Shopify Basics | Updated August 23, 2023  

Shopify Page Builder — Better Design in a Few Clicks

Shopify is one of the favorite solutions for eCommerce business owners. It comes with everything you need. But to be a little bit creative, you have to go the extra mile.

Shopify page builders are specifically designed solutions for creative eCommerce store owners. With these apps, you can build eye-catchy and high-converting pages on the Shopify store.

With these page builders, you can create product pages, web pages, landing pages, contact pages, and do much more with more customization options.

In this Shopify page builders review, I’ll give you a walk-through of 

  • What these apps are
  • The benefit of using page builders in shopify
  • The best shopify page builder apps
  • And what makes them best.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Shopify Page Builder?

Shopify page builder is an additional Shopify app that helps you create new pages with extensive features. These features include

  • Drag and drop features
  • Extensive page elements library
  • Advance editing with code
  • Wide themes selection

With these features, you can create better web pages with captivating visuals and catchy designs — which in turn, helps you drive more conversions and sales.

Though Shopify has its page builder, it comes with limited features which doesn’t let you do much. You can only choose from many themes, templates, elements, and design layouts.

On the contrary, a page builder has many options — letting you design perfectly optimized pages.

What are the Benefits of using a Shopify Page Builder?

Shopify page builder comes with several features making things easy for eCommerce store owners. Here are some of the most common benefits of using a page builder.

Personalize All of your Store Pages

Page builders come with an extensive set of features. With these features, you can easily decide how each store page will look.

You can make use of color palettes and themes and take control of page design. It also lets you add personalized CTA and product recommendations considering the stage of your customer’s journey and interest, minimize distractive options, and so much more.

This results in improved conversions, sales, and better ROI. 

Brand-centric Pages

Branding is an important part of a business website. Customers want to keep feeling that they are in the same place, offering the same solutions.

The biggest advantage of branding in your store pages is becoming a single identity irrespective of your product catalog. Customers will remember you for your subjective qualities and will associate them with all of your products.

Page builder apps come with better branding features. You can use the same color palette, logo, designs, and CTRs to drive better conversions.

Perfectly Optimized for Different Devices

Online buyers are using different devices for making online purchases. If your web pages are optimized for all devices, you will gain a significant share of potential buyers.

Unoptimized pages create design issues, take time to load, and frustrate customers.

With a shopify page builder, you can create optimized pages for different devices. It also comes with advanced SEO features to help you improve your search rankings.

You can optimize each page with relevant keywords and optimize images and content to increase your chances of getting high search traction.

Detailed insights and analytics

Detailed insights on how your pages are performing on searches and how customers are interacting with them are a great way to identify what’s working and what’s not.

With Shopify page builder apps, you can get your hands on all this analytics data and make necessary adjustments.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a nightmare for eCommerce business owners. Going through all stages of making a purchase and adding a product to the cart but ending up with a change of mind indicates something needs to be fixed.

Page builders come with advanced features to help you optimize upselling, cross-selling, product pages, and checkout pages. When you design your store based on your customers’ interests, they feel valued and find it hard to revert to a different seller. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Better sales are all about capturing the attention of new buyers and optimizing the buying journey for an improved experience.

With Shopify page builder, you can design pages with better color options, relevant content, images, and CTAs. This perfect blend of design and layout improvement helps improve conversion rate and sales.

What are the Top 4 Shopify Page Builders?

PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly is a premium Shopify app that lets you create and customize pages for your store. It comes with features like

  • Professional templates
  • Elements where you can edit and customize the smallest details
  • Product variant highlight option
  • Integration options with popular apps
  • Global styling and sections to help you save time and effort
  • Lightening fast page speed
  • Impressive interface design for mobile devices
  •  24/7 active chat support

PageFly is a perfect page-building solution for Shopify eCommerce stores. It helps you build all pages with premade sections and templates. You can also add conversion-oriented elements like

  • Countdown timer
  • Low in-stock badge
  • Add to cart button
  • Compared at price,

And many more advanced elements.

You can adjust and optimize the design and layout of every page of your website for every screen. It lets you customize the breakout points for all devices.

Everything is easy and handy, but if you are still confused about something, you can contact their support and resolve your issues in minutes.

Pricing: The app has a free plan with access to all its features and 24/7 customer support but comes with a single publishable slot. Pricing plans start from $24 per month with all features and limited tracking, and 10 publishable slots. 


Tapita is a no-code shopify page builder app. It lets you create beautifully designed store pages with the drag-and-drop feature.

In the page-building app category, Tapita has the best pre-made templates for every page type. Whether in the fashion category or serving an audience of digital nomads, you can find several catchy templates in Tapita.

With the drag-and-drop live editor, you can build high-converting web pages without getting into codes. You can see the final outlook in real-time.

The extensive elements library has all navigational and conversion-driving options. You can use any of the most suitable ones to create customized pages to drive sales.

Other features include

  • Lazy loading to better page loading speed.
  • SEO optimization features to optimize meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Mobile optimized pages.
  • Professional help.

Pricing: Starting at $9 per month with a free plan offering access to all Tapita features


EComposer is a beginner-friendly shopify page builder app. It comes with tons of high-converting layouts and sections with a copy-paste option. You can also create customized options in no time and add them to your theme within a few clicks.  

There are 15+ sales-boosting add-ons in EComposer to help you boost sales without investing hundreds of dollars. The app is beginner friendly, which means you can take care of everything with the drag-and-drop feature.

You can also integrate it with other Shopify apps, including product review apps, Loox, AVADA SEO Page speed, and many others.

Pricing: EComposer offers a free plan with three live pages, 20 template creations, and access to layouts and add-ons. Premium plans start from $14.99 per month.


If you want to give your store a unique design, GemPages is a perfect solution to consider. You can design and customize pages without any limits.

It has a drag-and-drop editor which lets you design all of your store pages the way you want. You can use a theme, customize it with your brand colors, and optimize it with sales boosters.

GemPages can integrate with all popular Shopify store apps and let you do AB testing and SEO optimization for better results in business.

Pricing: GemPage pricing starts at $29 per month with a 30-day free trial. 

What Makes a Best Shopify Page Builder?

Shopify is a leading eCommerce solution, but it comes with limited design and customization options. This is why store owners use third-party page builder apps to design their dream eCommerce stores.

There are several page builder apps available in shopify, but not all are the same. You have to keep your focus and rate a page-building app on Shopify based on the following qualities.

Ease of Use 

Building a page with code is easy — but only for developers. If you aren’t a developer, you need an alternative option.

Within that, there are two categories. 

  1. Simple code
  2. No-code

In simple code, you need to write a bit of code to make some adjustments and customizations. You can make a few minor changes to HTML and CSS. This is very easy but wouldn’t be appreciated by someone with no experience in coding.

On the contrary, no-code builders are completely beginner friendly. You just need to drag and drop the section while looking into the overall layout.

Pre-made Templates

Pre-made templates are a good-to-go option for people struggling with designing skills. It helps you get your hands off the difficult part and do real actions.

You can easily use pre-made templates and customize them with brand colors and images. It helps you keep the entire website in a synchronized form. 


Responsive pages are the most important need in today’s advanced world. The average attention span is shrinking, and people won’t be willing to wait.

Responsive pages help you better serve your audience without making them wait. They can easily find the information they want to make better decisions.

SEO Features

SEO optimization is necessary to get better search traction. Pages with optimized title tags, meta descriptions, images, and rich media improve your chances of better rankings for the target keyword.

Data Tracking

To make beneficial improvements, you need access to detailed trackable data. With data tracking, you can better understand how many people are visiting your store pages, for what keyword, how they interact, and how much time they have spent on your website.

The Bottom Line

Shopify stands out as a preferred platform for eCommerce entrepreneurs, offering a range of free themes that cater to various business needs. However, to truly unlock its potential, third-party page builders, especially those with a Shopify drag-and-drop page builder feature, are invaluable.

These Shopify page builders not only enhance the visual appeal and functionality of Shopify stores but also empower owners with advanced customization, branding, and optimization capabilities.

From ensuring consistent branding to optimizing for various devices and enhancing SEO, these page builders are pivotal in driving conversions and sales.

Tools like PageFly, Tapita, EComposer, and GemPages offer businesses the edge to stand out and succeed.

Investing in the right page builder is not merely about aesthetics but crafting an optimal user experience that translates into tangible business growth.