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Exclusive Ecomhunt Review (A Winning Product Research Tool)

Looking for products to list in your dropshipping store? Here’s an Ecomhunt review to show you the features of one of the best product research tools in the market. Read on to learn more!

What’s In Store For You

This article is an exclusive Ecomhunt review in 2023.

So if you are looking for a product research tool that can:

  • Recommend products based on your product category or niche
  • Offers detailed analytics reports and metrics
  • Links to competitor data
  • Provides detailed social media engagement statistics

Then you are in for a treat.

Let’s get right into it!


Dropshipping is no longer something new in the market. Platforms like Shopify have seen a rapid increase in merchant numbers.

According to Builtwith, there are over four million Shopify stores worldwide. Almost 2.7 million of these stores are in the US.

So there is tremendous competition in this market. And you need to be intelligent if you want to succeed in this eCommerce business. Cleverness means investing in the right tools, like product research tools. These applications list trending products with the highest sales volumes.

One such tool is Ecomhunt. We will review this software to show you how it can increase your chances of success. Read on to learn more!

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is an all-inclusive product research tool. It provides a curated list of the winning dropshipping products daily.

The system does not rely on software to provide the results. Instead, professional researchers scour the dropshipping marketplace. They then handpick the winning products and list them on the platform.

Additionally, they provide valuable details about these products, including their:

  • Product images and description
  • Facebook ads data info and real-world examples
  • Analytics
  • Links to stores selling the products
  • Targeting tools and ideas
  • Social media engagement details
  • Suggested selling prices
  • Projected profits
  • Customer reviews

The website describes itself as a curation of the best new products daily.

This information is critical to identify products to sell in your Shopify store.

And you can gain valuable competitor information. The links lead to stores selling similar products.

In a nutshell, the tool can help you populate your dropshipping store with products having the following.

  • Best customer reviews
  • Highest star ratings
  • Most sales

What more would you need?

Ecomhunt Tools

Ecomhunt contains several tools to assist you in picking the fastest-moving products. They include:

Ecomhunt Classic

This tool lists a wide selection of winning products in almost 40 categories. The list is a result of research by professional winning product finders.

You can find these products via intelligent searching and filtering. And you can also find the following.

  • Product information
  • Saturation level
  • Price
  • Suggested selling price.

Subscribing to the paid plans unlocks more product analytics options like:

  • Social media influencers
  • Facebook ads.

Ecomhunt Live

Ecomhunt Live lets you view the top 30 fastest-moving products. These are out of over 2,300 winning products in real-time daily.

And you can click on each of these products to access the following.

  • Daily sales trends
  • Buyer interest trends
  • Order change trends
  • Top countries by order/interest

Ecomhunt Lucky

If you don’t know what to sell, you can use the algorithm to identify under-the-radar winning products. And you can use the filters to sort the following.

  • High profits
  • Low visits
  • Top scores
  • Trends

Also, you can win one lucky product in the draw daily.

Ecomhunt Tracker

As the name suggests, this tool tracks the products that interest you. They can be on Facebook ads, Aliexpress, and Shopify stores. This continuous tracking will ensure you don’t miss out on good opportunities in the future.

Ecomhunt Adam

Adam is an AliExpress product research virtual assistant. It gets daily updates with new AliExpress products. So you can add these products to the tracker above for monitoring.

Ecomhunt Extension

This free browser extension lets you watch Shopify stores and Facebook ads. It enables you to hunt down your competitors with a single click.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt packs several features to help you analyze and pick the fastest-moving products. Here’s a closer look at its features and benefits.

1. Suggest Products Based on Your Chosen Niche or Product Category

Ecomhunt has many product categories where you can find the winning, fastest-moving products. They include electronics, beauty, fashion, clothing, etc.

Once you identify these products, you can list them in your dropshipping business. Also, you can find winning products in the less popular product categories.

2. Send Daily Updates on Products Picked by Dropshipping Experts

You can identify the hottest and trendiest products with the fastest sales numbers. The platform updates this list every 24 hours.

And this data comes with more valuable metrics. So you’ll be able to pick and update the product listing in your store.

Professional dropshipping experts handpick these products only for the Ecomhunt Live tool.

And the information refreshes every 24 hours. So you’ll be able to update the products in your store based on recent trends.

3. Offer Detailed Metrics and Analytics Reports

The platform provides detailed product analytics, including product reviews, ratings, and total orders. And this data comes from the Aliexpress supplier website.

An Aliexpress report on Ecomhunt Live

Reviews and ratings are critical to understanding the product’s quality. These analytics reports include short summaries of the Aliexpress seller’s recommended stats.

This information will help you decide if you’ll list it in your store.

4. Link To Top Aliexpress Competitors, Suppliers, and Social Media Ad Campaigns

Ecomhunt provides links to competitors or suppliers. The goal is to enable you to follow the product to its source.

Additionally, it provides links to ad campaigns, such as on Facebook. The like enables you to locate the ads and check their statistics and user engagement.

5. A Profit and Cost Indicator

After identifying the products to sell, you need to list them at a higher price that earns enough profit.

Ecomhunt features a profit & cost indicator that checks product costs from the supplier.

It then recommends a selling price that will earn your store profit.

6. Has a Proprietary Market Saturation Inspector To Help Sellers Find Opportunities

Whenever many stores sell a particular product, product market saturation occurs.

This situation increases competition among retailers. And it can be harmful due to price cuts or discounts to win the market.

Also, the market can get saturated and cause a decrease in demand. So it would be wise to keep tabs on the number of stores selling that unit.

This platform features a saturation inspector tool. It shows you how many stores sell that product.

Also, it gives you insights into the product’s popularity. This data gives you the best opportunities that earn high profits.

7. Provide In-Depth Social Media Engagement Statistics

While providing links to social ad campaigns, Ecomhunt shows you their engagement. And it does so without taking you to the platform.

But there is a caveat. These engagements might not get updated after you place the product.

The ad might perform better on the social media platform than the Ecomhunt stats. You will need to check the data on Facebook or any other social media platform to get real-time data.

8. Import Products From the Database to the Seller’s Shopify Store

The Oberlo button automates product importation into your dropshipping store. This direct importation saves effort, time, and resources.

How Much Does Ecomhunt Cost?

Ecomhunt has simple pricing plans split into four types: Free, Basic, Pro, and Suite. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the two and the cost.

Free Version

As the name suggests, subscribing to this plan will cost you nothing. So if you are a beginner who wants to try Ecomhunt, this is a perfect place to start.

But free things come with limitations. This plan has the least features, which include:

  • Three product tracker sessions
  • Ten live trending products
  • Chrome extension
  • Saturation inspector
  • Related products access and import to store
  • One filter and spin (spin resets every 24 hours)
  • 7-day products sales history graph
  • 7-day trends and Aliexpress stats
  • Limited access to the Ecomhunt winning products database

Basic Plan

The Basic plan costs $29 monthly. But you can save $6 monthly if you subscribe to the annual payment option ($23 monthly billed $279/year).

It includes all the features in the Free plan plus the following.

  • Two years of Ecomhunt’s winning product database
  • Influencers
  • Targeting
  • Aliexpress reviews
  • Trending badge
  • 50 live trending products
  • Ten tracker sessions
  • 30-day Aliexpress and trends stats
  • Two filters and five spins
  • 14-day product sales history graph
  • Five Ecomhunt alerts
  • Ecomhunt emails

Pro Plan

You can also pay for the Pro plan monthly or yearly. The monthly options will set you back $49, but the annual plan is $10 cheaper ($39 billed $468/year).

It includes all the Basic plan features. And unlimited access to all Ecomhunt classic features. Others include:

  • 80 live trending products
  • 100 tracker sessions
  • Ten Ecomhunt alerts
  • 30-day product sales history graph with extra graph data
  • Three filters and unlimited spins
  • 3-month Aliexpress and trends stats

Suite Plan

The Suite plan unlocks all the features and gives full access to Ecomhunt for only $69/month or $588/year ($49 monthly). The unlimited features include:

  • Content library access
  • Access Aliexpress info access and extended product analysis

But, some features have limits. They include:

  • 120 live trending products
  • 60-day product sales history graph
  • 50 Ecomhunt alerts
  • 500 tracker sessions

This plan also gives you access to the platform’s 3ET course to help you get your first sales.

All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This period gives you enough time to explore the features. After that, you can decide whether to proceed with the payment.

And the platform only accepts payments via PayPal. The credit card option is in the works but not yet available.

What Is in Ecomhunt Winning Products?

Ecomhunt includes this insightful information with the winning products.

Keyword Product Title

The product name is an SEO title with a high ranking. And it can direct organic traffic to your eCommerce store.

So if you list the product in your store, ensure its name has this keyword title. It will give better visibility and ranking.

Product Image

The platform also provides high-quality product photos for each listing. So you can download and reuse them in your store, provided they don’t have logo watermarks.

Product Description

A search-engine-optimized title is not enough to boost rankings. You need to add a well-written product description with the necessary keywords.

Ecomhunt provides a detailed description of each product to help you get started.

Of course, you cannot copy-paste this description. Instead, use it as inspiration to write an optimized description or do a rewrite.

Product Save Button

After identifying the products you want to sell, this button lets you save them as favorites. And you can access these saved products later when you want to list them or for other uses.

Oberlo Button

Ecomhunt also features an Oberlo button for automatic order processing. It automates the product importation process to save time and effort.

Product Saturation Inspector

This feature indicates a specific product’s virality among other merchants. It shows how many stores sell the product to enable you to pick non-saturated products.

If most stores sell one specific product, there’s a high chance it has or will reach saturation point soon. Once saturation occurs, there will be stiff competition. And demand might drop because market saturation can also occur.

Ecomhunt Expert Consultant

Ecomhunt has a contact point and expert consultant named Jack Kaching. This contact handles all its dropshipping and platform-related questions.

You can access the consultant on Facebook Messenger to ask any of these queries. This feature makes the platform an active and responsive product research tool.

Profit and Cost Indicator

This feature assists with profit margin estimation. It shows the product cost from the supplier. And it uses this data to recommend the selling price that would give you the required profit margins.

Product Analytics

Product analytics comes from the seller’s Aliexpress listing by the platform. It includes all the product’s data plus ratings and reviews to show how the market perceives the item.

Links to Supplier

These supplier links head to the product listing on the supplier’s website. And while at the supplier’s store, you can check and import other winning products sold by that supplier.

Facebook Ads and Targeting

This Ecomhunt feature is ideal for those inexperienced with Facebook ads and targeting. It gives access to existing Facebook ads running for a specific product.

Additionally, the platform gives you a free product video to use for the ad. You can use this asset to experiment with Facebook ads. This test will help you determine which ad copy and target audience work for your store.

Product Engagement on Social Media

This feature shows you the reactions a product gets on social media. They include comments, likes, shares, etc.

Instagram Influencer

Influencers are a significant part of marketing because they have huge, loyal fanbases.

Ecomhunt lists potential Instagram influencers on the platform. This list shows who you can partner with to market and advertise your products.

Using influencers might be costlier than running Facebook ads. But using the right influencer brings a higher ROI.

And with the list Ecomhunt gives you, it is possible to find affordable influencers. These might be cheaper to work with than using Facebook ads.

Real Buyer Reviews

Ecomhunt can fetch previous reviews from buyers on Aliexpress. You can use this data as social proof in your store.

The product is the same. So the reviews are from a different store but remain accurate, and customers won’t know about it.

And you can use the reviews for other reference purposes, as well.

How Can You Maximize Ecomhunt?

Use these tips to maximize the benefits of the features above to get profitable results.

Benchmark on Competitors’ Stores

No one knows everything. So aspire to learn from all sources, especially your competitors.

Competitors can be your best teachers. They have researched, found, and listed the trendiest and fastest-moving products.

Ecomhunt can help you find your competitor’s stores to see how they sell the product.

You can pick a few tricks from these stores, such as the SEO title and product description. And you can identify the areas requiring improvement to beat them.

With this data, you can identify the most profitable products to sell. And you will get other ideas for dropshipping SKUs.

Avoid Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Dropshipping is not an instant money-making business. Like other businesses, it requires consistent effort over time to generate good profits.

So don’t expect to list these hot products and get huge orders immediately. It will take time.

Dropshipping can be a sustainable method to make passive income. Don’t quit your job yet to run an online store when new.

But as you develop business experience and credibility, the orders will increase. You can depend on the business as the primary income source when it earns high profits.

Consider Outsourcing

Operating a business requires several elements to run smoothly to generate significant profits. You will make such profits if you outsource some operations to experts.

For instance, outsourcing order tracking means no following up on packages after dispatch. Also, consider using invoice apps to simplify invoicing and improve professionalism.

Handling all aspects of the business will make your business almost unmanageable.

Outsourcing will cost some money. But investing in these experts is worth it because your business will have a higher ROI. And you will have more free time to do other activities.

Create a Brand

It is possible to dropship in huge volumes without creating a brand. But you can only gain customer trust and loyalty by adding a touch of personalization.

Building a brand takes a lot of effort, but it is a smart move in the long run. And as your customers become more aware of your brand name, marketing will be easier.

So you should focus on two primary things when running a dropshipping store:

  • Listing winning products
  • Selling them under your brand name

Stay Patient

As stated earlier, building a business to profitability takes time.

So don’t make the mistake of being impatient and demotivated when the store struggles to make sales.


  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Experiment with different products
  • Try social media or influencer ads

In the end, you will get it right.


Let’s look at some typical questions that need clarification.

What’s Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a product research tool. It lets you identify winning dropshipping products based on recent trends.

In other words, the tool suggests the best-selling products online. And it does so by providing a list curated by professional dropshipping researchers.

Is Ecomhunt Free?

Ecomhunt has four subscriptions, one being a free plan. But, the free package has limited features and can only work if you have a small startup.

Does Ecomhunt Work?

Yes. The platform provides a winning product database. And it includes performance metrics and statistics reports to show the fastest-moving items.

Additionally, it provides data for analyzing social media ad data.

This combination is critical for the success of any dropshipping business.

How Do You Use Ecomhunt?

Using this platform requires four steps. After creating an account and logging in:

  • Pick your product
  • Analyze the product (profit margin, images, product saturation, customer feedback)
  • Setup the product page (import product, insert name, photos, description, price, and reviews)
  • Put in place a marketing strategy (social media, influencers)

Ecomhunt: The Winning Product Research Tool

Ecomhunt is a vital product research tool for dropshipping businesses. Especially those in their infancy.

The eCommerce platform has become competitive. So startups or unknown brands will experience difficulty getting off the ground.

But Ecomhunt can help you identify high-demand products that can:

  • Direct more traffic to your store
  • Build your brand
  • Grow sales revenue
  • Generate good profit margins

And the review above shows how the platform’s features can benefit your business.

So take time to learn more about the platform by signing up. Start with the free plan, which requires no payment details to create the account.

If you want to have 1-on-1 session with one of their eCommerce and dropshipping experts, you can upgrade to their PRO plan. It's risk-free and you will have access to all Ecomhunt features. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Enough time for you to find your winning product and launch your dropshipping store. You won’t lose a coin if you cancel the subscription in case it did not work out for you.

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