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Reduce Chargebacks to Boost Bottom-Line Revenue with Rush & Chargeflow

Shopify brands that struggle with chargebacks, refunds, and returns can finally breathe easy. 

Rush and Chargeflow are the leading Shopify solutions that help brands create a better customer experience that results in lower dispute rate, increased chargeback win rate, and more repeat business.

Today, we’re proud to announce our partnership and dedication to improve the customer and brand experience of Shopify brands who care about building journeys their shoppers dream about.

This article will show you one of the major problems Shopify brands face today, why it’s important to solve it, and how Rush and Chargeflow make it simple to overcome.

Why Are Delivery Update Emails Important?

There are many reasons why customers request chargebacks, but the most common on based on combined data & research from industry leaders is this:

  • The package was late or not delivered at all.

This means that chargebacks are a symptom, not the root problem. This is exactly where the new partnership between Rush and Chargeflow comes into play.

Why Is This a Problem for Customers?

In most cases, it’s simply a lack of communication between the brand and the customer about the order delivery.

The journey between order confirmation and delivery is an emotional one for customers as most of them are in the dark and get no information about where their order is.

At the same time, the most popular question your customer support gets is “Where is my order?”

How to solve it?

Communication solves everything. A simple automation that notifies shoppers where their order is at important checkpoints and more importantly - a notification if a delivery is delayed.

Knowing that the delay happened and that your brand is on top of the situation will alleviate anxiety and build trust that even though the package is delayed - it will be delivered.

What Causes Delivery Delays?

In the wake of the last crisis, it’s obvious that emergencies like COVID-19 are among the major reasons why deliveries are delayed.

Other reasons include supply chain issues, labor issues, national holidays, or even weather anomalies can sometimes cause shipments to be delayed or lost.

Of course, incorrect shipping data such as typos in addresses, phone numbers, or anything else that prevents the courier from delivering the package.

How to solve it?

Again, communication. Simply notifying customers about the delay, the reason for the delay, or if they need to update their shipping info can resolve the issue right away and not even lead to chargebacks, support loads, or bad reviews from a negative delivery experience.

Why Solving Chargebacks is Important

Chargebacks are not the problem - they are a symptom.

Bad customer experience and a lack of a communication strategy through your delivery journey has a lot more bad implications on your business than you might know:

  • Customers get angry
  • Bad reviews increase
  • Revenue gets lost
  • Retention gets hurt
  • Brand image, trust, and loyalty go down
  • New customers get turned off
  • Growth becomes harder and harder

Not solving the root problem of bad customer experience and poor communication can have negative effects on your business growth that gradually build over time.

Basically, it’s a slippery slope to losing customers, sales, and revenue.

How to Defeat Chargebacks Forever

By solving delivery anxiety about your customer’s shipment through better communication, you will be able to minimize chargebacks and retain the revenue generated from those sales.

If you’re getting requests for chargebacks, refunds, and returns - a lot of them can be eliminated with simple automation for delivery update notifications via email & SMS.

How Better Order Tracking Reduces Chargebacks

The biggest advantage of tracking orders is the ability to notify customers on important events they need to know about. Those are the events that can eliminate chargeback volumes by giving details on delays or failed deliveries.

Rush helps Shopify brands increase repeat sales and improve customer loyalty with branded order tracking and delivery notifications.

The magic of it is in delivering data from 1,300+ carriers worldwide into shipment events that are sent to your favorite email & SMS marketing platform. This helps you automate notifications for events such as:

  • Delayed shipment
  • Failed delivery attempt
  • Waiting to reschedule
  • Returned shipment
  • X days without shipment update
  • X days exceeded transit time

By automating messages for those cases, you can reduce the amount of chargebacks you get because customers will be in the loop about their order and have their worries alleviated.

Even better - they will be alleviated from your brand, which in turn helps you to turn angry customers into happy and loyal ones. Bad reviews into positive ones. Chargebacks into more sales. Lost revenue into more growth.

How Better Chargeback Management Increases Bottom-Line Revenue

Even with great communication, you can never eliminate chargebacks entirely.

DTC founders and a lot of Shopify brands have the habit of overcomplicating the way they handle chargebacks by hiring freelancers, assigning team members to manually handle each chargeback, or the worst part - manually handling chargebacks themselves.

Handling chargebacks takes too much time, and many brands struggle with the know-how and patience, causing issues from revenue loss to possible account suspension with the payment processor.

Meet Chargeflow, the game-changer in chargeback management for over 3,500 eCommerce brands, like Obvi, Huel, and WordTune. Sign up in under 90 seconds with a pay-only-when-you-win model — no contracts, just click to stop anytime.

Let Chargeflow do the work for you. Integrating seamlessly, it wins chargebacks on your behalf for a simple 25% fee, paid once when successful. It's that easy.

Directly linked to major payment processors and driven by AI and big data, Chargeflow was founded by fellow DTC brand owners who get the struggle. In 2024, chargebacks are a $31 billion industry woe. Don't let your revenue suffer—Chargeflow is your hassle-free solution.

Directly linked to major payment processors and driven by AI and big data, Chargeflow was founded by fellow DTC brand owners who get the struggle. In 2024, chargebacks are a $31 billion industry woe. Don't let your revenue suffer—Chargeflow is your hassle-free solution.

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Better delivery communications with Rush can minimize chargebacks and angry customers, while a streamlined chargeback management system like Chargeflow can make sure whatever’s left is resolved in your favor. Use code RUSH20 to get $1,000 in free app credits - sign up for Chargeflow here.