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Commerce Inspector: Learn from Competitors’ Data to Earn Profit

Starting a profitable eCommerce Shopify store is difficult. You need to analyze data and market trends to decide your strategy. In this, spying on top-performing stores in your niche can provide you with helpful information.

But access to details like product launches from best sellers, traffic, sales, ad campaigns, and the overall store performance could be tricky.

Commerce Inspector is a Chrome extension designed for Shopify store owners. It helps them spy on their competitors and learn from them.

With the Commerce Inspector, you can save hours trying and testing ideas and get an insight into what worked for your competitors and what did not.

In this Commerce Inspector review, I will give you a walkthrough of what it is, its benefits, pricing, and how you can start using this amazing Chrome extension

What is a Commerce Inspector?

Commerce Inspector is a tool created for Shopify store owners. It is an extension like any other spy tool that can be installed in your browser on any device. The main function of this extension is to help you get your hands on useful business data with future projections.

This extension reveals the secrets of any Shopify eCommerce store you visit. It lets you legally have a detailed look at the under-the-cover details of an eCommerce store, identify fast-selling products, and access product insights to see its market value. 

How Does the Commerce Inspector Work?

Commerce Inspector is heavily reliant on artificial intelligence (AI) and Google Analytics to collect and assess data acquired from different sources. Its customized AI system analyzes industry trends and customer data and turns it into useful data sets.

The application collects data from publicly accessible sources to track customer data from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and other visited platforms. Once the data is collected, the Commerce Inspector will analyze it to predict future projections in sales, revenues, and profits.

Getting your hands on how a store is performing, a sneak peek at its growth strategy with customer data, and future projections on how the sales will be in the future can help you save a lot of time from A/B testing.

With this data, Shopify store owners can come up with a better growth strategy by making efficient use of market segmentation, effective audience targeting, and better product engagement.

What Benefits Does a Commerce Inspector Bring to a Shop?

eCommerce is the most legit way of starting your online business — and Shopify is a perfect companion for people trying to get into eCommerce.

Coming up with a product launch and sales strategy is a constant thing to get started. But making sure that your strategy will work is hard.

Sometimes we think the product has potential, but it never gets the desired search traction after its launch in the market. However, if you make the same decision using a set of data on different parameters and attributes of a successful product launch, you could have better strategies or a better option.

For this, eCommerce store owners are encouraged to learn from competitors. Insights on how your competitors are presenting the product, how they are reaching out to the audience, and customer interaction with details on the customer journey, you can see the potential of the product.

Commerce Inspector is a game-changing tool for Shopify store owners. Though you could have access to your competitor's data in any other way, this extension turns it into a useful form.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Commerce Inspector for the growth of your Shopify store.

Analyze The Products That Sell More

Want to know what products sell more in your decided eCommerce niche? Or the products your competitors get the most sales from?

During the product research phase, key factors to consider about a product are:

  • A list of products that get the highest sales
  • Analyzing the factors behind the sales volume
  • Future potential growth of the product sales

The free Commerce Inspector extension lets you extract all of these details from any store you visit. 

Analyze Any New Products That Are Being Released

A bunch of products is not enough for a sustainable business. You need to constantly track trends and the audience's interest in a particular product category.

Instead of wasting hours guessing and coming up with a list, you can check what new products are being launched by your competitors. 

Sales Information

Information about sales and monthly profit help you analyze the potential and market share of a particular product category or niche. Commerce Inspector lets you find out the sales information and details like. 

  • Number of units sold per month
  • Revenue generated per month
  • Shop-level revenue information
  • Week's best-seller

Though all of these details aren't available in the free extension, the premium version of the extension will give you access to detailed reports.

Details Of Apps A Store Is Using

Apps are a quick way of optimizing your eCommerce store. There are several apps available in Shopify that you can use to improve and elevate the customer's buying journey.

However, not all apps are helpful for you. This is why it is a common practice that we use only a few specific apps that facilitate OUR work.

But you never know if a new killer app has launched or if there's any other app that you don't know about but can improve your end results.

Again, it is great to learn from your competitors.

Commerce Inspector crawls competitors' websites to identify the apps they are using. With this detail, you can assess which apps your peers are using for what purpose and determine if they will help you grow or not.

Volume And Origin Of Traffic

The effectiveness of an online business is determined by the type and volume of traffic it is receiving. Especially in an eCommerce store, the volume and origin of traffic determine the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

Commerce Inspector helps you track and analyze the traffic coming into any store. It gives you a detailed report about.

  • The number of visits per month
  • Where the traffic is coming from, such as paid ads, referrals, email referrals, search engines, or social channels the store is active on

Advanced Search Tools

In the premium version of the extension, you will have access to an advanced search feature that helps you in.

  • Searching products across shops
  • Search apps used by stores
  • Search niche-based products

Analyze FB Ads

Social media ads, especially Facebook ads, are an important and constant way of generating sales in eCommerce. Though you can easily implement A/B tests in FB ads, it will cost you a lot of time, money, and effort.

You can easily extract details about the store's running ads, inactive ads, and how many people are reaching with those ads. These details give you several ideas for your ad campaign.

How to get Started with a Commerce Inspector?

To get started with Commerce Inspector, you need to create an account and install the extension in your browser. Whenever you visit a competitor's store, the extension will present you with the extracted data.

The extension is free to install and use, but the premium version comes with more features and benefits. Moreover, the paid plan will let you cover an unlimited number of stores.

Here's a list of features you get in free and premium versions.

Features in Free Chrome Extension

The free extension lets you track

  • All-time best sellers
  • Recent product launch updates
  • App used
  • Product launches are categorized by tag and day

Features in Premium Version

The paid version comes with unlimited access to all features, including:

  • Details of all-time best-selling products
  • Recent product launch updates
  • Apps details  
  • Product search
  • Ads details

To get started, it is good to try the free version before upgrading to the premium version.

Commerce Inspector for Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage data and make better decisions for your Shopify store's revenue growth. Access valuable insights from competitors' stores with the free Commerce Inspector Chrome extension. Upgrade to the paid version for maximum advantage and data-driven decision-making.

When done with your competitor analysis, build your Shopify store with customer satisfaction in mind.

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