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Top 18 Dropshipping Companies in USA with Fast Shipping Service

Dropshipping is easy, comparatively less risky, and an excellent option for starting an eCommerce business. Shopify alone is known to dropship almost 1.9 million products in the USA, followed by Oberlo, with less than 33 thousand products in 2023.

The demand for USA-made products in the market is huge. It is because of several reasons, including product quality, service standards, and reliability.

This blog post is about the best USA dropshipping suppliers. I will give you a walkthrough of dropshipping benefits, a list of dropshippers in the USA, and how you should select one.

Let's get started.

Why Dropship From the USA?

The USA is known for high-quality product manufacturing. Even if the products manufactured in the USA are costly and expensive, people still want to buy them,

These products are known for their durability, effectiveness, and quality and are the same as advertised. Comparatively to the products produced and manufactured in China, these products are known to have higher customer satisfaction.

Below are some other reasons why dropship from the USA.

Fast Shipping Solutions

Shipping is an essential step in determining the customer experience in the eCommerce world.

In dropshipping, you need to carefully test and consider the shipping solution offered by the supplier. When working with a USA dropship supplier, you can count on the offered shipping solutions.

The usual time of shipping within the USA is around 1-3 days. These suppliers offer fast shipping to ensure that your customers have products the next day.

This fast shipping of quality products ensures customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer leads to better retention and ROI — thus, helping you grow your business.

Reliable Tracking

Providing a tracking number improves transparency. Your customers can know about the shipping status and exact location of goods. Most courier companies in the USA provide a shipment tracking link.

Mostly, this link is sent to the customer via an automated email or SMS. Customers can see the exact location of the package and the estimated time of delivery.

For many people, it is of great advantage — especially when they need to make sure that they are at home to receive the parcel.

Range of Shipping Options

In the USA, courier services provide a wide range of shipping options. For example, customers can select shipping options such as next-day delivery, second-day delivery, or third-day delivery. In some cases, a same-day delivery option is also available.

This range of shipping options costs a price. The faster the shipping option, the higher the price will be. But customers can choose based on how quickly they need the product.

High-Quality Products

American dropship suppliers are expensive compared to Asian dropship suppliers. There are many factors that count in it, such as the cost of labor, rent, materials, and other factors that contribute to the higher product cost.

However, because of high manufacturing standards, these products are of great quality. Now consumers are becoming conscious of what they are buying, so they are ready to pay a few more bucks to get a reliable solution without any issues.

High Retail Prices

When customers are ready to pay more for American-made products, you can pass a significant margin of the cost to your customers. It gives you a good opportunity to make higher profits than you make with Asian suppliers.

Easy Return Policies

Dropshippers are usually focused on the timeline of a product going from the warehouse to your customers. But if the opposite happens, it becomes a nightmare.

Easy return policies are a sign that the supplier is supportive of your business. It also gives you leverage that your customers can easily return if they are not satisfied.

While working with USA dropship suppliers, you can rest assured about the service quality and return policies. Returns within the USA are quick and instant. Sometimes, it gets done within the same day.

For others, they do have easy policies, taking the load back off of your head.

Better Brand Image 

Better products with better eCommerce services are a straightforward way to create a better brand image.

Products manufactured in China or other seemingly cheap countries are supposed to be cheaper, but they come with a hidden cost. Either they are of poor quality or are made of cheaper materials.

Moreover, there is also an ethical reason. China is known for genocides, organ harvesting, and jailing people without sentences for free labor.

This information has become common because of social media, making consumers conscious of the products they buy. Many consumers have started boycotting products made in China.

What Are the Best Dropshipping Companies in the USA?


Alibaba is a leading B2B wholesale marketplace where you can find millions of products to dropship. It is the world's biggest dropshipping marketplace where you can find the best suppliers from all around the world.

But most of the products on Alibaba are owned by Asian sellers. This means you can't stay rest assured about the product quality. Plus, the shipping will take a while to arrive as it is coming from Asia.

Besides this, Alibaba is a hub of a huge range of products that you can source at a cheap rate. Buyers on Alibaba can directly communicate and negotiate with the manufacturers. With direct dealing, you can save a significant share from any third party.


Alibaba charges nothing from dropshippers. You can join for free.


AliDropship is a WordPress plugin. It helps you import dropship products from AliExpress to WordPress. Though the plugin is supposed to be a dealer of made-in-China products, it also deals in the USA market.

AliDropship plugin gives you a centralized platform to dropship products, manage inventory, create product lists, track orders and do much more right on your website.

Dropshipping products from AliExpress by using the AliDropship plugin is completely free. However, if you want to dropship products from other platforms, you might have to pay a small fee to avail of its features.

It also has some really good offerings for people who are new to the eCommerce world. AliDropship has a team of experts who can help you create a store, list products, and do much more without worrying.


AliDropship is a one-stop solution if you want to source products from AliExpress. It costs a one-time purchase price of $89 with a free WooCommerce version of the plugin.


AliExpress is a well-known B2C platform that lets dropshippers source products in small quantities. It is a famous platform where you can find a huge selection of wholesale products instantly.

Products on AliExpress are mostly owned by Asian sellers and are comparatively cheap. But the quality of products isn't guaranteed. So you might need to check it for yourself via a test order, but you can't stay rest assured forever.

Moreover, most of the suppliers are from Asia, which means the shipping might take longer. However, you can also find some USA suppliers, which, depending on the warehouse location, might take only a few days to deliver products.


AliExpress doesn't charge you a fee for creating an account. However, you would have to pay for the products you want to dropship. Product commission depends on the category you choose. So it is subjected to fluctuations.

However, for sellers, the commission rate ranges between 5% to 8%. Dropshippers can set their profit margins when deciding the selling price.


BrandsGateway is a leading dropshipping supplier of luxury designer clothes. It has more than 100 brands comprising world-renowned fashion designers and houses such as Parada, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more.

This creates a huge list of luxury clothes you can choose from. Furthermore, you can also have help from experts from BrandsGateway in managing your dropshipping store.

It has an automated system that directly forwards the order details to BrandsGateway to process things instantly. This also works for new arrivals. Whenever a new product arrives, it will be updated in your store directly.

This automation works fine in the Shopify, Wix, Shift4Shop, and WooCommerce integrated stores. You would need to install and set up the plugin to get started.

However, for custom websites, you can avail of the Rest API integration offered by the BrandsGateway.


Depending on the eCommerce platform you use for your store, BrandsGateway has different plans for you to get started.

If you are using WooCommerce or Shift4Shop, there are three pricing options to choose from.

  • Monthly Billing: €295 per month
  • Quarterly Billing: €590 per quarter (you will be saving 34% on total cost with this plan)
  • Annual Billing: €1695 per year (you will be saving 52% on total cost with this plan)

However, if you are using Shopify or Wix for your dropshipping store, you will have two pricing options.

  • Monthly Billing: €295 per month
  • Annual Billing: € 1695 per year


CJDropshipping is a famous dropshipping solution that enables you to dropship products from around the globe to anywhere in the world. It uses US-based warehouses to offer same-day product shipment processing.

The product ranges include a wide range of different categories and products in it. But all of them are available at a price lower than products on AliExpress. You can choose from hundreds of millions of products, including hard-to-find items and virtual products.

It works with fast shipping solutions, including FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. For products sourced from China, CJDropshipping uses its own shipping line called CJPacket. This shipment solution is known to deliver products from China to the USA in between seven to 12 days.

With all these, retailers love CJDropshipping because it is a one-stop place for everything required in dropshipping.


CJDropshipping is free and charges no fee for a subscription. There's no fee required for storage, monthly subscription, store setup, minimum order quantity, or anything else. You just need to pick a product, test it, see its pricing, and get started.


CROV is another one-stop wholesale center with a range of quality products and a vetted list of US-based wholesalers. Like any other leading platform, CROV has a wide range of product categories and listings.

The platform is known for over 36,000 quality products under 20 different categories and lets you buy directly from the manufacturer. You can also choose from white-labeled products and custom products. If you can't find the product you are looking for, you can submit a product request.

With the option to buy directly from the manufacturer, you can save a higher profit margin. As of now, CROV is offering shipping in 42 countries. The shipping cost depends on the suppliers and their shipping methods.

For fast shipping in the USA, CROV has a US warehouse to process domestic orders at a faster rate.


CROV is a free-to-use service for dropshippers. You can sign up for free and skim through product categories.


Doba is a fast-growing dropshipping supplier in the USA. It is a wholesaler and manufacturer with a growing catalog of millions of products to choose from.

It works like a centralized interface where you can integrate with suppliers and place orders with multiple warehouses.

Doba is more about convenient dropshipping. It caters to multiple suppliers and offers two million products. The features it offers are versatile and let you access manufacturers from around the globe.


Doba offers a 30-day free trial. After that, you will have to pay a significant sum for the subscription. It's because Doba is remarkably known for its features.


DropCommerce is a famous online wholesale store of high-quality products for USA dropshippers. It offers a wide range of exciting products with fast shipping times.

On DropCommerce, you can choose products from a directory of more than 300 suppliers. These suppliers are mainly from North America, meaning the shipping won't take too long.

The additional feature of DropCommerce is free shipment tracking and product imports. You can import products to your Shopify eCommerce store within seconds. For any type of queries and questions related to any order or product, you can get your questions answered by experts — within seconds.


DropCommerce offers four different pricing options, including a free trial.

  • Free: designed to help you discover DropCommerce.
  • Basic at $19 per month
  • Growth at $49 per month
  • Professional in $89 per month
  • Executive $149 per month


Dropified is a dropshipping solution famous for its automation options. Dropshippers like Dropified because it lets them automate daily tasks.

With Dropified, you can import products from your suppliers' stores directly to your store. You can work on different eCommerce platforms such as eBay and AliExpress using Dropified. It also lets you import pre-existing product reviews from AliExpress.

You can integrate Dropified with platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and ComerceHQ.

Whenever a customer places an order using your dropshipping storefront, the system will automatically send details to your suppliers.

If you are new to dropshipping, Dropified has got you covered with a 60-day training program. This program will help you learn the basics of how to dropship and drive traffic to your dropshipping store.


Dropified is free to get started and comes with limited features. But there's a price for further access to its features.

  • Import Plan: $17 per month, plus 8% of the product cost
  • Private Label on Demand Plan: $97 per month, plus 3% of the product cost
  • Black Plan: $297 per month

Inventory Source

Inventory Source is another dropshipping supplier site with 230+ pre-built supplier integrations. It has a huge number of product categories and the best options for integrations and automation.

You can make better decisions by using your ability to choose a supplier. Plus, you can keep your inventory updated using the automation feature. It lets you

  • Sync your inventory with the dropshipping suppliers
  • Update information about new orders
  • Sync tracking to your store and customers

Inventory Source is a perfect solution if you want to stay on top of trends, use social media in your favor, and deliver products to your customers in a short shipment time. This platform is compatible with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and many other eCommerce platforms.

Pricing Plans

Inventory Source doesn't charge you anything for creating a directory account. However, to use other features like inventory automation, you would have to pay a fee.

  • Inventory automation for just $99 per month
  • Complete automation for just $150 per month


MegaGoods is a niche-based wholesaler platform. If you want to dropship consumer goods, video games, and other related items, MegaGoods could be a one-stop solution for you.

It is a US-based wholesale store with a list of 2,000 products to choose from. This hyper-focused platform makes it easy for dropshippers to find quality product options within a niche.

They also have a friendly shipping policy with a shipping time of 1-2 days. All shipments are being made on time, and they also provide a shipment tracking link.

The shipping partners at MegaGoods are UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. The availability of multiple partners lets you have control over shipping fees and time. On most products, you will have a 30-day guarantee against manufacturer defects.

You can import products to your online store, but you might have to handle this transfer manually. Images will be available in ZIP files and will require you to sort things manually.

Pricing Plan

MegaGoods charges $14.99 per month. 


If you are starting dropshipping as a side hustle, you will look for an automated system. Modalyst is an automated dropshipping app. You can use it for your online store to dropship products from brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and other famous brands.

Depending on your target audience, you can access a curated list of independent brands. This makes you get a crucial step done. Modalyst has an official API partnership with AliExpress. With that, you can access millions of new products with one click.


Modalyst is offering two pricing options with a free plan. The free plan gives you access to the list of non-premium suppliers with a limit of 25 products.

The startup plan costs $35 per month, which comes with a limit of 250 products. However, the PRO plan comes with access to all features of Modalyst, and it costs $90 per month.

If you subscribe to an annual package, you can save 25%.


SaleHoo is a diverse directory of more than 8,000 products. The platform allows you to dropship products on Amazon and eBay.

SaleHoo serves the USA, UK, and Australian markets. The inventory is sourced from AliExpress and also has pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers from several niches. You can select products and import items directly to your Shopify store.


SaleHoo has straightforward pricing plans. You can choose between a lifetime plan and a yearly plan. The yearly subscription costs you $67, and the lifetime subscription costs $127. Both options come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Spocket is known as the best platform for high-quality products to dropship in the USA. The company is located in Vancouver, Canada. The majority of suppliers are from the USA or Europe, and they have to pass an in-depth process of onboarding.

No matter the eCommerce platform you are using, you can integrate Spocket with any eCommerce platform. It can automatically update the order status, which will initiate the shipment process from the supplier.

The plus point is that Spockets's products come with a 30-60% discount on a standard retail price. It lets you have a fair profit margin in the store up front.


Spocket offers 4 different plans with a 14-days free trial.

  • Free plan designed to help you get started
  • Starter at just $29.99 per month
  • Pro in just $49.99 per month
  • Empire in just $99.99 per month

You can save a great deal by paying yearly.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is a 22 years old USA wholesale dropshipping supplier. You will find more than 30,000 products from over 20 different categories.

You can easily import these products to your dropshipping store. However, if you want to dropship on Amazon or eBay, Sunrise Wholesale comes with everything you need.

Being a pioneer wholesale dropshipping supplier, Sunrise Wholesale comes with a wide range of integrations, single-click order fulfillment, automatic product updates, and analytics tools.


Sunrise Wholesale costs $49 per month.

Wholesale Central

If you are looking for a dropshipping-friendly supplier platform, Wholesale Central is the best option to go with. It is a free platform that charges dropshippers nothing.

This is because the platform charges its suppliers a fee to be listed on the directory and display ads. Wholesale Central is known for its review and screening process to assess suppliers.

This process is designed to ensure that all suppliers are legitimate and trustworthy to start a business with.


There is no fee for dropshippers on the Wholesale Central platform.


Wholesale2b is another dropshipping supplier in the USA, which comes with great features such as order automation and tracking. You can browse the 1 million products from more than 100 suppliers in different categories.

However, you have to pay attention to the origin of the supplier. Not all suppliers listed on the Wholesale2b platform are US based.

There are different apps available on the platform that you can integrate with different eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and many more.


The pricing of Wholesale2b depends on the eCommerce platform you are using. The cost starts from $29.99 per month and increases based on the platform.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a Florida-based company known for the value it offers. In each category, it has a long list of product options which is more than 16 million.

Though the platform doesn't offer automation and integrations, you can access a number of bulk wholesalers offering products at affordable pricing. It also offers a money-back guarantee on the market if you pay $299 upfront and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Worldwide Brands cost $299 for lifetime access.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Dropshipping Supplier?

Dropshipping is seemingly easy but a tricky business. The major part of your success depends on the supplier you are working with. Though there are many suppliers, and many of them are good, one way or another, here are some factors that you should pay attention to.

Product Quality

Make sure that the supplier is known for quality products. If they are offering a low-quality product at a cheaper rate, there is no use for it.

Customers want premium quality products and are ready to pay extra bucks for them. Moreover, product quality determines the level of trust customers would have in your store.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are an influential factor in determining the number of orders you receive. If everything is good, but the shipping rate is comparatively higher than the other options, customers would want to purchase from other sellers.

That's why make sure your supplier is offering a low shipping cost. If not, then it is great to have multiple shipment solution providers. This way, you would be able to select the one with a low shipping cost.

Return Policies And Warranties

Easy returns have a huge impact on how customers perceive your brand and its quality. Most suppliers have a great order fulfillment process, but they do not support returns, leaving customers with a bad experience.

Offering easy returns and warranties helps strengthen customers' trust in your brand.

Customer Service

There are several points in the online shopping journey where customers need assistance. If not provided on time, businesses can face cart abandonment.

Providing your customers with prompt support to assist them in buying decisions.

Pricing Plans

Another important factor to consider while choosing a dropshipping supplier is the platform's pricing plan. Though, in the beginning, you don't need to opt for an expensive product supplier. However, there are some good options with affordable costs.

Takeaway Points

Starting a dropshipping business is easy but needs your attention to various points, with one of the most important being the supplier you choose to work with.

Aspire to partner with a wholesome dropshipping supplier who offers automation and a vast list of products in different categories and prioritizes better shipping options.

In addition to selecting the right supplier, building a resilient customer service process is crucial for your dropshipping business.

The primary reason customers reach out for support is order status inquiries, which can be effectively addressed through our tracking page.

By working with dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping times, you can further streamline this process and enhance the overall customer experience.

For those just getting started, SaleHoo can be a good option.

However, if you are already familiar with the dropshipping business' ins and outs, you can also try other platforms.

Remember, the efficiency of your chosen suppliers can impact the success of your dropshipping venture.