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12 of the Best Shopify Clothing Stores Today (And the Strategies Behind Their Success)

If you’re planning to set up a Shopify clothing store or have one already, then you’ll love this article.

By the tail end of this post, you’ll discover the following:

  • 12 of the best Shopify clothing stores.
  • What makes these stores successful?
  • How you can implement these store’s strategies to drive success to your own clothing store.

Let’s take the plunge.

We’ll start by crunching the numbers.

The global revenue for the apparel market is tipped to increase to $3.3 trillion by 2030. That’s 2x the growth registered in the 3 years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Much of this growth is happening online, with Shopify playing a significant role.

These stats are mouthwatering, for sure. But you must get the basics right to build a flourishing clothing store.

The best approach? …learning from the best.

We’ve rounded up 12 successful Shopify clothing store examples. These will get your creative juices flowing. These are the crème de la crème of online clothing stores.

12 of the Best Shopify Clothing Stores Today

The clothing stores below found the right mix for eCommerce success. Everything about them oozes credibility, from the appealing design to stellar marketing campaigns.

Be inspired.

1. Adored Vintage

Estimated Annual Revenue: $15 M to 25 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: 840K

Founded in 2012, Adored Vintage sells women's apparel.

Adored Vintage sports a retro design, evoking a period-piece look and feel. The website's imagery, colors, and other elements reflect the design essence of the '70s and '80s.

Even more unique are its products. Adored Vintage stocks vintage-inspired modern pieces for "modern romantics."

Not everyone dons vintage clothing. By going vintage, the store targets a specific market segment. Target marketing is crucial to driving customer loyalty.

Adore Vintage has perfected the art of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) strategy to build customer loyalty. The store allows four installment payments for orders above $50.

An Insider Intelligence report, reveals that 39.4% of customers prefer BNPL solutions. Adored Vintage uses BNPL to encourage customers to make bigger orders.

BNPL allows the store to appeal to a wider breadth of customers. Buyers who may not ordinarily shop in the store. All this adds up to a better bottom line.

Providing a great customer experience is crucial to the success of Adored Vintage. Navigating the website is easy and seamless.

The store has a minimalist layout. That way, customers can find what they’re looking for quickly. There’s even an accessibility feature. The function allows users to decrease text and invert colors.

Besides, the product segregation is clear to prevent navigational issues for users. Customers can identify a specific product at a glance in the main navigation.

The point is,

Smoother navigation makes it easy for people to explore your Shopify store.

2. Brazen Boutique

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2.5 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: 200K

Brazen Boutique offers clothing for “women who love basics but don’t want to look basic.”

The store’s loungewear is conventional and comfortable enough for everyday wear. Yet, stylish, cool and stand-out-worthy. The dual look-good, feel-good effects give Brazen Boutique a competitive edge.

The store’s mission is to save women time.

It offers easy outfit solutions. That way, customers can pair together to create quick, simple, yet trendy outfits. According to Brazen Boutique, the last thing customers should worry about is what to wear.

Brazen Boutique targets women looking for bold, vibrant clothing. The store even runs #BrazenBombshells to encourage customers to mix and match apparel.

Brazen Boutique stands for core values that drive business success. The store sells high-quality apparel, a crucial element for attracting customers. It even states on the website, “lying isn’t in our blood.”

In addition, the store is all about integrity. It stands by its pricing, messaging, and merchandise selection. Brazen Boutique understands integrity is a crucial tenant for customer retention.

Moreover, this store aims to showcase products for women of ALL sizes. Targeting multiple audiences helps boost the store’s bottom line.

Brazen Boutique offers free shipping for orders above $50. Customers also get a 30% discount for orders of $100 or more. Meanwhile, the shop runs promotional codes to allow shoppers to save at checkout.

Brazen Boutique thrives on helping women look styling without bending their budgets. Add the free shipping and discounts and what you get is a multi-million Shopify store.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $<1 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: 1.8 M

BIG BUD PRESS is a successful Shopify clothing store to inspire you.

The store sports a vibrant layout and a bright theme to match. The website uses bold, eye-catching fonts to invite customers to look around.

BIG BUD PRESS stocks unisex pieces, enabling it to reach a wider audience. It sells jumpsuits, bottoms, tops, and even bags. The merchandise is unique, colorful, and available in multiple sizes.

Product descriptions are key to the success of your clothing store. In-depth descriptions help your merchandise become more visible online. They also help share the info customers need to make informed buying decisions.

BIG BUD PRESS offers detailed descriptions of merchandise in the store. Plus, every product features several images shot from different angles. High-quality images help shoppers better understand your products.

BIG BUD PRESS's website boasts stellar organization. The store's product categories are well laid out. The simple layout makes it easy for shoppers to spot merchandise.

Better yet, this clothing store comes with a clearance section. This section comes in handy when an item's price exceeds a shopper's budget. It allows buyers to check for clearance sales, saving them money.

BIG BUD PRESS showcases its brick-and-mortar stores on the website. The store provides detailed directions, further increasing the brand's credibility.

What's more, the store invites customers to test the merchandise first-hand. That tells how much BIG BUD PRESS believes in the quality of its product. It also helps build trust with customers.

Your Shopify clothing store can only be successful by being trusted.

4. Blackmilk Clothing

Estimated Annual Revenue: $15 - $20 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: >7M

Blackmilk Clothing is an online clothing powerhouse. It sells bold and unique designs, charming many women around the world.

The store started as a fashion blog back in 2009. The founder, James Lillis, leveraged content marketing to turn the store into what it is today.

Blackmilk's muscle leggings design went viral a couple of years back. The leggings received mass reposting across the web. The store has collaborated with George Lucas to create Star Wars merchandise.

Blackmilk is also the creator of the chart-topping Harry Potter activewear.

This store's claim to fame is the ability to tell instead of sell. It uses social proof and storytelling to engage customers.s

aHow does Blackmilk rake millions of dollars without focusing on selling?

It boils down to quality, authenticity, churning great content, and community-building.

With these traits, you don't need to create an elaborate Shopify store. You don't even need a premium Shopify theme. Your product will draw the right customers.

Still, Blackmilk has a stimulating website. The images are striking and jazzy. The pattern and text overlays are glaring and eye-catching.

And it works …because Blackmilk is all about daring and smashing designs.

Blackmilk Clothing's customer engagement is on another level. One of the ways they've achieved this is through Instagram hashtags.

The store's customers use hashtags when uploading images to Instagram. Blackmilk then collects these images and features them on the website.

In turn, the store gets free shoutouts on socials. These shoutouts help boost Blackmilk's brand awareness and credibility. No fake reviews, paid models, or influencers. Just real people showcasing their sense of style.

5. Fashion Nova

Estimated Annual Revenue: $15 - $20 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: >7M

Fashion Nova deserves mention among the top Shopify stores. Even more impressive, Fashion Nova is one of the most "Googled" clothing stores.

The store sells women's and men's clothing of all shapes and sizes. It also offers merchandise at competitive prices, contributing to its success.

Fashion Nova aims to make every customer feel confident and valued. For instance, it stocks apparel for A+ women in plenty. That way, even overweight women can find something fashionable to wear.

That isn't the only reason Fashion Nova is successful. The store has a well-crafted content generation strategy.

Fashion Nova creates and uploads high-quality content every day. The ripple effect? …more traffic and better customer engagement.

Further, this Shopify store leverages the power of influencer marketing to stand out. It collaborates with influencers like Cardi B to attract customers.

In addition, Fashion Nova's merch has been featured in celebrity music videos. The most notable videos include Kylie Jenner and Cardi B.

The store also runs contests regularly. It awards winners and features them on the website's homepage. These contests help engage customers.

Meanwhile, Nova Deals allows customers to buy merchandise at a discount. Deals and discounts enable Fashion Nova to attract budget-conscious shoppers. Think of it as a strategy to bring everyone on board.

Fashion Nova is one of the best Shopify clothing store examples for merchants with bigger budgets. It shows what you can do with a wide range of products.

Dropshippers, take note — this is how to do high-volume eCommerce marketing.

6. Goodfair

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2M - $5 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: >788 K

Goodfair is a successful clothing store with a focus on sustainability.

Founded by Topper Luciani, the shop promotes conscious consumerism. It offers customers a quick way to find stylish used clothing. Goodfair is also about selling affordable merchandise.

This store has a robust social mission and clear values. And the story is prominent on Goodfair’s website. Clothes come in bundles to make shipping affordable. That’s a shift from similar clothing stores that tend to list individual items.

Plus, the site explains sourcing, preparation, and process in detail.

Goodfair has an excellent social media marketing strategy. The brand is big on TikTok. It uses the platform to showcase behind-the-scenes content and educational videos.

The store also leverages its comment section to engage customers. It uses a witty tone to reply to questions, making it easy for customers to relate to the brand.

Further, Goodfair uses Instagram and Snapchat to promote its store. It ran campaigns like “In the racks, in the rags” to reward followers.

Goodfair has a good email marketing strategy too. It uses emojis in emails to make noticeable statements. And with an average spam score of -2, the store is doing an excellent job with email marketing.

There’s a lot of inspiration from Goodfair for merchants dealing with second-hand outfits. Moreover, the website has plenty of educational blogs on sustainability.

Goodfair is a good Shopify store example that successfully talks about social responsibility. You can borrow a leaf if that’s your area of focus.

7. Greats

Estimated Annual Revenue: $15 M - $50 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: >1.75 M

What do you get when you blend premium quality, trendy sneakers, and affordable pricing? The answer is Greats.

One of the most successful Shopify stores, Greats, garnered attention right from the start. It has features on outlets like Forbes and GQ.

The brand is the brainchild of Jon Buscemi and Ryan Babenzien, two industry experts.

Greats success lies in the plain style of their sneakers. The store aims to create versatile merch without the “BS attitude of iconic retro sneakers.” The company makes sneakers for men and women.

On top of that, Greats focuses on ethical labor practices and sustainability. And then there’s the well-designed Shopify store. aThe brand relies on press and digital marketing. But most of all, social media.

The store has 80,000+ followers on Instagram. Greats targets millennials on the platform. The company’s Instagram account features a mix of Italian style, updates, and product news.

Media coverage also contributes to Greats’ success.

The company updates sneaker styles and colors weekly, making it relevant in the press. This strategy helps the brand stay top of mind with its target audience.

Greats is a great Shopify example if you’re planning to sell merch that goes beyond a particular lifestyle.

8. Hardgraft Fashion

Estimated  Annual Revenue: $5 M - $10 M

Estimated  Annual Traffic: >400K

There’s a lot to love about Hardgaft Fashion.

Let’s start with the homepage. This Shopify store has a minimal, clean design. Besides, the design matches the brand’s message.

The neutral tones reflect the company’s Luxury and Down to Earth Values. Sure, the homepage is long. But there’s an email pop-up before you scroll too far.

The pop shows Hardgaft understands the power of email marketing.

A well-run email campaign can help boost your clothing store’s bottom.

The store has clever buy options when you hover over a product. Meanwhile, there’s some text to show you a rough estimate in dollars and pounds.

Hardgaft leverages chatboxes to improve user experience. Its chatbox has an “Instant Answers'' section to help address common questions. We’re talking about things like refund policy, shipping times, etc.

That right there is a good Shopify example for merchants selling high-ticket merchandise. Plus, providing quick answers can help boost conversion.

Customers can chat with a company rep if their questions aren’t answered.

Hardgaft’s navigation is smooth and eye-catching. The fonts pop beautifully. Moreover, the drop-down menu makes it easy to find products.

The only problem with Hardgaft is that its website isn’t optimized for speed. It fails the Core Web Vitals assessment.

Speed plays a vital role in your clothing store’s conversion rate. A Unbounce case study shows that slow load times contribute to 18% of cart abandonment.

The slow load time aside; Hardgaft Fashion ticks all the boxes of a good Shopify store.

9. Naked and Famous

Estimated  Annual Revenue: $2 M - $5 M

Estimated  Annual Traffic: >2 M

Naked and Famous sells jeans. It sources the "world's best fabric" and turns it into high-quality denim.

Its founder, Bahzad Trinos, is part of the reason this brand is thriving. Trinos is a denim nerd. He uses his passion to push the company to greater heights. And you can see his enthusiasm for Naked & Famous apparel quality.

The website is chic and colorful. It displays pop culture-inspired products with top-quality images.

The company focuses on educating customers too. It has a raw denim and fitting guide on the website, just below the fold.

Trinos uses email marketing to close deals. He credits Omnisend for the success of his email campaigns. When Mailchimp became hectic to use, he switched to Ominsend.

According to Trinos, email marketing is the only platform where you control 100% of your audience.

Naked and Famous generates 19.75% of its revenue through email marketing. It relies heavily on automation.

Automated workflows like the cart abandonment series are critical to the store. The series has generated over a 4,400% boost in email revenue than stand-alone campaigns.

Trinos believe in robust marketing initiatives. His strategies include dabbing on social media and live streams. He also interacts with customers on raw denim message boards.

10. Negative

Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 M - $10 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: >4 M

Negative is one of the Shopify clothing stores examples you need to check out.

And despite the name, there’s nothing negative about the brand.

First, Negative has a minimalist website design. A minimalistic store is easy to navigate. It also allows you to use large and bold product images.

A glance at Negative’s site reveals lots of white spaces. Empty spaces help draw users to what remains on the page. It also helps amplify contrast. With little on the page, words become the artistic element.

Negative’s minimalistic approach aligns with the store’s mission. The company aims to showcase simple, comfortable underwear.

This brand showcases its products using professional images. And with no distracting elements, the images are eye-catching and impressive.

While Negative’s website is simple, the product descriptions aren’t. Customers can find every detail about a product. The descriptions tie in with this clothing store’s overall design concept.

Like many successful Shopify stores, negative uses social media marketing to attract leads. The brand has over 146K followers on Instagram. 

The company is super active on the platform, uploading content daily. And as you can tell from the screenshot below, Negative’s posts generate quite some engagement.

Negative amplifies that you can still run a flourishing clothing store and keep things simple. It is a perfect Shopify store example for merchants hoping to attract customers with minimalistic websites.

11. Taylor Stitch

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2 M - $5 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: > 5 M

Taylor Stitch sells vintage men’s clothing but with a modern approach.

The store’s homepage exudes a contemporary feel mimicking a high-end retail store. The details tell a different story altogether.

While product images are high-quality, the photography brings out a classic feel.

Taylor Stitch adopts a hybrid business model. The shops stock 90% of the merchandise and crowdsource the rest. That way, the company can cut down the overhead.

When you scroll down the homepage, you’re ushered into a full-screen email pop-up. The company wants you to grab a discount on your first purchase. In return, you’ll drop your email.

You can still claim the discount if you keep browsing. If you scroll further down, the pop-up remains at the top left corner of your screen.

The email pop-up is a clever and bold decision. Because of Taylor Stitch’s appealing design, this strategy can easily garner 4,000+ leads monthly.

Apart from email marketing, this Shopify store leverages SEO for growth. The store has a Domain Score of 52. This score is excellent and hard to achieve.

Achieving such results takes time, consistency and a solid SEO strategy.

Taylor Stitch commits to protecting the wild forever. It sources organic to create high-quality products without sacrificing the environment.

Sustainable marketing because it promotes this company’s core values. As a result, it makes the brand stand out in a market dominated by traditional advertising.

The store earns customers’ trust and loyalty by engaging in sustainable marketing.

12. Gymshark

Estimated Annual Revenue: $200 M - $500 M

Estimated Annual Traffic: > 70 M

Gymshark started as a company selling workout merchandise.

Ben Francis, the founder, sewed and printed the clothes with a few friends. Fast forward, Gymshark is one of the most successful Shopify stores.

Gymshark owes part of its success to the early adoption of influencer marketing. The company invested in building a solid social media presence from the get-go. The brand collaborated with Ross Edgley working out.

Edgley was the first person to swim around Great Britain’s 1780-mile coast.

This online store focuses on online marketing. It has a massive following on its social handles. On Instagram, the brand has a massive 5.8 million followers. It has 428K YouTube subscribers.

Gymshark uses newsletters and blogs to promote its products. It uses these two strategies to educate its audience about the brand.

In addition, this online store has its customers take up workout challenges. The 66 Days Challenge, for instance, paid customers to upload before and after pictures after 66 days.

The campaign was wildly successful, with # Gymshark trending on social media.

Further, Gymshar leverages a customer-centric approach to spur growth. The company addresses its customers properly, making them feel valued. The store has nurtured trust with its customers by asking for feedback.

Gymshark is one of the best Shopify clothing stores. It is an excellent example if you want to anchor your store on online marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Shopify Good for Selling Clothes?

Yes, Shopify is a good eCommerce platform for selling clothes.

It offers various functions designed to make setting up an online store easy.

The platform comes with customizable templates allowing you to create a unique store. It also offers intuitive tools to manage and process orders.

You should know a couple of things, though.

  • Shopify’s fees can rack up quite fast. So, factor the fees into your budget. You can test-drive Shopify for 14 days to see how it works.
  • Shopify has a steep learning curve. Be ready to learn the ropes. Still, if you put in the time, you shouldn't have a problem using the platform.

What are the Most Successful Stores on Shopify?

There are many successful Shopify stores.

Top stores rake in millions of dollars in revenue per year. To stand out on Shopify, you need to have a Unique Selling Point.

On top of that, you must have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Further, you need to sell high-quality merchandise.

In this post, we’ve highlighted 12 of the best Shopify clothing stores. Top names include:

  • Gymshark
  • Fashion Nova
  • Negative
  • Hardgaft Fashion
  • Greats

Is Fashion Nova Shopify?

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for online clothing stores.

Still, building a successful Shopify isn’t a walk in the park. Success isn’t out of reach, though. You only need to implement particular strategies.

All 12 Shopify clothing stores highlighted in this post have a well-thought-out game plan.

And guess what?

You can replicate their success by following the proven strategies they’ve used. So, take note and start implementing the tactics for your online store.

To your success!

Wrap Up

These Shopify clothing stores examples have demonstrated different techniques and approaches to excel in the highly competitive world of eCommerce.

The key takeaways from these stores are:

  • Have specific market segments to drive customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Prioritize smooth and user-friendly website navigation, making it easy for customers to explore product offerings.
  • Use social proof and storytelling to build strong customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Leverage influencer collaborations to expand reach and attract a larger audience.
  • Sustainability and ethical practices, which resonate with conscious consumers, to help build trust and brand loyalty.
  • Email marketing to engage customers and drive conversions effectively.
  • High-quality images and minimalistic designs to create a visually appealing shopping experience.
  • Innovative campaigns to keep the brand relevant and top of mind.

Building a successful Shopify clothing store requires creativity, strategic marketing, and a customer-centric approach.

So, take inspiration from these top examples, adapt their strategies to suit your unique brand, and take your clothing store to new heights of success. To secure the smoothest post-purchase for your clothing store, try Rush for free.

Happy selling!