Ecommerce | Updated September 16, 2023  

Effortless Ways To Remove Powered by Shopify (Guide)

We’ve all seen the “Powered by Shopify” section in many online stores. It is pretty understandable to point out the fact that an online shop is running on the Shopify platform.

The big question asked by many here is: “How to remove powered by Shopify section?"

Many merchants do want to hide powered by Shopify forever. In the article, we will talk about why this is pivotal and will give prompt instructions on how to remove powered by Shopify for good.

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

What is “Powered by Shopify” and how to remove Shopify from footer?

As we all know the Shopify platform has straight rules and regulations and its logo is popping almost everywhere.

That’s not an actual problem to many but if you want to exceed in building your brand and keep people focused on it for longer, you might want to delete powered by Shopify from the footer and overall from your store.

How to remove Shopify footer? It’s not a long and hard process. If you have the right steps you can do it in a couple of minutes. It is not a big deal.

We will talk and show you easy steps to remove Shopify from footer and proceed with customizing your online store for brand awareness and design.

By removing this simple sentence you can make your brand and service more authentic. Also, it can be recognized by more people as “your shop”, not just the next Shopify store.

In this sense, you can make the most of it. Install additional plugins, post-purchase notifications, and whatever beneficial element you can think of.

Of course, you can open Youtube and search for the channel of Shopify Help Center and within minutes you will get the idea of how to get rid of powered by Shopify.

Follow the link and learn more about how to get rid of powered by Shopify.

Here are the two most common and easy to do methods used when removing powered by Shopify.

1st Method: How to delete powered by Shopify while editing Language option

Here is a simple way to do it.

1. Enter the Shopify Dashboard and below your Sales Channels find the Online Store>Themes section.

2. On your current theme, you have to look out for the Actions dropdown button. When you click on it you should select the last option available in line which is Edit Languages.

3. When opened, you should see the Filter Translations button and search for Powered.

4. Below is your Powered by Shopify box you need to add a single space and leave it that way.  This is the moment to take notes on how to take out Powered by Shopify.

5. Step number 5 here is to click on “Save” and that’s about it. You are done with the powered by Shopify remove.

This method is the easiest to do and it only takes a few minutes if not seconds.

Especially when you know what you are doing and have knowledge of your Shopify store it would be no problem to achieve the goal in no time.

Now let’s proceed with a little bit more complicated way on how to take off Powered by Shopify.

We would say “complicated” for those who do not have much experience with the code in their Shopify store.

For the ones that do have it and know how to find the “Powered” section and delete it, then it would be even easier to manage that.

If you are the person who is managing all tasks on your Shopify store including updating categories, products, installing additional tracking software, or changing the design, then this method would be a child’s play.

2nd Method: Use Code in Shopify Remove “Powered By Shopify”

Here is the faster way to achieve this but do not rush, you might miss a step of the process and not do it the first time while trying.

1. Open your Shopify Dashboard on your left sidebar and go to Online Store>Themes. Nothing new here, right?

2. When you click the Action button you should select Edit Code this time. Open this and go for the Sections folder.

3. Find the “Footer.Liquid” file and use the following button commands:

  • For PC, click Ctrl + F
  • For Mac, use Command + F

After that, a search bar will open and you will have to find the following: “{{ powered_by_link }}”.

4. When you see the tag we mentioned above, delete it straight away. Just make sure you do not make any mistakes in the whole structure of the code because it may break the outlook of the website.

5. Just click “Save” and you are ready to go.

By doing this you can count it as a success when removing the “Powered by Shopify” section.

This will also give you new ideas and to change and innovate the design of your Shopify store and remove more distractions that may be noticed by your clients.

Some will say that there are more ways to get rid of the Powered by Shopify.

Yes, whatever themes you are using will lead to the same results. The sentence will be deleted.

This section is not the most pivotal when running an online business with Shopify.

There are other elements like having plugins, optimized content, products, and great shipment notifications all set up that define the success of your online store with Shopify.

Having the Powered section deleted is coming to personal preference. Many thriving merchants do have it on their Shopify store and others that did hide it forever.

Do you get the idea? Of course, there are other significant points you should take care of while running a successful Shopify business.

But if you demand deleting it, you can reread our current article or visit the Shopify Help Center.

That’s a wrap on “Remove Powered By Shopify”

You saw how easy it is to get rid of Powered by Shopify. You can this in your strategy and exceed in providing first-class services and products with your online Shopify store.

By doing this you will have more returning clients to take care of. Including other striking add-ons like a customizable tracking page, for example, you can multiple your ROI faster.

Isn’t this the general goal after all? Increasing revenue and get more returning customers?

Of course, it is the priority of any Shopify merchant. Getting more clients and keeping their interest in your shop is a hard goal nowadays.

Remember, there are millions of Shopify customers and sellers as well.

There’s a stiff competition going on, so finding the ideal way to boost revenue on your online shop is crucial for you.

Starting with optimizing your store right away is the proper thing to do. Many sellers count on “cleaner” designs and optimized products and categories.

These things not only make your store look better, but they also make shopping easier for customers. Paying attention to these things from the start will build a strong base to improve your store's success and customer satisfaction.

Stick to that and use additional help from plugins or apps for a better usability and post-purchase experience.

These apps have the potential to improve the entire user experience by making the website more user-friendly. Also, they can enhance the post-purchase journey which can lead to increased customer retention rates.

Your customers are pivotal. Make sure you provide a seamless shopping experience with no distractions during the process.

It affects conversions, traffic, and overall ROI. Deliver outstanding service and products. Success is soon coming!