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How to Build Customer Trust with Order Tracking

In the eCommerce game, customers expect to know about the status of their packages. 

Providing customers with a link to trace their package empowers and reassures them about timely delivery. With a real-time order tracking link, you can improve customer engagement, which can foster trust and satisfaction.

In this guide, I will tell you ways to build customer trust with order tracking.

Why Is It Important to Build Customer Trust?

eCommerce businesses struggle to maintain a sustainable stream of orders and customers. Since many factors, like pricing, quality, and variety, are now getting in the back, customers make buying decisions based on how much they trust a brand.

To foster a long-term relationship with your core audience, it is essential to build customer trust. Only 67% of consumers trust a purchase on a familiar online marketplace, even if the product is not-so-familiar to them. 

Customer trust encourages repeat purchases which significantly impacts conversion rates. People are more likely to spend on their trusted brands, which improves customer retention and minimizes churn rates.

Plus, trust also contributes to your brand’s reputation. eCommerce stores trusted by a large audience are more likely to attract new customers with their favorable online reputation and a great number of referrals. 

What is Order Tracking?

Order tracking is a process that allows both businesses and customers to monitor the status of a shipped package through each stage in the supply chain. 

order tracking process

This real-time update on the shipment status offers transparency and visibility into the location, status, and estimated delivery time of an order. 

For eCommerce businesses, maintaining a post-purchase experience is crucial as it will determine the customer churn rate later in the customer journey. 

As per the Conver survey, 99% of consumers expect communication from retailers in the post-purchasing phase. 

Order delivery is the only physical touchpoint, however, a customer goes through many stages experiencing different feelings through product purchase.

From the day of order placement till they receive it, updating them with shipment statuses minimizes anxiety of the whole process — leading to a better customer experience, ultimately reducing post-purchase dissonance.

How Order Tracking Facilitates Customer Trust?

Order tracking for customer trust checklist

Here are some ways where order tracking facilitates customer trust. 

Maintaining Transparency

Order tracking makes the shipping process completely transparent to customers. Being able to see exactly where their package is and when it’s expected to arrive fosters a sense of transparency and openness. 

A customer of Ounass, a luxury home brand, has complained about the lack of delivery updates, which clearly blows the post-purchase experience away. 

The customer has mentioned:

“Didn’t receive any updates about my item, no tracking number. The estimated delivery date was December 2nd but before that,, I received a message saying that I will receive my item on December 1st. I finally got the order on December 3rd. I also tried calling customer service and left WhatsApp messages, but didn’t get any reply.”

Not being able to know the order delivery status makes things unclear for customers, leaving them with a bad feeling about their entire shopping experience. 

Keeping Customer Informed

Providing customers with an order tracking link helps in keeping them informed without needing to send repeated updates. 

The communication still stays clear as customers are able to see where the package is, and when it will arrive. It also promptly informs them about any uncertain problem that has occurred and prevents frustrations. 

By being able to see the package status, customers feel empowered. It also alleviates anxiety and uncertainty. 

Enhancing the Post-Purchase Experience

77% of poor experiences that break customer trust are directly related to problems after purchase, where lack of delivery updates or canceled purchases are the main reasons (source). 

Order tracking enriches the post-purchase experience with prompt and clear communication. It keeps customers engaged and informed, which leads to an overall positive experience, strengthening trust in the brand. 

Problem Resolution

Uncertainties are constant in the shipping process. However, order tracking allows quicker resolution. 

With real-time links, sellers and shipping carriers can efficiently communicate with customers whether a package is delayed, lost, or misrouted.

It prevents customer dissatisfaction and demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer service, fostering trust.     

By sending product delivery updates in real-time, you can also minimize the ‘Where is My Order’ WISMO calls, providing the customer support team a wiggle room to focus better on product-related issues.  

Build Long-Term Loyalty

Trust is a basic element you need in any transaction. By offering a seamless order-tracking and post-purchase experience, you can gain customers’ trust over time — foster loyalty. 

As they receive their orders on time with a quality experience, they will be more likely to become repeat customers. 

Smart Ways Of Building Trust with Effective Order Tracking

Effective order tracking updates

In the post-purchase journey, customer engagement and experience can be taken a step ahead with order tracking. Here is how:

1. Personalize Order Tracking

You can personalize your order tracking emails and other post-purchase updates with your brand colors, logo, ads, etc. This is an opportunity to maintain an on-brand experience from checkout to delivery. 

Many eCommerce businesses use shipment carrier’s order tracking links. It redirects customers to their tracking pages, loaded with their branding — something that doesn’t help your business out. 

2. Upselling & Cross-selling

Order tracking emails give you another opportunity to pitch customers with offers they can’t resist. This is a great way to turn first-time customers into repeat buyers. 

In post-purchase emails, you can promote products/services they would like to avail of and can't resist. You can also offer a special discount to make them feel special. 

3. Proactive Updates 

Send regular updates to customers about package status. You need to send timely updates to keep them informed about any critical shipping event, i.e., shipped, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, etc. 

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