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10 Smart Order Confirmation Email Examples To Try In 2023

We are witnessing an era when store owners and digital specialists are trying to find new ways of increasing leads and sales of their online shops and engage more customers with email confirmation.

With the help of confirming messages or as some call it “confirming orders” we can blend in some marketing elements into finalizing the order and use it as a promotional weapon.

A single confirming message can lead to outstanding results. Think of customer confirmation as a second chance to engage them even further into your brand and turn them into long-lasting clients.

Let’s talk about something all customers are expecting and there’s a 90 to 100% chance of them opening it — order confirmation emails.

As far as the whole email communications process order goes, confirmation emails are the ones that capture almost all clients.

Order confirmation emails are not only informative in the order acknowledgement form but if used properly can lead to higher conversion rates. This is what all online merchants want, right? Yes, more confirming receipts.

Alongside the confirmed orders, clients can get more specific information about the shipping, delivery notification process, payment confirmation email details, and additional contacts, links, products, and catalogs.

In this article, we will talk about all the pivotal elements of how to send a confirmation email.

We will give you a confirm email example, change order example, how to finalize a payment confirmation email, dealing with a rate confirmation template, and changing the status from “That’s an order” to the final “Confirmed order”.

But first, let’s get all details clear and learn what an order confirmation email is.

What does an order confirmation email stand for?

Being wrapped up in a sentence, an order confirmation email is a well-structured confirmation message that gives the customers details about their order.

All order confirmation emails include information about the transaction, what has been purchased, prices, discounts, delivery addresses, and more.

After the confirmed orders are processed, the online merchants can send them right away for shipping.

Speaking of online merchants, the ones that realize what a strong card in the deck a shipping confirmation template is can increase the overall customer engagement in no time.

The confirming receipt is the starting point of building your brands’ identity and many companies have mastered the art of arranging order confirmation emails in the way they should be presented.

It takes creativity, marketing, and advertising knowledge and learning from the best in the business to make an order confirmation email that converts.

Let’s start with some remarkable confirmation emails examples, shall we?

Answer: “What, When, and Where?”

Post-purchase excitement is pretty normal for customers to feel after they receive their confirmed orders.

On the other side of things, some might feel anxious and ask a lot of questions about the date of the delivery, additional details, and more.

No matter how reputable the shop you are purchasing is, there is always room for uneasiness in the mind of the client. That is pretty understandable and that’s why confirmation orders come to help.

ASOS is one of these professional companies that can lower your post-purchase anxiety and give exact answers to what’s important in the order confirmation email.

Their confirming receipt is simple at first glance but gives all the information a customer needs to feel relaxed when their order is in the shipping process.

Source: Econsultancy

When the client makes the purchase, an automated confirmation email template is sent. By following the instructions and given details, every customer can verify what, when, and where is being purchased.

This shipping confirmation email not only gives comfort to the individual but also summarizes pivotal information like the description of the product, quantity, sizes, prices, and payment steps.

When all of it is checked by the customer, then he or she can proceed with the confirmed orders.

ASOS also gives the option to cancel the confirmation orders if something hasn’t gone the proper way. With “Changed your mind?” customers can do that in the order confirmation template and get back to shopping online.

The team of the company shows a seamless way of providing all the information needed without any hassle for the client. If you are not keeping track of your order yet, do not worry, ASOS will give all pivotal updates in the email confirmation.

ASOS order status in the order confirmation email keeps clients covered with more engaging content, a suggestion to download their app, and receiving their newsletter.

What should be noted here is the creative blend of giving the important data in the email confirmation and providing additional benefits and links that the client can dive into right after they confirm delivery.

Using the proper order acknowledgement template

By choosing the right order acknowledgement template you are building more trust in your customer.

The confirmation message often looks like this: “We have received your order, it is currently being processed and will be at your doorstep shortly.”

Now that is a simple and plain email confirmation message that speaks volumes. Clients want more personal engagement to build more trust and eventually purchase again in the future.

Caring about the customer and showing a personal attitude in the order confirmation email is the key to create a long-lasting relationship with the audience and engage them for longer on your online shop and the products you are offering.

Learn how to compose a suitable order acknowledgement template and you will thrive with your confirmation emails in 2021.

That’s what is important about creating the ultimate order acknowledgement template — it takes attitude, top-notch information, and sustaining the whole process “precisely”.

Continuing with more confirmation email examples and showing trusted ways on how to send a confirmation email, we get to another “personal” method that pays off in the end — the “Thank-you” order confirmation email.

“Thank-you” order confirmation template

After the confirming receipt is sent and approved, merchants do not only use it to get the “order confirmed”.

Successful online merchants are taking their time to send a more personal confirming receipt.

As you can guess from the headline, we are talking about “Thank-you” confirmation email samples that are sent after the first confirmation message or right with it.

Whether merchants decide to use two different confirmation email samples and to include a personal confirmation message in the second one, is up to them.

Some are attaching the “Thank-you” part directly to the current order confirmed.

It can be a PDF file, an additional link, or just an included shipping confirmation template designed for the special occasion.

Expressing gratitude in plenty of confirmation email samples and knowing to what point a merchant can get personal with clients is a major key to build trust and continue getting orders from them.

Using a shipping confirmation template

Some companies prefer sending another confirmation message which is known as the shipping confirmation template.

Source: InfoClutch

The idea of this confirming receipt is to let clients know all the details about the shipping and when to expect the delivery.

After they check all the shipping information, they can proceed with accepting the shipping confirmation template.

It is a type of email confirmation that requires precise information about the shipping and if anything goes wrong or takes more time than expected, another email should be sent to confirm delivery.

Likewise, in the order acknowledgement template, we talked about earlier, the main point of confirming receipt is to give proper information and relieve the customers when they have the order confirmed.

Having a well-structured shipping confirmation email template is what helps successful merchants keep an engaging relationship with customers.

You can apply the shipping confirmation template method to your online store and bulk up your revenue.

Give updates on your clients’ order status

Between placing an order and the actual delivery there is an open space of time in which most customers are wondering what is going on with their purchase.

Although many of them are not anxious and can wait a couple of days or a week, we think it is a great idea to provide an order confirmation template that can track down the delivery.

No matter what types of confirmation emails you are using, you can always make room for additional information about the order status. People want to know the exact time of when their order is being processed and will confirm delivery.

Learning how to send a confirmation email is not only pivotal but necessary if you want to keep up with the trends of sending a confirmation message to your customers and do it outstandingly.

WooCommerce Order Confirmation Page

If you are using the platform then learning how to customize your WooCommerce order confirmation page is of huge importance.

Source: TycheSoftwares

You can get more personal and have a confirmation message like:

  • You are awesome, /name/
  • You rock, /name/
  • We would love feedback from you, /name/

Any email confirmation idea that comes to mind might be a great choice to engage with customers.

To confirm delivery, clients need to have all information about it on the WooCommerce order confirmation page.

Do not forget to include what has been purchased, quantity, what size it is, and details about the delivery dates. 

If you are working with the USPS, then you might create an order confirmation template that will point out how things will work out, dates, and prices on delivery.

The WooCommerce order confirmation page can have multiple designs, from a friendly one to a more formal one.

What should not be forgotten to be done in a precise way are all pivotal details about dates of delivery and payment options without which we can’t get the order confirmed.

As we mentioned on the WooCommerce order confirmation page and what is needed to do it so you can simplify the shopping experience for your customers, now it’s time to tell about another platform used by millions — Shopify and to be more precise, its Shopify order confirmation page.

Shopify Order Confirmation Page

Knowing how to send a confirmation email with Shopify is important.

While working with the platform every successful merchant should know that having an astonishing Shopify order confirmation page is crucial for sustaining a relationship with clients.

It might sound like a cliché but Shopify might be one of the best choices if you are getting into selling online.

Use referrals to friends in the confirmation emails

To escape the boring and robotic order confirmation email, companies can look up to brands like Tradesy and do follow their lead.

Source: Tradesy

As you know, many online merchants these days allow you to refer their website to a friend, family member, or a loved one and win special discounts on your next purchase, for example. Isn’t this awesome?

Incorporating a friendly attitude, even a humorous one is not only acceptable but a necessity when sending a confirming receipt.

There are multiple remarkable confirmation emails examples with additional discounts for you to choose from and see what is working best on your marketing strategy.

Do not only confirm orders. Make them engaging, so customers can come back soon and purchase again.

Confirmation emails are made for engagement. If you only know how powerful most confirmation email samples are, you will take your time and create unique ones that will convert for a long time.

There are plenty of confirmation emails examples, as online businesses are advancing fast in the area.

Keeping up with the newest trends on how to send a confirmation email might be a continuous process, but gaining more conversions is essential.

“Welcome to the club” type of confirmation orders

There are confirmation orders in which a confirmed email address is required to proceed further.

In most common cases, these are the so-called “Welcome to the club” or “join us” confirmation emails examples.

Source: Pinterest

When a client purchases a product, he receives the email communications process order. In it, he can find additional details on whether he or she can join the club of the brand.

In most cases, as we mentioned above, a confirmed email address is required to proceed with getting the discounts.

When the email is ready and in subscription, the merchant sends bonuses such as discount vouchers, bonus points for purchasing, QR codes, newsletters, and more.

If you are learning how to send a confirmation email, you might consider this order confirmation template to be the starting point of your outreach.

It is easy to create, it is engaging as well, and many of your customers will fall for it right from the beginning.

See, you do not have to be a genius to send a well-structured shipping confirmation template.

Just a few fresh ideas and time to work on your confirmation message can lead to optimal results. Not to forget to mention, people love simplistic confirmation emails examples.

The ones that offer discounts, tracking of the items and gifts are chosen among many.

They want to read the information fast and easy and not to spend much time going through everything you have to offer in the confirmation message.

Do not forget that making the confirmation orders feel seamless to read is “a must” if you want higher converting results.

Combined order confirmation templates

Some merchants have no ceilings when it comes to creativity and they prefer to create combined shipping confirmation templates that cover different areas such as:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Design
  • Promotional catalogs
  • Links to website and social media

These confirmation email samples are known to use multiple marketing tools and point out the way for the client.

They are great because they can engage more people back to the website.

Companies like Nike are doing a similar confirmation receipt and the main reason is for people to engage more in recommended products and purchase again.

Not only they are made to confirm delivery but can drive more attention to the product line.

Often made with a brand new design and links at the bottom of the shipping confirmation template, they give value to clients to come back again and shop.

Another email confirmation that combines is the one that offers both discounts and promotional catalogs.

We incorporate the best practices for our own order pages once Rush is set up and ready to go.

Whether they are available as downloadable content or links to another page, these types of email confirmations are showing results in the last few years.

Phew, that topic for confirmation orders took time

Well, this was a long article about confirmation emails examples and how to send a confirmation email.

Let’s wrap this up by covering the pivotal points we’ve mentioned above and you need to remember the most about working with different confirmation email samples.

Use and try multiple email confirmations to find the proper one for your online business. Track it in real-time and get notifications. Here are the marking points we mentioned and what did learn to advance in conversions in 2023:

  • Multiple confirmation email samples and confirmation email examples
  • How to send a confirmation email?
  • We gave a change order example
  • How to use the Shopify order confirmation page
  • Using WooCommerce order confirmation page
  • How to structure a shipping confirmation template

Ways to confirm delivery
So to ask: “Which one of the following is most likely to be placed in the subject line of an email?

Truth be told, there are plenty more possibilities of successful confirmation orders and shipping confirmation templates but these are of big importance to learn if you want to send them like a professional.

It takes time to learn how to send a confirmation email the proper way. It takes willingness and knowledge to master the art of confirmation emails the way some companies are sending and reaping benefits from them.

To create the “perfect” and converting order confirmation email you must think outside the box and learn like there are no boundaries.

Of course, in every confirming receipt, you must be clear with the information, your attitude, and your intentions. This might take a while in learning how to master to confirm delivery.

A single email confirmation can get you a new client that will stay around for a long time if you play your cards the proper way.

Whether you create a Shopify order confirmation page or a more basic order confirmation email you will have to get to know the starting point of confirmation orders.

The sending process is easy but knowing how to send a confirmation email is the more complicated part.

To wrap the confirmation emails examples up

Different people are calling them by multiple names such as email confirmation, order confirmation email, confirm delivery template, confirming receipt, confirm email template, order confirmation template, a shipping confirmation email, or simply confirmation emails but examples vary and the more online shops there are, the more variations there will be in the digital world.

Which of the following is most likely to be placed in the subject line of an email?

This is impossible to answer. Every digital specialist and seller will give their honest opinion based on experience with confirmation emails. It is a tricky situation.

Try different confirmation email samples and choose for yourself. Soon enough you will know which examples of confirmation emails are working and lead to more conversions.