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How to Cancel Shopify — Pausing or Deleting your Account

Many online merchants nowadays are asking the same types of questions:

  • “How do I cancel my Shopify account?”
  • “How to cancel my Shopify subscription?”
  • “How to close Shopify store?”
  • “How to cancel Shopify trial?”
  • “How to shut down Shopify store?”
  • “How to cancel Shopify plan?”

The truth is the answer to all of these is one — a simple step guide that allows merchants to cancel Shopify subscription and proceed with their next goal.

The reasons behind their choices might be hundreds. Some might have found that Shopify is not the right platform for their business, others do not have the amount of time to spend growing their online shop, and some just want to advance the business locally.

Even when many are keeping track of sales, Shopify is not the only suitable platform. There are plenty of choices for merchants.

These are all understandable reasons but this will not be the course of this article. We will talk about proven ways to fastly close Shopify account, how to pause Shopify store, and ways to achieve success in changing your Shopify status.

The good news is that as a merchant you can have your Shopify status changed at any time and will not take long to delete your Shopify account. The same applies when you want to pause Shopify account.

Let’s start with a process you might consider before permanently changing your Shopify status page to “Deleted”.

Changing your Shopify Status to “Paused”

As a store owner on Shopify, you have the power to use your admin panel to pause your store or delete your Shopify account permanently.

As you are changing your Shopify status page you should know that pausing might be the proper step to follow first. Here is what you can do to achieve this, no matter what your paid Shopify membership is.

  1. First, you need to log in to your Shopify account.
  2. Click on “Settings” in your account
  3. Choose “Plans and Permissions”
  4. Click on “Pause Your Store”
  5. Read what happens after clicking on it
  6. If everything is all good, proceed by clicking on it
  7. That is it. The store will be paused and charged a reduced price until you return to selling again.

It is that easy. You do not need to rush the process. In less than seven steps you can learn how to pause Shopify store. See how that is working for you.

How to cancel Shopify account?

If you want to learn how to delete Shopify account, we are pretty sure that it is a real “no-brainer”.

For real, let’s learn how to shut down Shopify store easily with no hassle at all. Shall we?

You can choose among these three options, especially during these challenging times when the pandemic reigns across the world.

To close the Shopify store you need to follow simple steps that will lead to your overall goal.

No matter how long a Shopify membership is, merchants might not seem to find the platform as useful and will search for ways to close Shopify account.

Here are the steps you can follow right away to cancel Shopify account.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Shopify account
  2. Go to your Shopify status page
  3. Make sure you uninstall all apps on the Shopify dashboard
  4. Access “Plans and Permissions”
  5. Find the “Close your Store” button
  6. Enter your pass and then confirm again

The platform will ask a few questions before canceling Shopify subscription

Wow, how easy is that? Again, in less than 7 steps you can learn how to close Shopify account fast and end the Shopify membership for good.

It would be a fantastic idea if you contact the Shopify team to see if the whole process went the proper way.

In most cases, you will receive further information about canceling your Shopify membership but knowing how it all goes on how to close a Shopify store is a pivotal step in knowing what’s next.

Just a litter reminder from us:

  1. Make sure you cancel any third-party apps like delivery notifications, any sorts of analytics, and more before you delete Shopify account. Be aware of the Shopify billing.
  2. The platform saves your store for 30 days after you close Shopify account so there is enough time available to rethink the situation with your Shopify status.

Remember, there is no Shopify vacation mode, so think wisely on how to cancel Shopify and do not make a fatal mistake. 

Changing settings on your Shopify status page is no joke and if you do not use the deadlines given, you might end up with your Shopify cancel account and data you can’t retrieve back.

Reactivating your paused Shopify shop

Here are talking about when your Shopify membership is frozen for a while and you want to get your store back online. Forget about how to cancel Shopify trial for a little and focus on this.

Again, the Shopify billing changes when your account is paused, so you might as well read all the pivotal instructions here.

Here’s what to do when your account is only paused:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Find the Shopify status page in your “Account page”
  3. Change Shopify Status
  4. Set your new plan and confirm Shopify billing details
  5. See if your shop’s checkout is re-enabled

That’s about it if you want to just pause it. Of course, if you want to learn how to delete Shopify account it would be a simple process.

As we said earlier in the article, there are no more than seven steps to finish the whole process on how to close a Shopify store.

One more option for how to cancel Shopify subscription

Canceling your Shopify membership or as some refer to it directly with the question “How to cancel my Shopify subscription?” has another way of achieving this goal.

The answer is simple — selling your store. The opportunity to close Shopify store and sell it on the Exchange Marketplace is outstanding. This can find the solution to your problems and change your Shopify status fast.

You are the one that closes the account, no Shopify agent can do that for you.

They can only give efficient information on the Shopify billing, sources on how to do it, and what are the results after you stop your Shopify membership.

Do not think about how to delete a Shopify store as a deep process, because it is not one. You can achieve this in a matter of minutes.

First, you should decide that your Shopify cancel account would not be used in the future and you have no interest in continuing with using the platform.

If you figure that out, then it will not take you long on how to cancel Shopify account efficiently.

Make sure you disable additional apps, tracking software if present, and themes that are added to the overall Shopify billing.

When you are on the way to close the Shopify store, do it at the end of the payment cycle, otherwise, you would be charged for a full month of usage without even taking benefit of the apps.

By checking the activity on your Shopify status page there is no way you can make the wrong step when you cancel Shopify account.

That’s about it, you have to confirm canceling your Shopify membership and you are free to go.

Of course, there is a lot more you have to know on how to cancel Shopify subscription.

Think of these as a basic guide on how to efficiently change your Shopify status and close Shopify account.

We did give adequate answers to the questions asked by thousands of merchants: “How to cancel my Shopify subscription?” Now let’s answer some possible variations.

Here are some common FAQs that are asked by many merchants along the way while using Shopify.

How to cancel Shopify plan if it is billed by a reseller?

Honestly, how to close Shopify store that is billed by a reseller?

It is super simple. Click in “Compare plans” in the Plan details section of “Plans and Permissions”.

There is only one step here. Sign in to your reseller account to cancel your Shopify membership.

Yes, by doing this you can surely cancel all further Shopify billing and you will know another way on how to cancel Shopify store without any problems.

Changing your mind about canceling Shopify? No problem!

After all, cancellations are made, Shopify will store your data for 30 days. To our assumptions, this is enough time to decide if you want to restore your online shop or change your Shopify status forever.

On your Shopify status page, you will find all the information you need on how to delete a Shopify store, Shopify billing, and your Shopify membership.

After some considerations, you might return to your plan and grow your online store.

What access do you have after cancellation?

When you find out how to close Shopify store you will not have any access to the Shopify admin.

You can log in but will not be available to change products on your Shopify status page.

The big problem is not just that on this occasion. The thing is after you find out how to cancel Shopify trial and end your Shopify membership you will not be able to use the same-store name or the same domain. You will have to create new ones.

I have gift cards, what to do after canceling?

You need to export all of your gift cards before canceling your Shopify membership.

Alongside disabling additional apps, shipment notifications, you should too, export all of your gift cards before you disable your store from the Shopify status page.

Transferring your domain, is it possible?

If the domain name was purchased through Shopify you can transfer it to another domain registrar of hosting.

The question here is not only how to delete a Shopify store but sustaining your domains for further use elsewhere.

Make sure you are taking care of it the same way you do with Shopify billing. This is the period you are given from the platform. Otherwise, you should contact the support team to deal with any additional problems.

Will I get an invoice after the cancellation?

If you have any further payments, then you can expect an invoice, but this is information that can be checked on your Shopify status page.

If everything is all set and paid in your final Shopify billing, then there is no need for any additional invoice messages. It is simple as that.

Are there any refunds?

No, you should be aware of this. Shopify does not have refunds for a period that is left unused.

You better see this in their terms. Also, information is available on your Shopify status page. You can find out how to cancel Shopify trial but you can’t have any refunds whatsoever.

How to cancel Shopify plan without any mistakes?

Well, you can reread this article about how to delete a Shopify store, of course.

We gave a full in-depth guide for 2021 on how to cancel Shopify store and do not miss something out.

You can revisit all the information on your Shopify status page, check out Shopify’s Help Center, and take out all the pivotal information and details you need.

Many merchants want to know how to cancel Shopify trial or how to shut down Shopify store and they just need to dive into the basics.

This process is more serious as a decision than it is as an execution. Knowing how to cancel Shopify plan is easy, the reason “Why?” is more important here.

Make sure you are not making a mistake that you will regret later as an online merchant.

Final words

Having an online store is a huge opportunity for businesses to take a leap ahead in the competition and drive more sales with specialized tracking software, apps and firm strategy.

You can increase customer happiness, boost supply chain efficiency, and make data-driven decisions more quickly and effectively with this information at your disposal. Your strategy should also include periodic reviews of your performance metrics to ensure that your tools and tactics are delivering the desired results.

Do not cancel your store if you do not see results if things aren’t going as planned in the beginning. Learn and evolve. In most cases, the times are darker just before dawn. Well, that’s a good metaphor to end the article. We are sure you get the idea."