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How A Guaranteed Safe Checkout Can Increase Your Conversions?

Online merchants face multiple difficulties every day online, and one of the most poignant is seeing abandoned shopping carts of customers. The abandonment rate of shopping carts can be reduced by implementing a guaranteed safe checkout process. 

It happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

A Guaranteed Safe & Secure Checkout badge is a good indication that your checkout processes can be trusted. The information is encrypted, and the customer’s credit card information is safe and secure. When you establish this level of trust with your customers, you can improve your conversion rate.

Let’s take a closer look at how this is done and what the Guaranteed Safe Checkout badge means for your eCommerce store.

Source: TrustLock

What is the Guaranteed Safe & Secure Checkout Badge?

A guaranteed safe checkout should be present for all online purchases. It shows customers that your shop is trusted by multiple regulations, allowing you to increase your sales and boost your conversion rates. It is one of the most trusted badge types you can get for your eCommerce store and is the seal you receive when you sign up with a company that provides an SSL certificate.

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate protects the internet connection and all the shared information across that internet connection.

It is no secret that all clients want a safe and secure checkout when they finish with their purchase. So, when they see different safe checkout badges like this one or a PayPal verified badge, Shopify trust seal, or other trust logos like the ones you can find on Google, like a money-back guarantee seal and a security badge logo, they feel a lot better about shopping your site and putting in their credit card information for payment.

The Importance of Safety Badges for eCommerce

Shopify badges are important for all purchases. Having a Shopify secure checkout badge and an SSL badge increases the percentage of people staying in your shop longer and making purchases.

According to multiple studies that follow online markets and how shops are executing their services and marketing their products to people, more than 20% of clients are keen on abandoning their purchase if security badges and trust icons don’t seem right.

Whether we are talking about an SSL badge, a PayPal verified seal, trust seals for Shopify, or a money-back guarantee badge; one thing is for sure — the service provided should build trust and comfort for the customer making the purchase. It sounds simple, right?

Today we will discuss keeping commerce trust high while also providing a seamless post-purchase notification experience that will grow your conversion rates and revenue.

Why not use these security badges to grow your business and make it more profitable?

What Does a “Trust Badge” Stand For?

As you can guess from the term itself, a trust badge is pretty self-explanatory. Some refer to them as trust icons, trust logos, a web badge, a safe checkout badge, or just a seal badge.

The meaning behind them, of course, is this: their presence is meant to build commerce trust and make clients feel more comfortable and secure when entering their credit card information and making a purchase from an online store.

How Does One Acquire a Safe Checkout Badge?

The process of acquiring a safe checkout badge isn’t complicated. There are different platforms like Shopify that work with PayPal and other companies that make online payment possible.

A pivotal step is to have an SSL badge, which is part of a more complex system that assures the website is updated with all required certifications for internet safety and security in sharing information.

There are free trust badges of that kind available on Cloudflare as well. Most of them are trust badge PNG image files that can be implemented in any online store.

These badges are typically placed on the same page as the checkout process, and they vary. For example, you can choose from trust icons, boost logos, Shopify badges, Norton trust seals, PayPal badges, and black and white secure checkout badges, among others.

Different Types of Security Badges

Depending on your online shop and your goals, you can decide which safe checkout badge to use. Whether it is a Shopify security badge, Norton trust seal, a PayPal badge, or an SSL badge, you should ensure that the trust badge PNG image file is ready to be uploaded on your site.

Remember, a security badge PNG format is not always free. There are multiple security badges for sale. Likewise, some package tracking apps have the power to calm the client while he is waiting for delivery.

We will show some of the most pivotal ones and how to acquire them for your online shop.

There are five main types of trust badges one can implement on their eCommerce site. Each of these badges has its own meaning and use, so you can decide which will work best for your site based on what you hope to achieve.

  • Safe Checkout Badge: the checkout process on the site is safe and secure. Information is encrypted, and the internet connection is safe.
  • Accepted Payment Badges: Many people purchase from brands they recognize. An accepted payment badge boosts the confidence and trust of your site without you having to do a lot of work. Some trust badges include having the Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal badges listed as acceptable payment on your site.
  • Third-Party Endorsements: You can also help instill trust and confidence with your customers by using third-party endorsements. This can show your brand has credibility. For this, you typically have to go through an application process, and there is a review of your site before you are granted this kind of badge.
  • Money-Back Guaranteed Badges: This is a free badge option and can still help build trust for your site. You can make this kind of badge yourself or find a downloadable version online you can use on your site. For example, a simple 30-day money-back guarantee badge increased sales by 32 percent over eleven days.
  • Free Shipping and Returns Badges: This is a good badge to have alongside a money-back guarantee badge because it highlights your store policy and exemplifies your level of customer service. It also instills a feeling of safety for customers and takes away some risk when buying online.
Guaranteed safe checkout trust badges

Source: KindPNG

The most important of them all, the guarantee for quality and safe shopping, is the safe checkout badge.

A good trust badge with a transparent background is all you need to start with. Later in the process, you can look into offering other types of trust badges like a free shipping badge that not only builds commerce trust but can also help you surpass previous conversion rates.

All trust logos, including the safe checkout badge, should be a high-quality file. If not, don’t bother using it on your site.

Security badges like these make sure you understand that the checkout process in the online shop is safe and the shared information is encrypted.

Use only the most trusted sources when it comes to security badges. Here is a good example with PayPal. You can easily get your seal and badge and be 100% sure that it is legitimate.

secure payment with PayPal

Source: PNGKey

Another great example is a Shopify trust seal.

When you have and use a Shopify security badge, you allow your customers to see that all payment processing is secure, and their card data is transferred and handled in the safest and most secure ways possible, eliminating the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout Payment Providers

Source: PNGFind

How to Add Trust Badges to Your Site

Now that you have a better idea about what a trust badge is and how having a guaranteed safe checkout badge can increase your conversions, let’s look at how to add these trust badges to your site.

You can add them to your product page, cart page, and checkout page.

Adding Trust Badges to Product Page

To add your trust badges to a product page, you can do so manually by simply editing the page and adding the image.

Once you upload the image you want to use, you can add a description or other badges.

You can also add the trust badges using a code.

With this method, you can add a trust badge to each product, and you won’t have to do so manually.

The only downside to this is that there would be a badge on each product page. So, if that’s not what you want, we recommend adding the images manually.

Step One: Go to the Settings Page and press the Files button.

Step Two: Upload the Trust Badge image you want to use. Go to Upload Files at the right-hand corner at the top of the screen. Copy the URL or image.

Step Three: Go to the homepage. Online Store then Themes. Press the Edit code button.

Step Four: Now go to the Product Page code, which can be found under Sections – product-template.liquid. Edit the code. Add the code to where you want it to appear on the page.

When adding trust badges, you may find that you have to play around with them a little to get it how you want it. Every Shopify theme is different, meaning the process for adding a trust badge may vary.

After that, you are all set to go with security badges. Do not forget the SSL badge and the security badges you can purchase as well.

For more detailed instructions on adding trust badges to your Shopify site, visit the following link. Doing so results in providing more security for your customers while also increasing your conversions.

The Value of Trust Badges for eCommerce

Putting the trust badge PNG below the “Add to Cart” section can do wonders with clients. As an eCommerce owner, focus on safe checkout badge solutions, quality shipment notifications, and faster delivery. A more secure Shopify checkout experience is the goal.

How many times have you heard about someone purchasing an item online only to later find out that their identity had been stolen? Unfortunately, this has happened to many people, making more and more people wary of online purchasing. As a result, customers are always on the hunt for an extremely secure checkout process.

So, when someone visits your eCommerce store for the first time, you want to introduce them to your brand and show them that you are reliable and trustworthy. You need to show them that your site is a safe and secure place for them to shop. Trust badges are a good way to increase your conversion rate and battle dreaded shopping cart abandonment.

Free Trust Badge Options

We mentioned the trust seal Shopify version and the PayPal badge, and Norton secured badge. Now it is time to explore some SSL free trust badges like those you can find on Cloudflare and FlyWheel.

Don’t forget that having a safe checkout badge with brands like the ones above is crucial. Customers and search engines online recognize their trustworthiness, which can prove beneficial in many ways.

With the Shopify trust seal and the PayPal badge, you can add multiple Shopify badges to exceed commerce trust in your customers.

Remember to upload only high-resolution trust icons so all of your customers can see them without any hassle. When using free trust badges, always be on alert. You want to be conscious of the badges you choose to use and make sure they are actually free of charge.

Accepted Payment Safe Checkout Badge

Earlier, we also mentioned how customers love to see brands that are well-known to the public and easy to recognize. When it comes to trust seals for Shopify, trust icons next to or below the Add to Cart button are a must.

We are not talking about SSL badge types but the ones that include the trust logos for VisaVPay, and Mastercard, to name a few.

One thing is for sure, brand recognition matters. The study conducted by ConversionXL provides a complete picture of the situation.

When you use a logo for accepted credit cards, you should also be aware that there are brand guidelines on using those logos properly.

To view the guidelines and download the logo for Mastercard, click here.

To view the guidelines and download the logo for Visa, click here.

Third-Party Endorsements

Third-Party endorsements can help create trust in clients when they shop from your online store.

Some of the most known free trust badges you can get are from Google.

Third-Party Endorsement Trust Symbols

Using one of the most trusted and advanced search engines and rating platforms may be the way to go to build trust in your site and increase conversions.

The process is pretty simple. Customers receive surveys and answer questions on how their shopping experience was. After data is gathered, Google grants the store its free trust badges.

Imagine having a Google badge and a branded tracking page for your brand. It is pretty incredible.

Receiving a seal badge from Google is a big deal. Consider using it when you showcase your site’s highlights. It will look great alongside your black and white secure checkout badge and Shopify secure badge.

You may need more than just the Shopify trust seal, SSL badge, black and white secure checkout badge, and PayPal seal badge. You should also consider including something that more than 173 million people search for on the internet each year. Of course, we are talking about BBB.

Trust symbols and partnerships

Source: Yieldify

The Better Business Bureau Accredited Badge can increase the trustworthiness of your online shop tenfold. For more information and how the process works to acquire the BBB safe checkout badge, visit

Which Trust Badges Inspire the Most Trust?

While each trust badge may have its own pros and cons, they have all been shown to increase trust and conversions. The best thing to do when deciding what to use is to determine which will prove to be the most effective for your specific site.

So, how do you know which badge will be the most effective for you? The brand you choose, for example, will have a significant impact on the reassurance it provides each customer. The three most recognized brands you should consider using are McAfee, Verisign, and PayPal.

Final Thoughts On Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Having a Shopify security badge, free trust badges, or a black and white secure checkout badge are all great but make sure you continue to provide each customer with the highest level and quality of service.

This can include offering additional services like delivery notifications, trial periods, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When you choose a Guaranteed Safe Checkout badge or any of the other trust badges we have mentioned, you effectively offer your customers more peace of mind by assuring them that their personal information is safe and secure.

Shoppers who feel confident about the security of their data are less likely to abandon their carts, and more likely to complete the purchase process. This results in not only an immediate sales boost but also fosters long-term loyalty, as customers are likely to return to a platform they trust.

This will bring more customers to your site and improve your conversion rate drastically.

When adding badges, the checkout page is going to be a highly effective location to do so. Always make sure to use a quality seal or badge.

While there are tons of free apps out there where you can find these badges, be wary of what you choose.

You want something that is high-quality and adds to the credibility and reliability of your eCommerce site.