when you are providing top-class products and seamless service.

Combining upsells & cross-sells, options for customers to leave reviews plus a “perfect” delivery process will multiply your clients and you will build your brand stronger than ever.

Not only you have the chance to get in front of the competition but you will sell more, clients will share on social media, leave 5-star reviews and multiply overall conversions.

How to handle WISMO?

First of all, try to provide customers with information about the delivery.

If everything goes the way it should, you can use these notifications as a marketing channel to sell more products and build trust in customers.

When you fight for your brand to stand out, you can include the following elements to ease off the anxiety of your clients:

  • Going straight to the point, letting customers if there is any issue with the delivery.
  • Provide all sources of information for the last-mile carrier, telephone numbers, emails, and more contacts.
  • If the particular customer has a bad experience you can offer a full refund (depending on the situation, you can offer discount vouchers, coupons for future purchases, and more marketing promotions)
  • Just be on the line for your clients if there is an issue ( delivery issue cases are unique and you need to have the full support of your clients until they receive their package)

Final Words

When you care about your customers and show them that you want the best shopping and delivery experience possible, you will reap great results.

Often, the companies that are selling the most are the ones that have everything all set up, starting from shipment software to offering more solutions as the delivery takes place.

Step up your game and understand that the trust of clients is something you fight for with every next purchase.